How long after stopping prozac can I use amp/stim substance?

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I was on 20mg of prozac a day for 4 months. I’ve been off for 15 days now and feel so much better, prozac was no good I’m less anxious and depressed off it. Anyway I was wondering if it would be safe to take an adderall xr 30mg? I dont want to risk like serotonin syndrome or anything. Sorry if it’s stupid I’d just like to know if its safe to take now or if I should wait longer like a month?

Edit: I have finals comming up and need to cram so I was hoping I could take them now or at least soon

While prozac does have a long half life once you’ve been taking it for a while, I wouldn’t be concerned about interactions at this point.

I don’t believe prozac and amphetamine would cause serotonin syndrome even when directly mixed.

Thank you this was exactly what I was looking for I appreciate you’re input. I had a feeling it would be ok since it’s been 15 days without prozac, but I just wasnt sure because it has such a long half life. I read that it takes like 22 days to fully leave the body and up to like 80 days for all metabolites and everything to be cleared.

And I wasnt sure about serotonin syndrome only because it was one of the possible major reactions from combining prozac and adderall. But I assume they probably mean taking together for extended times at higher doses.

lol you can actually take them together with no problems. why should this be problematic? adderall basically has no significant effect on serotonin (especially with therapeutic doses), it’s pretty much impossible to get SS with amph. the only thing that might happen is slightly higher heart rate, blood pressure, body temperature and maybe vasonstriction, but i doubt it’s going to be noticeable. i’ve been on the max dose of sertaline and used amphetamines many times in ungodly amounts with no problems.

this of course doesn’t count for serotonergic stims obviously. but even than, the chance for SS is sorta low, since the SSRI will actually block most of most entactogen’s effect on serotonin (as for releasers like mdma at least, probably not so much with pure reuptake inhibitors)

Thank you! The info I had found online said major interactions between the two and possiblity of serotonin syndrome so I just wanted to ask here and see. Appreciate the response!

yeah most of the safety informations you find about therapeutic drugs are a little over exaggerating. after all they don’t want to get sued. it’s not like it’s not going to increase risks at all, but so does drinking coffee etc. too

It takes 22 days for prozac to clear your system and up to 80 for all metabolites to be cleared. But I’m assuming it’s fine to take since it’s been 15 days since my last does of prozac so the majority is out, and my does was low only 20mg/day.

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