How Long Does It Take For Bioidentical Testosterone Cream To Work?

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How long does it take for bioidentical testosterone cream to work?

It varies widely on the individual and the reasons for taking it, but probably 2-3 weeks.

It ranks among the best physiological types of hormone replacement therapies on the market.

Like any product that can increase the level of hormones in the body, it has naturally crossed over into the bodybuilding and fitness world.

Although considered a Hormone Replacement Therapy (HRT) by physicians, any time you can augment testosterone, athletes have a distinct advantage in shortening recuperation time and increasing muscle mass.

How to Long Does it Take for Bioidentical Testosterone Cream to Work

How long it takes for bioidentical testosterone cream to work depends on how you use it.

Early strategic use of this product among athletes was aimed at avoiding performance enhancing drug screenings.

The product comes in a cream or gel form and is applied directly to the skin.

It passes through into the bloodstream by osmosis and begins to take effect almost immediately. Bodybuilders commonly refer to it as The Cream.

How Long Does It Take For Testosterone Cream To Absorb?

Skin absorption as a delivery system creates two somewhat unique aspects to the cream. The process can last for more than 24 hours or until the body has fully utilized the application.

This gives it an unusual time-release effect unlike other synthetic hormones. Because it is not taken orally, it also minimizes any effect on the liver much like injectable steroids.

Users that have experience with bioidentical hormones recommend applying it in the morning. They arrive at that conclusion based on an energizing effect that it has throughout the day.

It’s important to shower before applying and discontinue the use of body lotions and other creams. Also, wash your hands after applying it.

The cream can be gently rubbed into the skin on any large area. The legs or torso would make good sense. It’s important to use this in a similar fashion as other body lotions.

Condensing into a small area or vigorous application can cause an unwanted hormonal spike due to fast absorption. It should never be applied to the genitals or sensitive skin areas.

Testosterone Cream for Bodybuilding

In terms of bodybuilding use, the cream is a short-term hormone that falls far short of the more common gym drugs in terms of muscular benefits. It’s a fast-in, fast-out product.

So, if you answer the question of “how long does it take for HRT to take effect” as “almost immediately.” Then, the answer to how long it lasts is short-lived as well. As a general rule, fast-in drugs are usually fast-out and vice versa.

Bodybuilders wouldn’t necessarily use a bioidentical testosterone cream as a core medication for a cycle. It has greater value as surgical strike.

You can apply it in the morning on days when you plan the week’s most grueling training sessions. Skipping other days has little consequences other than differing testosterone levels.

Athletes that compete in sports organizations such as baseball, swimming and football that conduct random drug testing tend to enjoy more value.

They can benefit from heightened testosterone levels and likely still test negative for competitions.

During the big baseball scandal, several top players reportedly used the cream without detection.

Testosterone Pellets

Pellet therapy has emerged as an alternative to the cream.

Physicians can place a tiny pellet under the skin that time-releases testosterone into the blood stream.

This is a male hormone replacement therapy that in many ways mirrors birth control methods by women.

Both types put hormones into the system to achieve a given end result. Men have reportedly seen marked increase in sex drive, muscle tone and energy levels.

Keep in mind, this type of hormone program targets men suffering low hormone production and falls far short of realistic bodybuilding usage.

The question becomes how long will it take for bioidentical hormone pellets to work? 24-72 hours but the best results will come 2-3 weeks after they’re inserted.

Will Bioidentical Hormones Help Me Lose Weight?

The short answer to that question might be “yes.” However, it’s important to understand that steroids or any type of hormone therapy won’t simply decrease your love handles.

Increased hormones provide benefits such as reduced recovery time and the ability to build muscle faster.

Your caloric intake will still need to be lower than the energy that you burn up to lose weight. The same holds true for people that try testosterone pellets for weight loss.

Increased hormones lend support for weight loss by helping you to feel fully ready to workout and they are generally accompanied by an energy boost. In other words, testosterone gives you tools to lose weight but you must put in the work.

Reviews & Side Effects

If you read through a bioidentical hormones forum, athletes generally praise it for short-term energy boosts and recovery times.

Obviously, it has limited benefits and doesn’t compare to things like Anadrol, Testosterone Cypionate and other powerful steroids used during mass-building cycles.

The side effects are generally minimal when compared to heavy duty steroids. Users may experience serious side effects such as difficulty urinating, ankles swelling, nausea, stomach pain, dark urine and jaundice.

It’s important to report side effects to your physician for treatment and guidance.

Less serious side effects may include prolonged erections, breast tenderness, acne, body hair growth, headaches, mood swings and increases or decreases in sex drive.

Bioidentical testosterone cream, gel and pellet therapies are not designed for use by females and are likely to cause significant side effects, including other male virilization characteristics.

Where To Buy

Bioidentical testosterone cream can be purchased from a variety of sources. The primary and most consistent source would be from a pharmacy with a prescription. This ensures the quality and accuracy of the hormone level being delivered.

There are numerous online resources that sell these and related products. It’s important to identify whether the product effectively delivers hormones. Pharmacy-grade products can run about $8 per ounce and come in 3-4 ounce packaging.

How long it takes for bioidentical testosterone cream to work completely depends on what you’re using it for, whether it’s for sports, bodybuilding or medical purposes.

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