How Much Do Steroids Cost? [Review of Pharmaceutical & Underground Price Ranges]

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If you’re even remotely interested in performance enhancement, you’ll consider this question at least once.

And the answer isn’t simple:

The price will vary depending on the kind of products that you decide to use.

There are underground steroids, prescription grade anabolics, research chemicals, and then legal, natural alternatives.

Regardless of which products you decide to use, you’ll need to know the steroid cycle cost to get a feel for how much is necessary for the results that you want.

We’re going to help you do this by outlining the various price ranges below.

How Much Do Steroids Cost?

Putting together a steroids price list would be nearly impossible.

With so many different compounds out there, as well as a whole market for legal alternatives, the end results would be dizzying.

Here’s what we can do:

Cover the basics of a few different categories.

First off, we’ve got underground steroids.

These chemicals are sold by independent laboratories that, unlike pharmaceutical grade products, don’t have to follow strict quality control procedures or manufacturing practices.

However, just like pharmaceutical grade steroids, these products are branded. And they’re also highly counterfeited.

Here are some common underground brands:

Alpha Pharma


Atlas Pharma

British Dragon

British Dispensary




Thaiger Pharma

To get a feel for the range of underground steroid prices, let’s compare a few common anabolics.

Underground Anadrol: $3 per tab; Pharmaceutical Grade: $2 to $3 per tab

Underground Dianabol: $.15 to $.25 per tab; Pharmaceutical Grade: 10 to 25 cents per tab

Underground Testosterone Cypionate: $150 per 10 mL ; Pharmaceutical Grade: $40 to $60 per 10 mL

Clearly, the cost of steroids for bodybuilding is highly variable.

Another thing to note:

Injectable steroid prices change more drastically between black market and pharmaceutical grade prices compared to oral prices.

The reason lies in the way they work:

Liquid steroids typically have longer lasting effects, which means you can dose them less often. Conversely, oral steroids require a more frequent dosing schedule.

If you’re wondering how much steroids are on the street, you can expect prices to be even higher than the pharmaceutical price ranges.

Home Brew Steroids

For those that are willing to put in some work, home brew steroids can be a very affordable option.

Despite the variation in setups, there are some essential tools that are always necessary.

Here’s a basic list of them:

Syringe filter



Containers and flasks


Caulk gun

Digital scale

Finally, you’ll need powdered steroids to make into an injectable liquid.


Aside from the price of the steroids themselves, another determining factor of the money you need to spend on anabolics is how long a cycle of steroids is.

If you’re going to be running a 16-week cycle, this will probably cost more than the shorter 12-week or 8-week cycles.

Some bodybuilders go even shorter:

There are a few 2-week and 4-week cycles floating around out there. But we don’t recommend these, as you need more time to feel the effects of anabolics.

Natural Alternatives

Outside of illegal steroids is one last category:

Natural alternatives.

Also referred to as legal steroids or steroid alternatives, these products are becoming increasingly popular.

But remember:

Not all herbal supplements are effective.

While some products are reviewed very positively, others don’t seem to have much effect.

And as of now, many anabolic steroids are cheaper. For example, Dianabol is much cheaper than using its natural alternative D-Bal.

But in some cases, natural is cheaper.

Let’s look at CrazyBulk’s HGH-X2: it’s $79.95 for 90 capsules.

You’re advised to take two capsules with water around 20 minutes prior to breakfast for a minimum of 2 months. A break of 1.5 weeks in between cycles is recommended

This means that one bottle is around 1.5-months worth of supply.

Now look at synthetic HGH: it costs upwards of $600 for the same period.

At the end of the day, even steroids that are cheaper are risky because you risk purchasing counterfeit product. This will not only hurt your wallet, it can run you the risk of damaging your body as well.

Some common adverse effects of anabolic steroids are:


Hair loss


Mood changes



Interference with cholesterol levels

Swelling of arms and legs

Heart problems

Liver damage or cancer

With natural products like HGH-X2, you’re guaranteed to have no side effects.

Some other guarantees that come with CrazyBulk products are:

Results within 30 days

No injections

Free shipping worldwide

Their products (and prices) are listed below:

Anadrole – $72.95

Anvarol – $72.95

Clenbutrol – $82.95

D-Bal – $79.95

DecaDuro – $82.95

HGH-X2 – $79.95

Testo-Max – $79.95

Trenorol – $82.95

Winsol – $82.95

HGH-X2 – $79.95

All of their prices are very similar with little variation, making it easy know how much you’re going to spend on your cycles.

When you consider how much steroid pills are, you’ll never get this kind of comfort.

Ask yourself again: how much do steroids cost?

You should have a better idea of the answer.

But remember: price shouldn’t determine your path. Make a decision that puts your health first and foremost.

Without taking your health seriously, you’ll ruin the efforts you put into your diet and bodybuilding regimen.

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