How Much Does Axiron Cost?

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In your travels on Google, you may have encountered coupons for Axiron and/or generic versions of the brand to help mitigate the cost.

$25 coupons and discounts are out there if you look, but do those coupons with deep discounts really work?

What about generic versions? are they a more affordable option for testosterone replacement therapy?

You might be looking at using a topical testosterone like Axiron to boost energy and increase the performance of your workout.

You’ve come to the right place, as we’ve collected all the FAQs on Axiron in one convenient spot just for you.

Cost with Axiron Coupons vs. Generic Version

Axiron is a topical gel of testosterone that is typically applied under the arm.

It is prescribed by a doctor to help restore therapeutic levels of testosterone for individuals who have tested low.

Once you get your prescription, you can go shopping around for the best price, whether you find Axiron coupons or look for a generic version of the brand.

It usually costs around $30 for a month’s supply depending on the dosage and what’s available near you.


Typical dosages for men are 30 mg (one application) twice a day that over a month or so will help to restore a healthy testosterone level.

Many new bodybuilders may use Axiron as an attempt to create a test cycle without injecting, but Axiron is straight testosterone that is immediately absorbed through the skin and requires constant dosing to maintain levels that will support muscle growth.

Serious builders recommend using test-ethanate or test-cypionate to inject as they provide a high boost of testosterone over an extended period, lowering the need for constant dosing.

If you wish for a higher dose of Axiron, you can apply it in multiple areas over your body at once, which is convenient. However, if you brush up against another person, the testosterone can transfer to them through contact.

Women and children can suffer severe negative effects if directly exposed to Axiron. Make sure to wash any area thoroughly that you applied it to before any intimate contact with a partner.

On the convenient side, since Axiron is straight up testosterone, it will leave your body fairly quickly, so if you are using it during a cycle, you are able to start your PCT just a couple days after stopping use of Axiron.

What is the Price for Axiron?

Axiron is a prescription only drug approved for the treatment of low-testosterone, not for bodybuilding.

You may find a sympathetic doctor who is willing to write a prescription for you, if you complain of symptoms associated with low-T.

Generally, TRT treatment is covered by insurance and some prescription services will cover Axiron under their co-pay structure, taking around $50 out of your pocket for a one month supply.

However, if you are buying Axiron at full market price, a one month supply can run between $200 and $500, depending on your supplier.

It is possible for your doctor to write the script and your insurance refuses to cover the prescription. In this case, the cost without insurance could be quite high.

You may want to talk to your contacts at the gym to find a reliable vendor or seek out online pharmacy options in order to find a more affordable option if this is the case.

Do the Discount Axiron Coupons Work?

When you do internet searches for Axiron, you will often find websites offering Axiron $25 coupons and discounts.

These are generally legitimate discounts and simple to use with a valid prescription. Some will knock up to 75% off the stock price of the prescription, leaving you to pay about $100 instead of $500.

Print out the coupon and bring it with you to the pharmacy where they will apply the discount at checkout. They typically are good for an entire year and many manufacturers renew their discount cards on a regular basis.

They are not a substitute for a prescription and will likely not be accepted by online pharmacies that typically sell testosterone without a prescription.

Companies like Eli Lilly have savings cards and manufacturer coupons that will reduce the price, but need to be activated.

However, finding an online supplier that sells verified Axiron is a difficult task since the gels are not as popular as the injectable forms of testosterone.

Is There a Generic Axiron Version that Costs Less?

Good news! New manufacturers have been recently approved to produce topical testosterone gel in the United States.

This will cause a radical reduction in the price of Axiron and other brand-name topicals.

The new generics have been available to purchase as of 2017.

You will need to keep your eyes open and ask the pharmacist if they have these generics in stock, what the price will be, and when they might get them in.

With the expiration of the patent for Axiron in 2017, online outlets started to able to offer topical testosterone gel for sale as well.

Cost of Axiron VS Androgel?

Androgel is an Axiron alternative brand of topical testosterone with the same dosage, but manufactured by another company.

It is not a generic and has the same high pricing structure as Axiron. There are also gels that require you to apply a patch over the medicine. None of these options are generics and have the same restrictions for use as Axiron.

Where Can I Buy Axiron?

Right now, the best option for finding Axiron is at your local pharmacy or by using your mail-order pharmacy through your insurance company.

Often they will have coupons on their website to lower the price.

However, you will face the difficulty of obtaining a script and diagnosis from your doctor especially if you are intending to use it for a cycle.

If you are keen on using anabolic steroids to help you build a bigger body, it is still easier at the moment to locate and purchase injectable testosterone through your local contacts at the gym or through online suppliers.

With a little bit of patience, low-cost, cheaper alternatives to Axiron (generics such as Perrigo) should become more widely available with time, opening the door to using testosterone for bodybuilding without the pain of injections.

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