How Much Does HGH Cost for Bodybuilding Cycles?

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How much does HGH cost?

It depends what type, how much, the milligram strength, and of course, where you bought it.

Before purchasing any HGH, take the time to compare between brands, and even products developed by underground labs.

Because there are legal obstacles to non-medical use of HGH, you may find the black market is your only option.

This may bring lower prices, but also an increased risk of danger.

Doing your research can determine the difference between experiencing true benefits or negative side effects.

How Much Does HGH Cost With a Prescription

When asking the question, How much does HGH cost?, your answer depends on whether you have a prescription or not.

In bodybuilding circles, most do not. Human growth hormone (HGH) is a prescription-only drug.

It’s highly anabolic in nature and has the potential to influence other hormone manufacture, secretions, and activities in the body.

HGH does provide benefits to bodybuilders and athletes, but not without some risk.

Some of the most common benefits associated with growth hormone (taken responsibly and under supervision) include:

Increased red blood cell synthesis – the more red blood cells, the more oxygen and nutrients reach cells in the body, including those of bone, muscle, and connective tissues. This is beneficial to new muscle growth and development.

Accelerated development of lean muscle mass

Initiation of some reduction in fat storage contributing to weight loss and a leaner physique

Enhanced endurance and stamina

Of course, additional benefits are associated with growth hormone and its functions in the body, including its influence on the cardiovascular and central nervous system, and even the brain.

At the same time, too much of anything can contribute to negative side effects and adverse reactions.

Cost Considerations

When looking for HGH on the black market, which is where most bodybuilders and athletes will find prescription strength growth hormone, look beyond cost.

Price points differ between country of manufacture, milligram strength, and products.

In medical scenarios where an individual has a prescription, costs are high.

This is because the manufacture of synthetic growth hormone requires expertise, state-of-the-art technology, and the ability to procure and modify human growth hormone genes or genetic materials.

Note: HGH is among the most commonly counterfeited product on the black market. Underground labs marketing themselves as legitimate pharmaceutical companies claim to sell “genuine” HGH without a prescription.

This is one of the primary indicators that they are not a government-condoned and regularly inspected facility and may lack in quality components, manufacturing, or labeling processes.

HGH Brands Cost Comparison

The vast majority of HGH sold without a prescription today is low quality, but bodybuilders get lucky once in a while.

You can purchase HGH quite cheaply on the black market.

But if you take this route, always take the time to research the seller, comments left by previous users of the same product, and of course, regarding safety issues.

How much does HGH cost with a prescription? Some HGH brands are more expensive than others. For example:

Saizen – $550

Norditropin – $1,550

Genotropin – $650

Humatrope – $1,273

Serostim – $3,000

How much does HGH cost without a prescription? On the black market and from underground labs, HGH costs are quite a bit lower.

Some can be found anywhere between $100 and $500, depending on manufacturer and geographical location.

Why so cheap? Most of the time, because it’s counterfeit, or it’s expired, or it contains substituted ingredients, or… the list goes on.

Buying HGH Online

It’s not difficult to find HGH for sale online. Determining cost of HGH will depend on the supplier.

Many of them claim to have the best HGH for sale. Prices will be determined on how the product is sold.

For example, are you buying one vial or package that needs to be reconstituted at a time or multiple vials or packages? What is the milligram strength?

A number of websites providing HGH for sale have gotten quite creative in website design, logo placement, and in marketing “directly from the manufacturer”.

Even so, without a prescription, it is not legal to sell growth hormone to any individual.

It’s difficult not to get scammed these days, and because HGH is so popular, it’s easily counterfeited.

A number of individuals who have purchased HGH online, attracted by cheaper prices and sometimes paying prescription strength prices, have received product that is:

Completely fake

Contains questionable or contaminated ingredients including particulates and/or bacteria


Manufacturing genuine HGH is a complicated and expensive process. For this reason, a number of underground labs aren’t even manufacturing “real” HGH. Most don’t have the capability to take advantage of rDNA technologies.

Beware of the Risks

In addition to the safety ramifications of purchasing HGH online comes the legal ramifications in your own country.

Laws differ between countries, and many are cracking down on the import and export of illegal substances and performance-enhancing drugs.

The question of how much does HGH cost is not so simple to answer. It’s a matter of quality, legitimacy, safety, and results.

The bottom line for bodybuilders and athletes looking for HGH would be: use caution.

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