How Much Testosterone Should I Inject? [Bodybuilding Dosage Chart]

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Many bodybuilders and weightlifters ask the same question, “How much testosterone should I inject to build muscle?”

There is no simple answer to that question.

Dosages vary greatly depending on experience, goals, side effects and many other factors.

Testosterone is a naturally occurring hormone in the body that helps develop bones, muscles and numerous other important systems.

When athletes are considering testosterone injections, the obvious goal is to increase normal levels by introducing synthetic hormones and put on muscle.

To some degree, the more testosterone you have in your system the easier it becomes to make athletic gains.

Like any medication, steroids will also come with certain side effects and the body may develop a tolerance after repeated use.

Bodybuilders, weightlifters and fitness enthusiasts need to consider these factors when deciding on brands and dosages.

How Much Testosterone Should You Inject?

So how much of this hormone should you inject?

It can range from 200mg to 2000mg, lets take a closer look at how to decide what’s best for you.

The frequency and dosage of a drug has a relationship to how long-lasting and fast-acting its benefits are.

For athletic enhancement purposes, there are three common types of testosterone.

Enanthate: This injectable tends to metabolize and become ineffective for muscle development within 4-5 days. In order to enjoy the benefits of this steroid, users generally need to take two injections weekly to maintain strong testosterone levels.

Propionate: Considered one of the fastest acting deep muscular injectables in this class, Propionate can hit top levels of testosterone within a few hours.

It has short-term effectiveness and can be burned up within 2-3 days. Most bodybuilders use this on an every-other-day basis for effectiveness.

Cypionate: This synthetic hormone has emerged as a core deep muscular injectable form of testosterone in bodybuilding circles. The medication remains effective in the system for about 7-8 days, requiring only weekly dosages.

In terms of testosterone dosage for muscle growth, Cypionate generally forms the foundational piece of a cycle.

Propionate has limited and strategic usages, while Enanthate has generally fallen from favor among veteran athletes due to its nature.

Common Testosterone Cycles

There is no cut and dried testosterone cycle in the bodybuilding world. But there are some broad strokes that beginner, intermediate and advanced athletes can use as a baseline.

Newbies: Beginners have the opportunity to experience excellent benefits with low dosages. Testosterone medications are new to the system and the body has not developed any type of tolerance. That being said, starting out is a good time to try Enanthate.

How much testosterone should I inject for my first cycle?

Take 200mg on your rest day before your weekly training routine begins. Take a second 200mg dosage mid-week to ensure peak effectiveness. Newbies can run 12-16 week cycles without needing to make increases.

Mid-level Experience: Intermediate steroid users may need to pump up the volume a bit to keep getting those newcomer gains. If you want to avoid taking pills that can negatively affect the liver during digestion, there are two strategies that may be beneficial.

First, you can simply take higher dosages than your initial cycle. Switching to Cypionate is general advisable because it lasts longer and lifters tend to report better gains. A 12-week cycle at about 500mg should work.

Increasing the dosages to as high as 1,000mg as the cycle progresses is not uncommon. Stay with the same procedure of two injections weekly.

If you decide to increase the dosage during the cycle, remember to allow a couple of weeks to lower the dosages and ween your body off the drug. Post cycle therapy medications are also advisable.

Veteran Users: Staying within the realm of a testosterone injection only cycle, advanced athletes and steroid users can successfully make gains without incorporating orals.

Of course, competition training may warrant a wider stack.

Advanced Cycle

How much you should inject if you’re an advanced user will be different from beginners. Advanced users often inject 1,000-2,000mg weekly of Cypionate.

One strategic option is to incorporate a 100mg of Propionate the morning before the week’s heaviest workouts.

Powerlifters may target key squat sessions or the lift that is lagging in your total, for example.

One of the benefits of sticking with a testosterone-only cycle is opening the possibility of staying on for 16-24 weeks at a time.

When you map out your testosterone injection dosage chart, keep in mind how much the muscle tissue you’ll be rotating can handle. The hip and thigh muscles can become enflamed from too many shots.

Side Effects

All medications carry some level of side effects and testosterone injections are no different. The good news is that injectables do not necessarily pass through the liver and the impact is often minimal.

Common side effects do include headaches, high blood pressure, bloating and water retention. Steroid users are generally advised to maintain low sodium diets and avoid fatty foods to reduce these issues.

Mood swings and insomnia are also common problems that steroid users experience. Because testosterone is a naturally occurring compound linked with male characteristics, baldness, deepening of the voice, body and facial hair growth are often reported.

For this reason, women may experience virilization and should avoid testosterone injections.

There are also several rare and unusual side effects. You should consult a physician before taking testosterone injections or other steroid medications.


Taking testosterone shots and increasing hormone levels in conjunction with rigorous weight training will likely result in significant muscle mass gains.

Depending on your level of commitment and dosages, 10-20 pounds has been widely reported from a single testosterone cycle.

In terms of answering the basic question about “how much testosterone should I inject to build muscle,” a reasonable dosage based on experience and your physician’s guidance may be the best answer.

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