How Often to Train on Steroids–Best Bulking & Cutting Workouts

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Knowing how to train on steroids isn’t easy—it’s not as simple as just taking your drug of choice and hitting the gym.

You need to monitor your dosages, know how often to take them, stick to the right diet, and become aware of the many steroid training tips that can make or break your success.

If you’re considering weight training on steroids, or are in the midst of doing so and feel a bit lost, we’ve compiled some of the most important things to know.

We’ve narrowed them down in one spot so you can train as efficiently and effectively as possible, hopefully without serious side effects that often result from these drugs.

How to Train on Steroids

Learning how to train on steroids involves carefully planning a steroid cycle, which can last between 4 and 16 weeks and can include more than one anabolic steroid.

Your goals will influence the structure of your cycle, as well as your steroid workout and diet.

The best bulking workout while on steroids, for example, will incorporate high-intensity exercises with low repetitions.

In any case, the purpose of taking anabolic steroids is to boost the development of muscle and make more gains than are otherwise possible.

Through a boost in testosterone, you may be able to achieve results that are impossible to achieve with the levels typically in circulation in your body.

Steroid Training Tips

The biggest thing to keep in mind when training on steroids is that intensity matters.

Although our bodies are naturally designed to maintain a state of constant equilibrium, by taking anabolic steroids we’re breaking this barrier and increasing our testosterone levels to a degree higher than they are supposed to be.

It follows then that our workout routines should follow the same principle and break free of the standard workout intensity.

Sets & Reps

If you want to use your anabolic steroids to their full potential, you need a routine that is intense and heavy.

Focus on fewer sets—five to eight for the larger muscle groups and around three or four for smaller ones—and workout until you can’t lift anymore.

Repetitions should follow suit and bet kept low—around six to ten is ideal (if you’re bulking).

By keeping your sets and repetitions low and heavy in terms of weight, you will sufficiently stimulate and develop your type II fast-twitch white muscle fibers.

Type II fibers are defined by power, high force, and speed production, as opposed to type I fibers, which are characterized by low force, power and speed.

Type II fiber development is connected to decreased fat mass, making their growth essential. They exist in higher proportions in power and elite strength athletes.

Building Muscle

Keep your sets and reps short and heavy, and you’ll get the best gains from your anabolic steroids.

But in order to continue building muscle, you need to constantly challenge them. This can be accomplished by progressively increasing the weights that you use during each exercise.

Some of the basic exercises that should define your routine while training on steroids include:


Bench Presses

Behind-the-Neck Presses

Barbell Curls



How Often to Train on Steroids

Although intense workouts will stimulate your muscles, without subsequent growth this stimulation is useless.

To give them time to grow, you need to ensure that you integrate rest periods into your routine.

When it comes to the high intensity training necessary for successful bodybuilding on anabolic steroids, you should always take a complete day off after every workout day and never work the same muscle more than once per week.

Failing to utilize rest periods will put your body through a level of stress that will halt muscle development. Continuing down this path can actually lead to a decline in performance.

It is recommended to change your training program’s intensity every 12 to 14 weeks and take a few days off in between these changes. Afterwards, plateau training is necessary if you want to continue increasing your gains.

A basic beginner steroid workout for bodybuilders is listed below, although every athlete’s routine will be different in order to meet their own unique needs and goals.

Day 1: Chest and Biceps

Day 3: Thighs

Day 5: Shoulders and Triceps

Day 7: Back and Calves

As you can see, your steroid workout split should ensure that each muscle is only worked out once every eight days. Free weights should be used as much as possible as opposed to machines.

Steroid Workout & Diet

Getting the best out of your anabolic steroids means you need to consider what you’re putting into your body while using them and create an optimal diet.

It’s important to eat high-quality protein when bodybuilding, with the best sources being meat, poultry, eggs, and fish. It is recommended to get at least one gram of protein for each pound of your body weight each day.

Another important facet of your diet is complex carbohydrates, which should be obtained through oats, brown rice, vegetables, and whole wheat bread.

Caloric intake is also an important factor—when bulking on anabolic steroids, you should try to eat around 5,000 calories per day in order to maximize your gains.

A final diet tip is to keep your meals delegated to the same time per day, and try and eat around five to six meals per day. This will ensure that your body is releasing insulin at steady intervals and promote an anabolic environment in your body.

Training on Steroids VS Natural Alternatives

There’s no debate within the realm of bodybuilding that synthetic anabolic steroids work—you simply can’t get the gains that you get using them by hitting the gym without supplementing, no matter how hard to go.

But if your looking at the results of training on steroids vs. on natural alternatives, you shouldn’t just look at results in terms of benefits. Side effects are a very real result of use too.

But now that anabolic steroids are illegal, it’s much safer these days to use legal alternatives.

Not only can you order them stress-free, you don’t have to worry about getting fake or ineffective products.

Companies like CrazyBulk make effective supplements that have no side effects.

One look at the CrazyBulk website will give you a glimpse of many natural, plant-based steroids and bodybuilding supplements that are designed to act in the same manner as their synthetic alternatives. Some of these include:








Knowledge about what does and doesn’t work can be the difference between getting the most out of your bodybuilding supplements and wasting their potential.

Consider the above steroid training tips and know how often to take them, and you will be well on your way to knowing how to train on steroids.

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