How To Do The Dorian Yates Steroid Cycle

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The Dorian Yates steroid cycle is still considered to be one of the top performing bodybuilding cycles in the history of the sport.

Yates held the fourth-highest number of Mr. Olympia awards, just behind Arnold Schwarzenegger who won seven total.

From 1992 to 1997 he won six of these awards consecutively, dominating the sport. Everyone in bodybuilding circles commented positively on his muscular development.

The Dorian Yates bodybuilding regimen is legendary — as is his admitted used of steroids.

What you won’t hear is that Doran Yates also ranks high in a short list of famous dead bodybuilders. He is still alive and healthy after 12 years of hardcore steroid use.

Dorian Yates Steroid Cycle

The Yates training process consisted of the most intense physical workout, diet and performance enhancing supplements imaginable.

It encompassed the mind and body creating a methodology of training that few have surpassed nearly 20 years later.

He deserves tremendous respect, not only because of what he won, but also because he has become the poster child for the successful management of performance enhancing compounds.

Born in England in 1962, he was raised in rural Staffordshire. During his teenage years, petty trouble landed him in youth detention centers.

It was there he began the Dorian Yates workout routine.

He realized that by building muscle he earned respect from his peers. By 1983 he was hooked and ready to get serious about competing.

Dorian Yates weight training always consisted of High Intensity Training or HIT. Short, highly focused, and rigorous, these workouts pushed bodybuilders to their limits in quick increments.

He did this work privately and was notorious for appearing out of nowhere to compete, earning the nickname “The Shadow” due to his insistence on privacy. Today is is just as private.

His professional career wins included 15 major competitions and two second-place finishes.

At his peak, he weighed 250 to 290 pounds and was the largest, leanest bodybuilder with the biggest muscle mass on the circuit. He was truly larger than life.

In 2014, Yates was interviewed candidly sharing his use of anabolic steroids for 12 years while he was competing.

He acknowledged that he not only used steroids, he considers his consumption of steroids, which exceeded the medically recommended dosage, to verge on abusive.

While he is focused on clean living, organic foods and a healthy lifestyle, he is the first to point out that there is a lot of hype surrounding the danger of anabolic steroids.

When he was training, he was always under the careful eye of his personal physician. Regular blood tests monitored his kidney and liver function, and helped him sucessfully use steroids as a training aid.

What Did Yates’ Steroid Cycle Look Like?

It is widely believed that the Dorian Yates steroid cycle included human growth hormone (HGH) and insulin in combination.

This article suggests that this combination caused Dorian to gain 30 pounds of rock hard muscle in less than a year.

Here are some of the compounds that he likely used:

Sustanon – for bulk

Deca Durabolin – for muscle size

Dianabol – to increase the speed of the muscle growth

HGH – to create lean, hard muscle

Ostarine – helps with injury recovery

Nolvadex – helps decrease any estrogen-related effects

N2Guard – helps protect the liver

What Does Dorian Yates Look Like Now

Dorian Yates’ son has now surpassed his father in muscle mass and will likely continue to do so until Dorian Yates death.

After rising to the peak of bodybuilding, he retired and in 1987 he purchased Temple Gym in the UK and began franchising the business in the United States across California, Las Vegas and also in the UK.

He then formed an athletic apparel company called Heavy Duty Incorporated seven years later, co-owned with Mike Mentzer and Ray Mentzer.

In 2010 he formed EU Peptides, which focuses on the promotion of pro-hormone supplements. One year later he kicked off DY Nutrition.

He also tours and speaks professionally to share his expertise on training and Nutrition. In 2015 he produced All I Know is Pain, a documentary found on his website.

He met his wife, Glauce Ferreira at the Arnold Classic in 2008. They live in Spain.

Ferreira was a champion in her own right, winning the IFBB South American Bodyfitness Champion in 2007.

Dorian is living proof that anabolic steroids and other performance enhancers can help athletes rise to the peak of their profession.

Upon retirement, Yates became a successful businessman and entrepreneur. His life and successes prove that you cannot always believe the cautions surrounding the Dorian Yates steroid cycle.

They are a tool you can use to win, and with careful monitoring, bodybuilders and other professional and non-professional athletes can live long productive lives that include the use of these compounds.

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