How to Take HGH Guide—Is Growth Hormone Better than Steroids?

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How to take HGH?

It depends how you take the human growth hormone (HGH).

Are you using an oral spray?

Are you injecting it with a traditional needle and syringe method, or are you using a pen-like delivery device?

The form of HGH you’re using has a huge influence on delivery methods.

Ignoring recommendations provided by the manufacturer can result in unexpected side effects and possible health problems.

For example, if you have an oral HGH spray and the instructions tell you to hold it in your mouth until it is absorbed and you swallow it instead, what will happen?

The same applies to HGH injection questions.

If the manufacturer recommends that it be given subcutaneously and you inject it intramuscularly, are you going to receive the same benefits, or are you can open yourself up to more risks?

How to Take HGH

Your approach to how to take HGH depends on the form.

Milligram strength is also important. Any beginner to HGH should start out at a low dosage for a week or so to determine how the body reacts to it.

HGH is a powerful hormone with strong anabolic potential. Human growth hormone is manufactured in the pituitary gland, located inside the brain.

An individual using HGH may experience a number of benefits, such as:

Increased energy

Accelerated development of lean muscle mass

Faster post-workout recovery

Enhanced healing processes for muscle and connective tissue injuries

Boost in stamina

However, human growth hormone does more than make muscles grow.

The hormone is involved in many body processes and also influences other hormones in the body including testosterone, insulin-like growth factor-1 (and others), including insulin.

At the same time, it’s important to know that while HGH will make muscles grow larger, it doesn’t have much of an effect on making them stronger.

For this reason, body builders often combine HGH with an anabolic androgenic steroid, which does promote strength of muscle tissue.

How Much to Take?

Normal levels of HGH in an average male adult hover around 500 mcg floating around in the bloodstream at any given time.

Unless you have a pituitary gland deficiency, these HGH levels in the body are adequate.

Injecting or increasing HGH levels in the body can trigger a number of undesired side effects.

How to Take HGH for Subcutaneous Injection

When learning how to take HGH by injection, follow the recommendations of a physician. This information is available on legitimate websites about growth hormone therapy.

Some HGH injections are designed for subcutaneous or under-the-skin delivery, while other brands may recommend an intramuscular injection.

In some cases, and depending on the growth hormone brand you have, you may need to mix the growth hormone solution with some type of fluid such as bacteriostatic or sterile water.

For a subcutaneous injection, the needle is inserted at a 45° angle into the skin.

The needle does not need to go very deep, only to the point of hitting muscle. But it does need to pass into the deeper layer of skin tissue.

A common subcutaneous injection site is the area of the lower abdomen, below the belly button, and between the hip bones.

Avoid the belly button area, and you don’t want to inject close to the pubis. Pinch the skin in this region and again, inject at a 45° angle.

How to Take HGH for Intramuscular Injection

When giving yourself in intramuscular injection of HGH, the most common and preferred site of delivery is the upper outer quadrant of the buttocks muscle.

The outer upper quadrant defines the area of the upper buttocks muscle, but closer to the hip than the “meat” of the butt cheek.

It is important to avoid giving the injection in the midline of the buttocks muscle (center area of the butt cheek) due to the danger of hitting the sciatic nerve or the area surrounding it.

How to Take HGH in Oral Spray Form

HGH in oral spray form is typically a nutritional supplement containing a number of amino acids that promote support the pituitary gland in its manufacture of growth hormone.

HGH oral sprays are typically non-prescription nature, but it depends. Different manufacturers will have slightly different instructions for use.

Most commonly, oral spray is squirted under the tongue. It is not swallowed, but allowed to slowly absorbed into the mucosal linings of the mouth.

The number of sprays depends on the milligram strength, manufacture instructions, and dosage recommendations.

What Happens if You Don’t Take HGH Correctly?

If HGH isn’t taken correctly based on manufacturer recommendations, an individual may lose some efficacy. Mixing components wrong can also cause problems.

Taking too much, can contribute to of issues involving numerous body systems including the:

Metabolic system

Cardiovascular system


Hormonal (endocrine)

Disruptive hormone levels are extremely difficult to get under control, even in medical scenarios.

Before you look for how to take HGH, be aware of every aspect of the hormone: benefits as well as side effects.

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