How To Take Steroids Safely For INCREDIBLE Results

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Here’s a quick guide to teach you how to take steroids for beginners.

Working out can get you in great shape, but eventually you’ll hit a natural wall.

If you’re considering overcoming that wall with supplements, you need to know a few things to get off to a safe start.

This is the only reasonable starting place. If you want to look into anabolic steroids and testosterone supplements, you need to meet some qualifying criteria.

Only healthy, adult males need apply. There are supplements available for females, but they aren’t included in this guide.

Anyone under the age of 21 is young enough to not need supplements (unless prescribed by a doctor), and using them can inhibit development and cause lots of complications.

If you still qualify, there is one other important criteria. You need to be in shape. Steroids should not be added to your regimen until you have already approached your first fitness plateau.

This is necessary to stabilize your metabolism and give you a clear idea of how to map your new fitness plan.

On top of that, adding steroids before you have your technique down is a great way to increase the chance of injury. If you made it through all of that, then keep reading!

How To Take Steroids Safely

Safe steroid use requires you to do some homework.

There’s no way around it. Fortunately, you don’t need to be a doctor or fully fledged biochemist.

Instead, you need to understand the basic differences between supplements, how they impact your body and how they mix.

In general, the most effective way to use steroids is to “stack” them by combining supplements in synergistic ways.

The full breakdown of everything on the market is a bit much for this guide, but here are the basics:

Your first steroids should come in one of two types. Aromatizable steroids tend to cause estrogen buildups and need to be handled properly.

The ones that don’t aromatize don’t have as big an impact on estrogen but they will reduce your body’s natural testosterone production.

This is manageable, but you need to take care of it from the start. They can get much more complicated than this simple classification, but for your first trial it’s best to keep things simple.

Beginners often fall for the misconception that pills are safer than injections. The real truth is that there is a tradeoff in every drug decision you make.

Swallowing a pill safely is certainly easier than safely injecting intramuscularly, but the pills themselves carry more chemical risk.

In order to stay in the system longer, oral steroids are chemically altered to reduce filtering in the liver. This causes extra stress on the liver and can lead to health complications in the long run.

When it comes to injections, the juice is sent straight to the muscles, not a vein or artery, so it takes longer for your body to filter and break down the supplements.

This makes the chemicals less stressful for the body, but you have to learn how to safely inject.

How To Inject Steroids

Before you even consider your first dose, there are some things you’ll need.

If you’re injecting, you need a kit. You need sterile needles, usually 1.5 inches and 25 to 22 gauge.

You can get these from drug stores, so there’s no need to risk acquiring shady needles. It’s not worth the risk.

You also need rubbing alcohol and cotton swabs to sterilize the injection site.

This next part should go without saying, but, never ever for any reason reuse or share needles. You want to get ripped, not sick.

Whether you use orals or injections, there are some other supplements that are vital. Remember when you learned about aromatizable steroids a minute ago? Well that’s important now.

You want to pick up either clomiphene or tamoxifen. You should be able to get them from your steroid supplier, as they’re staples in the industry.

If your supplements are aromatizable, you want to use tamoxifen to manage the estrogen buildup. If they aren’t aromatizable, then clomiphene will help your body manage testosterone production between cycles.

Once you have all of these basics, you have almost everything to finish knowing how to take steroids properly.

Best Ways To Take Steroids

Picking which steroids to use for your first try is a little difficult. Most beginners start with testosterone, human growth hormone, Anadrol and Dianabol.

There are plenty of others to choose, but you mostly want to find a pair that work through different mechanisms so you can stack them productively.

You also want to keep side effects in mind so they’re easier to manage. Most cycles are anywhere from four to eight weeks.

Don’t go longer on your first at bat, so you can keep an eye on how your body responds and make adjustments the next time around.

You can also get away with using doses on the smaller side of recommendations the first time around, as your body will be most responsive on your first few cycles.

Keeping that in mind, when you decide your doses, stick to a regular schedule. It will give you the most consistent results and make adjustments easier in the future.

Now you know how to take steroids without side effects. Stay safe out there and enjoy being fit.

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