How to Test for Steroids At Home, In Urine or With a Blood Test

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If you’re wondering if steroids show up on a drug test, they definitely do.

Any steroid urine or blood test can potentially pick up on them and could compromise your career if you’re a professional bodybuilder.

Detection times will vary for each performance enhancing drug, but how they test for steroids is constantly improving, making detection times longer.

Using natural steroid alternatives is the best way to sidestep this danger. We recommend the company CrazyBulk.

Their natural, safe and legal alternatives to steroids can help you get great results without jeopardizing your career or your health.

However, if you’re going to be supplementing with synthetic products regardless, knowing what to expect from a drug test is important.

How to Test for Steroids

Knowing how sports officials test for steroids is a key question for any athlete considering the use of steroids.

As anabolic steroids are banned for use in almost all areas of sport, getting caught with them in your system through a steroid drug test is considered cheating.

Despite this risk, many athletes consider peak performance their main priority and implement steroids into their routine anyways.

Steroid Urine Tests

Anabolic steroid urine tests are still the most common type of tests and will analyze the levels of testosterone in your blood to check for any unusual ratios that suggest steroid use.

If your levels are unnaturally high, you fail the test.

Steroid blood tests and hair follicle tests are two other methods that might also be used.

Regardless of what test is used, if you’re using steroids, you need to prepare for the chance that any one of them will be used on you.

There are ways to beat the test, but you must familiarize yourself with the half-lives of anabolic steroids, the nature of testosterone ratios, and drug detection times.

Steroids Half Life

In various facets of science, the term half-life is used to measure the amount of time that it takes for a quantity to decrease to half of its initial value.

For example, Trenbolone Acetate possesses a half-life of around two days, meaning that for it to be completely eliminated from your system, you need to wait at least four days.

Each steroid has its own unique half-life. In approximations:

Deca-durabolin/nandrolone decanoate – 14 days

Testosterone propionate – 4.5 days

Testosterone enanthate – 10.5 days

Oral Anadrol/oxymetholone – 8 to 9 hours

Dianabol (methandrostenolone/methandienone/metandienone) – 4.5 to 6 hours

Oral Anavar/oxandrolone – 9 hours

Oral Winstrol/stanozolol – 9 hours

But that doesn’t mean the drug is not detectable after that. That’s where we come to steroid detection times.

Drug Detection Times

Each steroid has a detection time that you must be aware of, especially if you are tested regularly.

If you are someone who is tested frequently, there are certain steroids that you must never use as their detection times are very high, meaning even months after using them you could test positive for them in your blood or urine.

For example, Testosterone Suspension has a detection time of around one to three days, making it safe to use if you’re being tested for steroids within the week.

Alternatively, Nandrolone and testosterone-based steroids have higher detection times, meaning they must typically be avoided if you’re being tested regularly..

Always be aware of when you will need to undergo drug testing and the detection times of the steroids and compounds that you are utilizing in your stack.

Deca-durabolin/nandrolone decanoate – 18 months

Testosterone propionate – 2-3 weeks

Testosterone enanthate – 3 months

Oral Anadrol/oxymetholone – 8 weeks

Dianabol (methandrostenolone/methandienone/metandienone) – 6 weeks

Oral Anavar/oxandrolone – 3 weeks

Winstrol/stanozolol – oral 3 weeks, injectable 9 weeks

Keep in mind that all of this is different question from testing steroids for purity. For that, you need to look at a steroid testing lab like Simec AG.

Testosterone Ratios

You may wonder how to test for steroids in urine.

This involves measuring your testosterone levels and comparing it to the amount of epitestosterone.

If the ratio is much higher than what is considered normal, it sets off a red flag that steroids could have been involved.

In general, men have a ratio of testosterone-to-epitestosterone ratio that sits at around 1:1. Various agencies have different cutoffs for this ratio, and each is designed to exclude individuals with high ratios that likely stem from anabolic steroid use.

Some of these ratios are listed below.

World Anti-Doping Agency – 4:1

Nevada State Athletic Commission – 6:1

National Collegiate Athletic Association – 6:1

Any ratio higher and these agencies will not allow you to perform.

If you want to know how to test for steroids at home. Simple take a self-administered urine test and submit it to a lab. There are steroid abuse test kits available online.

Take a look at some of the options for a price of under $70 on Amazon.

Some athletes who use anabolic steroids may administer epitestosterone in order to keep their ratios within an acceptable range.

Another option is to use Human Growth Hormone, a typically harder to detect drug, or transdermal steroids that contain epitestosterone to balance out testosterone levels.

Although these options may work, we do not recommend them and believe your best bet is to stick with natural alternatives, which we look at later on.

Blood Tests

In addition to creating roadblocks when it comes to athletic drug testing, using anabolic steroids can also alter the levels of various hormones and chemical compounds circulating in your blood.

Getting proper blood work is a crucial part of steroid use—you should have blood work conducted at least three to four times each year to ensure that your steroid use isn’t having any detrimental effects on your health.

Natural Steroid Alternatives

Using natural steroid alternatives such as Testo-Max and D-Bal are great legal options for those that want to boost their gym game and not worry about consuming banned substances.

These products can significantly increase your testosterone levels, but not to such an extent that you will fail drug tests.

They are also plant-based in nature, meaning there is typically no need to worry about them containing prohibited substances.

However, it’s important that you take responsibility for what you consume. Check to make sure the ingredients in a supplement are not banned by your sporting organization.

It’s also very important to purchase from a reputable company so you can trust that there are no other ingredients not listed on the label that could cause a positive test result.

Aside from natural options, knowing how to test for steroids, in essence, how steroid testing works in the sporting world is essential if you want to use them in your bodybuilding routine without getting caught.

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