How To Use Deccabolan For Unbelievable Steroid Results

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There’s always a new compound that you’re hearing about at the gym when you’re looking to add muscle mass while working out.

One of the popular names at the moment is Deccabolan.

It is often touted as a legal steroid. Is that a thing? Can it actually be true?

Read on to find out exactly what this latest wonder is all about.

Deccabolan Review

What is Deccabolan? It is marketed as a “legal Deca steroid” and other marketing material refers to it as a prohormone.

Its manufacturer, Muscle Labs USA, says it can be used in a stack to support increased muscle mass, weight gain, improve energy levels and shorten recovery times.

The stack promoted features a collection of other products with names that sound like real anabolic steroids, but aren’t.

Deccabolan and its stack pairings are all supplements created by Muscle Labs USA.

In some reviews and blogs, there are claims that it is the same as nandrolone, a synthetic anabolic-androgenic steroid but those claims are not supported by its manufacturer.

Deccabolan VS Deca Durabolin

Real Deca Durabolin is one of the recognizable trade names of 19-nortestosterone, the same as Nandrolone.

These substances have been banned for use by athletes for the purpose of enhancing performance and are listed as controlled substances by the FDA.

Deccabolan is Muscle Labs USA’s fake Deca Durabolin. It does not contain any illegal steroids or hormones.

While it says it is a prohormone, there is no documentation provided on what is actually in the product.

Muscle Labs USA Results

You should not expect to see the same results when taking Deccabolan as if you are using Deca Durabolin.

19-nortestosterone is used in treatment of burns, for supportive cancer care and as a medication for treating AIDS.

Deccabolan is not tested or approved by the FDA for any of those applications. If you have larger muscles, more energy, and have put on weight after spending several weeks focusing on your workout and diet while taking Deccabolan, it might be due to your good habits.

There is no supportive documentation or clinical trials that state what the expected results are.

Deccabolan Side Effects

Deccabolan ingredients include Androstenolone 150mg (endogenous steroid compound) and L-ascorbate 15mg per serving.

The manufacturer’s website lists very little information on side effects, just saying that it’s a safe compound.

However anytime you are taking any kind of compound that is designed to affect your hormone levels, you should expect to experience some kind of side effects.

Prohormones can cause liver damage, fainting spells, and raise your blood pressure. So it’ll be a good idea to still take cycle support while using Deccabolan.


As with any product sold primarily on the internet, you must use good judgment when reading reviews.

You can find rave reviews for Deccabolan on high-profile bodybuilder websites, however these reviews are often paired with giant click-through ads for the product so those are likely bought by Muscle Labs.

Independent sites either list it as discontinued or as an outright fake.

There are also a collection of individuals who regularly appear in forums trashing any supplement, except their herbal option. No reviews are offered on the manufacturer website. In short, you are shopping blind on this product.

Muscle Labs USA Review

Muscle Labs only lists a phone number located somewhere in Florida with a pretty picture of an office building. No address is provided. Which leaves their legitimacy in question.

They promote their collection of bodybuilding supplements as “legal steroids.” The names of their different products often sound like their illegal counterparts.

As to what is actually in their bottles is something of a mystery, except by what’s reported on other websites.

There are no ingredient lists on their site, and as supplements are not required by any government agency to provide proof of efficacy or actual dosage in their products.

There’s lots of chatter about Muscle Labs, but almost no verifiable information. It may be a case of a new comer still building their brand, but you are going to be the guinea pig.

Other Muscle Labs Supplements

Other popular products made by Muscle Labs are Dianibol, Testosterone-1, Anadroll, and Winsdrol-V Stanozall.

You might think you are buying real testosterone, but that is only legally available with a prescription from a doctor.

Testosterone-1 is a supplement, not an FDA approved medication. The same thing applies to all their products. They are not the same as steroids or hormones that you might be sourcing through a medical professional or through international contacts.

Is it Legal?

The big bonus is that yes, supplements are completely legal. You don’t need a script from a doctor to purchase them. However, if you are worrying about finding a legal supplement to use in competition, you are probably still out of luck.

Many prohormones that are supposed to be in Muscle Labs compounds can indirectly affect your own hormone levels, which could result in a positive test in competition.

Check with your sanctioning body for a complete list of chemical compounds that are banned and contact the manufacturer to clarify exactly what it is you are taking.

Where Can I Buy Deccabolan?

Currently Muscle Labs is only selling Deccabolan and their other products through their website.

You may find them listed in Amazon by a different distributor. Shipping and payments is very straightforward with major credit cards being accepted.

How much does Deccabolan cost? Deccabolan has a retail price of $35 for a one-month’s supply.

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