How To Use Mecasermin | 5 Common Myths & Mistakes

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Mecasermin as defined as a synthetic growth factor.

It is perhaps more familiar among bodybuilders and athletes by its brand name, Increlex.

Before using any product including growth factors or other hormones for physique enhancement, it’s critical to know a little bit about it.

Before using, know what the product is, how it functions in the body, and what it can do – good or bad.

Mecasermin Review

Mecasermin is a growth factor, more specifically a laboratory created insulin-like growth factor.

It’s created utilizing recombinant DNA technologies.

What is the Mecasermin mechanism of action?

A brief understanding on how growth factors work in the body is important for any bodybuilder or athlete considering use of growth factors like Mecasermin.

The pituitary gland, located in the brain, is responsible for the manufacture of growth hormone.

It’s also known as the master gland of the body because it controls the production and secretions of other hormones into the body, including growth factors.

Growth factors such as insulin-like growth factor are manufactured in the liver. Its function, like human growth hormone, is evident by its very name.

Synthetic growth factors are constructed of a single chain of 70 amino acids that are identical to that produced by the liver (insulin-like growth factor-1 or IGF-1).

Mecasermin/Increlex is created by combining two different DNA strands/types to create the synthetic version of growth hormone. This is why such substances are called ‘recombinant’.

It is created with E. coli (yes, the bacteria) DNA attached to the DNA gene that manufactures IGF-1 inside the body.

It’s primary function or mechanism of action is to help increase levels of IGF-1 in children that have been diagnosed with some type of growth hormone dysfunction.

The drug triggers increased production of liver produced IGF-1.

Mecasermin Bodybuilding Benefits

While it is not recommended that a bodybuilder or athlete use growth hormone or growth factor products when levels are already adequate in the body, Mecasermin, like the body produced IGF-1 growth factor, promotes the growth of bone and muscle.

Insulin-like growth factor also encourages support of metabolism, uptake of glucose, fatty acids, amino acids, and helps to promote tissue growth.

Before using a product like Mecasermin for bodybuilding however, be aware that the hormone triggers growth of all cells in the body and not just muscle cells.

Using the product without a prescription can trigger a number of undesired side effects and adverse reactions.

Dosage Recommendations

Dosage recommendations for use by bodybuilders is not available because it is not intended for non-medical use.

In medical situations, Mecasermin dosage is determined by the patient’s weight.

It’s typically available in a 10 mg per mL or a 40 mg per 4 mL injection solution, intended for subcutaneous application.

It’s important not to underestimate the potency of the drug just because it’s typically used in pediatric case scenarios.

Dosage recommendations for Mecasermin/Increlex typically start at 0.04 mg per kilogram. This dosage is given two times daily.

In the event that this dosage does not trigger unexpected or undesired side effects in the patient, the dosage may be increased, but typically doesn’t exceed 0.12 mg per kilogram of body weight twice daily.

Bodybuilders experimenting with Mecasermin should use extreme caution, especially when measuring the dosage based on their own kilogram/pound weight.

Because the hormone does have a huge influence over a number of body functions, extreme caution with use should always be observed.

Mecasermin Side Effects

Even in low doses, Mecasermin can trigger a number of undesired side effects in users. This is even more likely for a person taking a growth hormone or growth factor when it’s not medically necessary.

Such use can initiate a number of side effects that are mild in nature while others can be life-threatening.

Milder side effects associated with Mecasermin include but are not limited to:

overall sense of fatigue




increased irritability

difficulty focusing or concentrating

Hypoglycemia is also known to be caused by the drug.

More serious side effects to watch for with Mecasermin usage include tachycardia (accelerated heart rate) and/or arrhythmia (irregular heartbeat), among others.

Every once in a while, most of us experience a pounding heart or a brief “trip hammering” or irregular heartbeat depending on environment and emotional status.

However, prolonged tachycardia or arrhythmias are very dangerous situations. In such cases, a prompt visit to a physician or even the local emergency room is recommended.

Where to Buy Mecasermin

Mecasermin can be identified through its protein chemical formula (C331H518N94O101S7).

Athough black-market products, especially those from an underground lab, will not typically display its identifying formula, or they may simply claim it is identical to the prescription-strength drug.

Don’t get it confused with Mecasermin Rinfabate, that’s a similar but different drug.

Mecasermin is a prescription drug, but can be found for use by bodybuilders and athletes from online sources. A number of underground labs may sell the drug, but not all of these products are legitimate.

Counterfeit products are common with any prescription strength drug sold to bodybuilders and athletes around the world.

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