How To Use Turinabol Steroid Cycles For Bodybuilding

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When compared to other popular and commonly used anabolic androgenic steroids, Turinabol steroid is less known.

Before using Turinabol for bodybuilding, it’s important to identify what it is and how it promotes the results bodybuilders are looking for.

Although it’s not a common steroid, bodybuilders and athletes often turned to it for its anabolic properties in the past.

Its behavior was relatively similar to that of testosterone but without the androgenic side effects.

Turinabol Steroid For Bodybuilding

Turinabol for bodybuilding does have a history of providing impressive results in regard to stamina and strength.

It has an interesting history that dates back to the 1960s after the construction of the Berlin Wall.

The drug was strictly manufactured in East Germany and used by athletes in competitions such as the Olympics.

It was not typically known in other countries until the Berlin Wall came down in the 1980s.

An interesting factoid about Turinabol steroid was that it was not intentionally created for any medical treatments, but rather only athletic performance enhancement.

Turinabol Results

Turinabol is an oral anabolic androgenic steroid known by its chemical name 4-chlorodehydromethyltestosterone.

It’s variations today are also known by a variety of other names such as Tbol or Oral Tbol.

Because of its different chemical names such as 4-chloromethandienone or CDMT, bodybuilders who look for products like it, and its many nicknames, it can be verified through in its molecular formula: C20H27ClO2.

Turinabol results for users are mixed, depending on dosage, frequency of dosage, diet, and exercise routines. Most bodybuilders turning to Turinabol steroid can expect:

Increase in endurance and strength potential

Development of lean muscle mass without water weight gain often associated with other anabolic androgenic steroids

Increase in testosterone levels

Little information is known today regarding appropriate dosage that provides benefits while at the same time reducing the potential for side effects.

This is because of its history and because “legitimate” manufacture was discontinued a long time ago (in addition to the fact that the drug was used in secret by East German athletes).


Before using Turinabol for bodybuilding, be aware that every individual can react to anabolic androgenic steroids differently than someone else taking the same dose and following the same cycle of use.

Reviewing and comparing dosage information found online, bodybuilders are averaging between 20 mg daily and 50 mg daily.

What about women and Turinabol dosage? Because of its potential to virilize and boost development of male characteristics, dosage should be drastically reduced for women using the drug.

Ideally, women should avoid Turinabol, but if used, a very low dose (approximately 5 mg daily) is recommended.

Turinabol Side Effects

In spite of a low dosage, Turinabol steroid does contribute to side effects.

Like other anabolic steroids, using Turinabol for bodybuilding purposes or athletic performance enhancement increases the risk of:

Disrupting cholesterol levels, especially that of low-density lipoprotein (LDL). High levels of LDL cholesterol can trigger cardiovascular damage and increase the risk of heart attack or stroke.

Suppression of endogenous testosterone. When introducing an exogenous (outside of the body) form of testosterone, the body tends to cease manufacturing on its own. If testosterone is not produced in the testes, they can shrink.

The condition is known as testicular atrophy and contribute to decreased sperm manufacture, low-quality sperm, and for some, infertility.

Liver toxicity. Oral anabolic androgenic steroids must pass through digestive processes, including filtering by the liver before being disseminated into the bloodstream.

Turinabol is not considered especially toxic to the liver, but it can disrupt the activities of specific liver enzymes that may eventually interrupt otherwise normal liver functions.

Potential for cancer. In some cases, anabolic steroids are prescribed as a component to cancer treatments (anti-catabolism), but in other scenarios, may trigger cancer.

Turinabol for bodybuilding may trigger an increase in the use of selective androgen receptor modulators (SARMs) to enhance anabolic activity of Turinabol steroid.

Turinabol VS Dbol

Turinabol reviews are mixed. Some claim it’s not effective, nor does it provide sustained results, while others find it beneficial for their bodybuilding efforts.

As a derivative of Dianabol (Dbol), a bodybuilder doesn’t necessarily have to be concerned with water retention when using it for bodybuilding, but rather can go for steady Turinabol gains.

It is not a fast acting steroid, but when cycled appropriately, does provide the benefits they’re looking for. Bodybuilders who want to gain muscle without stressing joints may find the steroid effective.

Turinabol Safety

Dosing with Turinabol and following general recommendations regarding cycled use doesn’t tend to cause negative or adverse side effects.

Averaging dosing recommendations and cycle use, a bodybuilder taking 10 mg daily for a six-week cycle can avoid most side effects, but bodybuilders often exceed “moderate” and responsible use of their steroids for accelerated results.

When using Turinabol steroid, resist the temptation to increase the dosage for faster gains and results. Patience is key when using Turinabol for bodybuilding.

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