I Have a Few Questions Regarding My First Time on DPT

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I have a sample of DPT on the way, and from what I’ve read, it is an intense experience.

What can I expect and does anyone have any advice, and what is a good starter dose intranasally? What about IV?

I’ve never done any DMT or strong psychedelics before, other than a few high-dose 50x Salvia and Dextromethorphan. I also have taken a Grateful Dead concert blotter of 75% LSD, 25% LSA two times, both of which were extremelyunderwhelming and left me feeling disenchanted with LSD. How would you compare it to any of these?

I’ve also done a high dose of Diphenidine once. I have experience with a plethora of other drugs, though.

Also, what would be a good music choice for the trip, and what precautions should I take?

Any and all input is welcome, regardless of if you answer my questions.

I’m curious, what made you jump from an underwhelming LSD to DPT ?

Not a common “beginner” psychedelic

DPT is best smoked/vaped as freebase. Effects seem to vary greatly in other ROAs person to person; sometimes day to day in some reports.

DPT is absolutely not a recreational psychedelic in my experience. If I were in your shoes I’d give 4-aco-dmt or similar a go first since your LSD experience seems to leave much to be desired.

Haven’t tried DPT any other way than freebased and vaped, which is what I’d recommend. Start low. I wouldn’t call DPT ‘sinister’ as others say, and I don’t think it’s much at all like DMT. DPT is very therapeutic IME, akin to a friend telling you directly and honestly what you need to work on in your life. It also just feels so alien.

Give LSD (or 1P-LSD) another try! It’s absolutely amazing!

How do you go around freebasing it ? Just a simple addition of water and bicarbonate? Or do you have access to the freebase? I have this one but don’t I’m unsure about the ROA. I really hate snorting stuff. Was actually thinking of IM it, but there’s not much dosage data.

Ive not tried DPT but I have tried DMT and some 4-subbed tryptamines. I have other hallucinogen experience including some lysergamides, phenethylmines, and salvia, but people always say DPT is closest to DMT than other psychs or salvia. Im not overly familiar with doses, but its not THAT potent. Its probably comparable to DMT if memory serves correctly. Ive heard it has “darker” visuals than DMT and manifests as a more sinister experience that has a strong bodyload including tremor, feeling hot, sweating, and naseau. It might feel dangerous but it seems to be very well tolerated.

DPT was my first RC. I snorted 100mg and it.was incredibly intense. In fact it was the first time I ever tripped TOO hard lmao. I absolutely would not recommend IVing it to someone with no psychedelic experience.

Wow…… I have waaay more psych experience than you and still haven’t touched my DPT.

Is it possible your naïveté is making you arrogant? Because DPT scares me, I am not sure I could handle it and I intend to wait until I’ve smoked more DMT and 5-MeO-DMT before trying DPT.

You have so many other options to try first. No point jumping in the deep end before you really know if you can even float, right?

Or… Before you really know whether your skin can tolerate water or whether you’ll just dissolve into a puddle of despair and regret bespeckled with fragments of shattered hubris, right?

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