I just want something thats going to blow me away

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The only online chemical I’ve ordered online that really blew me away was phenibut. The first time i tried it was literally one of the most craziest and fun days I’ve ever had.

Flubromazolam and Etizolam blew me away but not in a good way. Literally feel like Flubro gave me permanent brain damage, holy shit.

Recently I have tried Phenylpiracetam, Aniracetam, and L Theanine and literally got nothing from them. Im starting to feel like i already tried the strongest and best RC or nootropic or whatever you want to call it, phenibut.

Please recomend some names of other things i can try that might potentially blow me away

Yeah I came in expecting some kind of hardhead dropping ten-strips or binging on pyros and instead he’s wondering why L-Theanine isn’t blowing his mind.

Not trying to gatekeep or be a dick but literally almost any chemical discussed in this sub will be a stronger experience than everything listed by OP.

Have you tried them yourself? I never had any issue resisting compulsive redosing with other stims, but a-PHP and md-PHP were a whole new level of fiendish. I physically could not stop myself, I eventually had to smash my oil burner to end it. Going in with a conscious intention not to binge is simply not going to be enough for most people.

The only way to stop redosing is to run out. A-PHP/A-PVP is the most moreish drug I’ve ever used. Much more than crack, heroin, or meth. I can put the other ones down (at least for a few hours), but not those pyros. I’m glad it’s more than $10/gram now adays or I would probably be dead.

Half of what you mentioned are nootropics. F-phenibut is week, actually any phen is. Almost everything people talk about using in this group blows the 2 theinos you mentioned out of the water. 4 HOMET, 2F-DCK,5 MEO DMT, 1 PLSD, NEP, 3-HO+PCE, 3-MEO-PCE

The answer lies in the title of your post if you know where to get the good stuff. Just messin but 2fdck, idk if i would recommend the 3meo’s but at least, by the username, you aren’t from the FL area where people are eating faces. 2fma/3fmp(fun imo)… 4homet/NEP/Hexen if you get a lucky batch. Tons of stuff out there that will blowwwwww you into another dimension. Ayahuasca. It mostly depends on what type of effects you are searching for. Need some more info. Dream root is pretty cool.

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