IFBB Pro Bodybuilders & Steroids [How Common Is It?]

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Like it or not the topic on IFBB Pro bodybuilders and steroids is not going away anytime soon.

People have come to the realization that bodybuilding and steroids are intertwined.

People want to know which steroids bodybuilders are using and the health effects.

Recently, a bodybuilder decided to reveal anonymously that steroid use is quite common.

The athlete admits that almost all pros are using the steroids. Most pro bodybuilders will have a trusted doctor who will carefully monitor their health.

The Pro also claims that using recreational drugs while on steroids can be dangerous. For instance, using alcohol and other substances can lead to real health scares.

When using steroids, athletes also need to maintain the right diet. Otherwise, their bodies could be adversely affected by the use of steroids.

Thus, when horror stories of steroid use emerge, it is usually because of the kind of food and recreational drugs they are taking.

IFBB Pro Bodybuilders & Steroids

IFBB pros will reject any accusations of steroids even when the signs are obvious.

One reason for this is that they do not want to get in trouble with the law.

Steroid use in the USA is illegal, and that is tantamount to confessing to a crime.

Besides that, bodybuilders could lose sponsors. Most bodybuilders rely on companies that make supplements for sponsorship.

If an athlete admits they use steroids, the supplements company will drop them since it makes their product seem pointless.

Another reason is that they do not want to be crucified in public.

People love to be admired by the public. They know that the moment they admit to being on steroids, the public will reject them.

They want people to think of them as the best and not label them as cheaters.

Unfortunately, this is the kind of world in which we live in — where the truth is seen as a stupid decision.

The Cost of Steroid Use

A steroid cycle can be quite costly for the pros.

It is estimated that each cycle costs $8000 to $15000. Despite this cost, bodybuilders will still use the steroids.

The reason for this is that most do it for fun rather than for the money.

They hope by winning many competitions, they could get serious sponsorship deals that could make it all worth the effort.

Are Steroids Killing Bodybuilders?

When a bodybuilder dies, and there are steroids in his system, the media likes to blame it on steroid use.

However, that is not usually the case. The detailed report will usually reveal that he or she was also abusing other kinds of recreational drugs.

Up to this day, no pro bodybuilder has been proven to die from just using steroids.

Most Common Steroids Used By IFBB Pro Bodybuilders

Here are some of the most common steroids used by IFBB pro bodybuilders.

Anadrol (Oxymetholone)

Androl, which also goes by the names A-bombs or A50 was initially developed as a compound for assisting anemic people.

It has since been used on people with other ailments where weight loss is an issue of concern.

It is a great agent of promoting weight gain, increased appetite, and increasing the red blood cell count in the body.

However, just like all artificial chemicals, it has some negative side effects.

It will affect the production of hormones such as testosterone in the body, cause water retention, affect the blood lipid profile, and cause headaches.

Effects on the Body

A study of people with HIV found that the drug helps with weight gain and actually caused them to gain over 8 kilograms.

In the study, weight gained peaked on week 19. After week 19, its effectiveness on the body is negligible.

Dianabol (Methandrostenolone)

Dianabol is one of the most significant anabolic steroids of all time.

It is among the most popular steroids to hit the market.

While it does exist as a tablet, it can also be administered as an injection.

Effects on the Body

A common side effect is rapid weight gain. Users can gain as much as 20lbs in just a few weeks on this steroid.

However, this may vary according to total dosing and total calorific intake. For those in need of a great season bulking steroid, this works just fine.

Negative Side Effects

It does have some negative side effects. However, a healthy male can comfortably manage the side effects. One of its most common side effects is increased estrogen levels.

It is also known to cause water retention. These effects can easily be combated with anti-estrogens.

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