IGF-1 Cycle For ABSOLUTELY Huge Results

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When it comes to recommendations for an effective and yet safe IGF-1 cycle, it’s important to take a little bit of time to do some homework.

You don’t have to be an expert in microbiology, have a degree in physical education, or even specialized knowledge in any health field.

Still, it does pay to know what you’re putting in your body, how it may affect bodily functions, and most importantly, whether the supplement will provide you with the benefits are looking for.

The same applies to an effective and safe IGF-1 cycle.

IGF-1 Cycle Length

In bodybuilding, cycling is a term that commonly implies on-again and off-again use of drugs or supplements for cutting or bulking phases.

A bulking phase defines a period of time where you’re working to increase muscle mass, size, strength, endurance, and stamina.

A cutting phase is a time period where an individual strives to promote lean body mass, or lose fat. Cycles are a routine part of bodybuilding endeavors that are also commonly used by athletes in a number of other fields for optimal results.

IGF-1 spray, or insulin-like growth factor 1, can be used for both cutting and bulking phases. Does your body make IGF-1 on its own?

Yes. Growth hormone is produced and released by the pituitary gland.

The pituitary gland is known as the master gland in the body because it controls the maintenance, production of, and secretion of a number of hormones in the body.

Insulin-like growth factor-1 is a peptide hormone manufactured and secreted by the liver. This growth factor is vital in cellular growth.

In a nutshell, what it does is stimulate synthesis of protein cellular development and is also a major component when it comes to proliferation and replication of all kinds of cells in the body, including muscle cells.

Using products to enhance physical growth and development can accelerate muscle gains and help to maintain those gains during the “off-season”. As with anything, a cycle phase depends on the types of drugs, supplements, or products you’re taking.

Bodybuilders are typically familiar with cycling of anabolic steroids such as testosterone and a number of performance-enhancing products.

Testosterone injections and real IGF-1 injections require a prescription for legal use, but that doesn’t stop thousands of athletes from finding other resources including underground laboratories and black-market resources for their steroids or the other drugs.

Drugs are often stacked or combined during an IGF-1 cycle, not only for additional benefits, but to help reduce the risk of side effects. Be aware that doing so can be dangerous.

IGF-1 Cycle Side Effects

Those interested in taking growth hormone or anabolic steroid products to enhance their bodybuilding, muscle mass, and strengthening efforts often engage in cycles.

These typically last for one to two months, followed by a rest period of anywhere between one to three months without using any steroid supplements.

Again, creating an effective as well as safe IGF-1 cycle depends on whether (and how much) you’re combining any other drugs, steroids, prescription drugs, or even herbal supplements with it.

Different websites will have different recommendations. An IGF-1 cycle for a beginner will naturally be different from that of a person who has been cycling for a long time.

Combinations also make a big difference. Using IGF-1 alone in a bulking phase can last anywhere from several to five weeks. Cutting phases typically last about three weeks and are often effective in maintaining current muscle mass, coupled with low-weight and high-intensity exercises.

Legal IGF-1 Cycle Dosage

Many products sold to bodybuilders and athletes to enhance performance and muscle gains are prescription only.

That also applies to IGF-1 and testosterone steroid injections. Care must always be taken when using any exogenous form of a hormone because hormone levels are carefully balanced in the body.

Excessive levels of any hormone can negatively interact with and interfere with normal hormone production and organ function. Hormones can affect entire body systems as well as emotional, mental, and physical health and wellness.

Legal supplements such as deer antler velvet products or testosterone boosters don’t require a prescription for purchase, but do be aware of the rules and regulations of bodybuilding or other athletic organizations and associations before use.

Natural supplements that provide support to the pituitary gland (the master gland of the body) can go a long way toward boosting levels of IGF-1, growth hormone, and testosterone levels in the body.

Foods rich in nutrients that support endocrine system function and hormone synthesis and secretions are also beneficial. Add to that a well-rounded exercise and weight-bearing program, and you may be able to do away with less than legal drugs.

Reduce your risk of dangerous and alarming side effects. Using illegal drugs, and combining them for use in an IGF-1 cycle can, and often does, result in unexpected results – not all of them beneficial according to reviews.

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