IGF-1—Growth Factor Facts for Bodybuilders

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IGF-1 growth factor, also known as Insulin-Like Growth Factor 1, is an important protein in the field of bodybuilding.

Although it is naturally produced in the human body, synthetic versions are used to exceed normal IGF-1 levels and support performance enhancement.

Now you’re wondering: what is IGF-1’s function, and why is it so important for boosting your gains?

It is important for many reasons, all of which we’ll cover below.

What is IGF-1 Growth Factor?

What exactly is this unique protein and what does IGF-1 do?

Insulin-Like Growth Factor is classified as a protein hormone that is comprised of 70 amino acids. Its main role in the human body is to stimulate bone and tissue growth.

Studies show that our IGF-1 levels decline as we age.

In bodybuilding circles, IGF-1 is often used due to its ability to increase the cells in your skeletal muscles. This boost leads to the activation of a pathway in the body called the phosphatidylinositol 3-kinase (PI3K)-AKT pathway.

The results are great: there’s an increase in skeletal muscle cell numbers, which leads to more growth of lean tissue, as well as increased bone growth.

Another great IGF-1 function is its positive correlation with Human Growth Hormone (HGH), another hormone naturally produced inside our bodies as well as exogenously.

When these two hormones combine, they create new muscle fibers and bolster the retention of your muscles’ nitrogen, an element that makes up around 16 percent of your muscles and is essential for their growth.

But here’s the real kicker: IGF-1 is the main reason for HGH’s anabolic action.

Ultimately, getting your IGF-1 levels high will promote the growth of muscle fibers and cells due to its strong relationship with HGH.

Activating your IGF-1 receptors leads to more benefits than just promoting the growth of muscle.

IGF-1 is also highly sought after for better recovery and healing due to its ability to boost collagen function. Higher functioning collagen means stronger bones, which will naturally lay the foundation for stronger muscles.

One brand of pharmaceutical quality IGF-1 is Increlex.

It can still be purchased online through black market steroid websites, but is more difficult to locate. Also its prices and quality will vary.

IGF-1 Bodybuilding

If you’re going to use IGF-1 for bodybuilding, it’s best used for physical recovery and building muscle mass during the off season.

This is largely due to its healing benefits discussed above, as well as its ability to increase the creation of body fat when used together with a proper diet.

However, in order to maintain proper body fat levels, it is recommended to use HGH supplements to increase your metabolism and ensure that your fat levels don’t rise too high.

When it comes down to it, what’s the best way to use IGF-1 to build mass?

The answer is simple: in conjunction with anabolic steroids.

By doing this, IGF-1 will increase the amount of lean tissue that is created during your cycles.

IGF-1 Side Effects

Compared to other exogenous hormones used for bodybuilding, IGF-1 growth factor is fairly mild.

However, there are some IGF-1 side effects that you should be aware of before you consider adding it into your stack.

These include:








It’s also important to remember that IGF-1 and cancer are not a safe combination. Since IGF-1 increases the strength of the cells in your body, including those that are harmful and cancerous, it can only exacerbate the disease.


If you want to avoid the side effects of exogenous IGF-1 administration, consider supplements, such as CrazyBulk’s HGH-X2.

Using its natural formulation of lepidium meyenii, mucuna pruriens, crataegus oxyacantha, and 2-amino-5-diaminomethylidene amino pentanoic acid, HGH-X2 boosts HGH levels, which in turn leads to corresponding increases in IGF-1 levels.

As mentioned above, this combination is ideal for bodybuilders and can help you get those quality muscle gains and ideal recovery times that so many other products fail to provide.

IGF-1 Levels

If you’re looking to boost your IGF-1 levels, you need to know the normal range of Insulin-Like Growth Factor.

You’re probably wondering: how is this accomplished?

An IGF-1 test is the most effective way to gauge your levels.

If an individual is suffering from IGF-1 deficiency, these tests may also prove useful.

These tests are conducted by doctors and are typically referred to as somatomedin C tests. Using these tests, you can determine if your IGF-1 levels are within a healthy range and adequate for your bodybuilding goals.

IGF-1 Foods

In addition to exogenous IGF-1 supplements, you can also obtain this protein from a healthy diet.

Diets that promote high levels of IGF-1 include:


Red meat




Dehydroepiandrosterone (DHEA)

For those with low IGF-1 levels, maintaining a diet with these components is essential, even if you’re supplementing with exogenous sources.

IGF-1 For Weight Loss

Given that it is typically used to put on mass, IGF-1 for weight loss is not a common usage of the drug.

However, there are reports of using natural IGF-1 from bovine colostrum for weight loss, although research is still too limited to make any solid conclusions.

Using IGF-1 growth factor, especially in combination with HGH, is a great way to pack on quality muscle.

However, to really take control of your IGF-1 levels and get legal, healthy gains in the gym, natural products like CrazyBulk’s HGH-X2 are the way to go.

Not only will you get the gains of IGF-1, you’ll reap the benefits of boosted HGH levels, allowing you to activate your IGF-1 receptors as much as possible.

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