IGF-1 LR3 Cycle—Results for Bodybuilding

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Before devising an IGF-1 LR3 cycle, know that creating cycles with a growth hormone can be tricky

But it is possible if you have a solid background in IGF-1 basics.

IGF-1 is short for insulin-like growth factor 1.

Growth factors are manufactured in the liver. The growth factor works in conjunction with growth hormone manufactured in the pituitary gland, tucked up underneath the center of the brain.

They both trigger growth, differentiation, and development of all types of cells in the body.

IGF-1 certainly makes things grow, and can provide a huge boost for bodybuilders and athletes wishing to increase development of new muscle, muscle mass, and overall improvement in physique.

The LR3 stands for long arginine, an analog of synthetic IGF-1. Analogs are substances similar to another – in this case, a growth factor.

Before creating your own IGF-1LR3 cycle to meet your personal expectations and results, know how it is produced and whether the benefits outweigh the risks of use.

IGF-1 LR3 Cycle

Dosage recommendations for a IGF-1 LR3 cycle, average 40 mcg to 60 mcg a day.

It’s not recommended that any user go past 45 days, although some go up to 60.

For bodybuilders, this means faster and more potent results along with a decreased necessity of frequent injections.

Because IGF-1 LR3 lasts about 72 hours in the bloodstream, daily use is not necessary.

Using this compound everyday is not only redundant, it can be dangerous.

Comments left on bodybuilding forum board discussion threads have mixed opinions about usage of insulin-like growth factor for physique results.

About Safety

IGF-1 LR3 is designed specifically for research purposes, so reliable and verifiable information on dosage recommendations for bodybuilding are simply not out there.

Note: Growth hormone and growth factors are among the most counterfeited products sold by underground labs today, and the majority of it is sub-par or useless; sometimes even dangerous.

The components of growth hormone and IGF-1 and the idea of running an even more potent IGF-1 LR3 cycle is attractive to many bodybuilders and athletes.

It’s the amino acids that make the difference.

Some turn to nutritional sports supplements known as growth hormone boosters or releasers that provide support, through ingredients like amino acids and other vital macro- and micronutrients that support the pituitary gland in its manufacture and secretion of growth hormone.

In turn, those secretions can have an influence on increased IGF-1 secretions in the body.

Before considering an IGF-1 LR3 cycle, take the time to research and always be aware of safety.

Growth Hormone and IGF-1 Origins

Growth hormone (HGH, GH, hGH or human growth hormone) manufactured by the pituitary gland is composed of a 191-amino acid chain; those amino acids are arranged in a specific sequence.

Synthetic growth hormone – somatropin- is structured identical to endogenous GH including its 191-amino acid chain.

Endogenous IGF-1, a growth factor, contains 70 amino acids.

Function of HGH and IGF

Growth hormone and growth factors are involved in other body functions as well including:

Metabolism, which for some, may contribute to weight loss and reduced storage of fat cells in the body


Synthesis of protein

Retention of nitrogen in muscles

Brain and central nervous system functions

Cardiovascular system function

IGF-1 and growth hormone are responsible for a number of processes in the body over and above the triggering “growth factor” which is their primary mechanism of action.

What Makes IGF-1 LR3 Different From “Regular” IGF-1?

Secretions of IGF-1 are triggered by release of growth hormone. What’s the difference between IGF-1 and IGF-1 LR3?

IGF-1 LR3 is a modification of “regular” IGF-1 dur to the addition of 13 additional amino acids, bringing the total up to 83.

For bodybuilders, this means faster and even better muscle growth and physique results, but is it safe?

How to Create a IGF-1 LR3 Cycle?

Because of the larger number of amino acids in IGF-1 LR3 over “regular” IGF-1, it has a longer half-life, sometimes extending up to 30 hours.

“Regular” IGF-1 has a half-life of several hours.

When creating an IGF-1 LR3 cycle, it is important to be hyper-aware of how your body responds.

Cycling is recommended in bodybuilding circles in order to retain or at least recover normal hormonal balances and functions in the body after a period of time.

Cycling can be done with use of IGF-1, IGF-1 LR3, growth hormone, and anabolic androgenic steroids, or other substances.

When looking for suggestions on how to conduct an IGF-1 LR3 cycle, a number of factors should be taken into consideration.

First has to do with experience. If you’ve never used growth hormone or growth factors before, using IGF-1LR3 in a cycle is not recommended because of its potency.

Also keep in mind that recommendations for dosage in an IGF-1 LR3 cycle found online may be too much for some bodies to handle.

You’ll find plenty of information online from bodybuilders who run an anabolic androgenic steroid into an IGF-1 LR3 cycle, but most of these suggestions are from experienced steroid users.

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