I’m on 2fdck rn

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Edit: EDIT: ok wow I was deep into some research last night. So I ended up taking 150mg IM. I injected it and massaged the area for about 10 sec and waited. I was reading reddit ,waiting for it to kick in when about 10 min later, I decided to stand. Worst decision I could have made, I ate shit and proceeded to lay on the floor for what seemed like an hour, just focusing on the feeling running thru my body. I got myself back up and onto my bed and just sat there, feeling like I was made out of syrup l. I felt myself flowing into my bed. I didnt attempt a k hole because I was just testing the substance as it is my first time researching this exact chemical so I wanted do a moderate dose for the first time. I quite enjoy this substance and would definitely research again

Are you bored? I didn’t find it to be magical compared to ketamine (especially S-K), DCK, MXE, 3-MeO-PCP. It was about as magical as 3-HO-PCE for me, so I was bored most of the experience.

It is as good as K IMO. And I like that it last longer since I don’t have to redose so often. Although I am not touching needles anymore.

Any crazy synchronicities that make you think you’re in a simulation? What did you have for breakfast? Is the concept of time the chicken or the egg or neither(it just always was and will forever be)? Are we living in a holographic universe?

Almost no tolerance. This was the first time using a disso in over a year and a half. I was close to a hole but was still lucid enough to know I wasn’t holed

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