INCREDIBLE Testoprim-D Results & Bodybuilding Testimonials

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Testoprim is a prescription anabolic steroid known to build body muscle and boost testosterone levels.

However, it can be difficult to find in the United States and its ingredients are known to cause harmful side effects.

Despite the risks, many bodybuilders believe Testoprim to be an effective way to build fast muscle.

They believe the the painful and potentially dangerous side effects are worth the gain of muscle.

What is Testoprim-D Testosterone?

Testoprim-D is inserted as an injectable steroid with a dosage of 200mg of enanthate and 50mg of propionate.

The injections range from 500 to 1,000 ml Testoprim-D dosages and are often used for a set amount of weeks at a time.

It is made by Tocogino Laboratories, and is often sold in pharmacies in Mexico.

Ampules are typically purchased in boxes of three. Although very difficult to find in the United States, they can sometimes be found for sale in individual ampules.

The best way to get Testoprim for sale is in a Mexican pharmacy or online from a Mexican retailer.

Testoprim-D Side Effects

Many users of Testoprim complain of the painful injection, which often leaves swelling up to the size of a golf ball that lasts for up to 10 days.

Online forums suggest minimizing the painful injection by running the vial under hot water, mixing the steroid with 1ml of grape seed oil, or massaging the injected area afterward.

With these methods, the painful swelling can often be reduced from 10 days to around two days. However, it all depends on the user, their pain tolerance, and the frequency of injections.

Due to the painful injection, many recommend injecting no more than one to two times per week during an approximate nine-week cycle.

Another painful side effect reported by many users of Testoprim is a sudden onset of the flu that lasts several days. Many users report feeling sick and in pain from the actual injection until it is time for the next injection.

As is common with other steroids, some users also report side effects of anger, aggressiveness, and infertility. Due to the many side effects, some users believe that Testoprim is not worth the many benefits.

While the drug does build quick muscle, there are many side effects that need to be considered before using the drug.

Is Testoprim-D a Real Steroid?

Yes, the research behind Testoprim’s ingredients and effectiveness has led to controversial opinions about the drug.

As a synthetic anabolic steroid, its ingredients (Testosterone Enanthate and Testosterone Propionate) are banned in many countries, and some steroid users argue that it is not genuine testosterone.

Critics suggest using a testosterone that is known to naturally boost testosterone levels and that does not cause as much pain during injection.

Still, others are firm believers in the effectiveness of Testoprim and believe the painful side effects are worth the benefits and results touted by bodybuilders who use the drug.

Avoiding Fakes

Another issue with buying Testoprim is that it is mostly found in Mexican pharmacies, where fake drugs are often sold.

Without comprehensive research or quality control in the drug’s production and manufacturing, it can not be guaranteed that every box of Testoprim is made accurately and reliably every time.

There are also complaints that some of the ampules do not look full. However, with the strength of this steroid drug, it might not matter if the vial is completely full.

Ultimately, it is up to you as the user to decide if the drug is reliable and genuine enough to gain your trust.

Testoprim-D Price

Testoprim costs around $30 per box, although it can often be found cheaper in less tourist-filled areas of Mexico.

In cities like Cancun, where there is an abundance of American vacationers, you can most likely buy the drug for around $30.

However, other users report finding it for around $10 in cities like Costa Maya or Tijuana. Many retailers will also give a discount if you choose to purchase in bulk. Some forums claim to find deals after offering to purchase 10 boxes at once.

Testoprim can also be found online for similar prices. For example, sells Testoprim for $30, while other sites such as offer the drug on sale for $9.

Testoprim Results

Needless to say, Testoprim is a highly controversial steroid drug that has many mixed reviews.

This problem is exacerbated due to the fact that there is limited information available about the drug.

Many steroid users refuse to take the drug simply because of the extreme amount of pain and inconvenience caused by a painful injection and swelling injection spot that lasts for several days.

Others still believe that the drug’s quick results and cheap cost make the drug worth it.

Regardless of your opinion about the side effects or whether or not Testoprim is worth it, many people will agree that Testoprim is easy to obtain and a cheap steroid option for quick results.

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