Ipamorelin 2 mg—How many IU of GHRP should I take a day?

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Anabolic steroids are widely accepted to have beneficial effects for workout routines, but so too do Growth Hormone Releasing Peptides (GHRPs) such as Ipamorelin 2 mg.

These compounds are secretagogues that create increases in Human Growth Hormone (HGH), which can greatly bolster your gains in the gym by promoting its secretion from the pituitary gland.

Of course, Ipamorelin is a substance that needs to be understood before it’s used properly.

Without going through this process, you could find yourself dealing with some nasty and unexpected side effects.

Below, we cover the basics of Ipamorelin and the other options available that can be used in the place of GHRPs.

What Is Ipamorelin 2 mg

As mentioned above, Ipamorelin is a GHRP.

Within this class of peptides, it is known for its mild nature.

It lacks effects on blood cortisol levels and produces a low amount of side effects.

It is for these reasons that many turn to Ipamorelin when it comes to GHRPs in order to boost their HGH levels without the typical side effects of synthetic gym-boosting substances.

GHRPs such as Ipamorelin are synthetic in nature and work by activating somatoropes, cells located in the anterior pituitary gland.

These cells harbor HGH, an important peptide hormone in the human body responsible for regulating growth, cell regeneration, and cell reproduction in humans. It is considered a mitogen, which is a chemical conducive to cell division.

And this is why it’s so important for bodybuilders: by increasing HGH, you can harness your body’s full potential for cell growth, reproduction, and generation.

At the end of the day, this means more size, faster recovery, and mass that’s fat-free and full of muscle.

Ipamorelin also has another important property: selectivity.

With a selective nature, it’s side effects are not only lower, but its growth hormone pulse follows a path that makes its way right to the muscles, boosting their growth.

In addition to cutting down on side effects, this selectively allows the compound to avoid cartilage and bone growth, meaning long-term use won’t damage these parts of your body, allowing you to just reap the benefits of muscle growth.

Human Growth Hormone

There’s a reason that HGH is such an important peptide hormone for bodybuilders: it’s crucial for the development of muscle mass and the reduction of body fat.

Higher levels of HGH leads to a subsequent increase in levels of Insulin-Like Growth Factor-1 (IGF-1), which is an important protein for protein synthesis—nitrogen retention, and an increase in metabolism that stimulates the loss of body fat.

It also works in conjunction with HGH to create muscle fibers — a necessary process for muscle creation.

With boosts in nitrogen retention, muscle growth and recovery, and a cut in body fat, you’re creating an anabolic environment essential for bodybuilding.

Ipamorelin Dosage for Bodybuilding

If you’ve decided to use Ipamorelin for bodybuilding, you’re probably wondering how much you should take.

The most efficient way of purchasing it is in 30 mL bottles, which is the 2 mg form. 5mg is another common form.

However, using a syringe is the most common method of administration and when purchasing in this amount, you should inject it at dosages of 200 mcg to 300 mcg about two to three times a day.

Injections should continue for a minimum of eight to twelve weeks for optimal gains.

In order to inject, you’ll need to go through reconstitution mixing instructions.


Ipamorelin might be considered a tame substance, but that doesn’t mean it won’t bring you results.

In addition to the boosts in body and muscle mass described above, it also increases levels of ghrelin in your stomach, curbing your hunger and boosting your metabolism.

This makes it great for cutting down on fat, with the best Ipamorelin dosage for fat loss being the same as those mentioned above for bodybuilding.

It has also been reported to improve sleep, skin, and hair.

Side Effects

Increased water retention is a potential side effect of Ipamorelin, stemming from the fact that HGH leads to an increase in vasopression, also known as antidiuretic hormone (ADH).

Vasopression controls your body’s fluid levels—when they’re too high, your kidneys withhold more water.

Other side effects include






If you want to avoid the side effects of Ipamorelin, consider CrazyBulk’s HGH-X2.

This isn’t your typical supplement with bold claims that are never lived up to: HGH-X2 works.

Composed of lepidium meyenil tuber, mucuna pruriens seeds, hawthorn berry, and 2-amino-5-pentanoic acid, all of which are natural ingredients, it acts on the pituitary gland and signals it to release HGH into your blood.

You’re stimulating your body’s muscle growth, metabolism, and protein production so you can cut fat and put on muscle.

But what about the water retention, nausea, and headaches?

That’s the best part: there are none.


Take HGH-X2 capsules twice daily with water around 20 minutes prior to breakfast.

We recommend using it for at least two months for best results in combination with a healthy diet and comprehensive workout regimen. Take 1.5 weeks off in between each two-month cycle.

Here’s the deal: as a secretagogue of HGH, Ipamorelin 2 mg can give you the results that you want when used properly, but not without a price.

If you want a real and effective natural alternative, invest in HGH-X2 and you can harness your body’s natural peptide hormones to get the massive gains that you always strive for, but can’t quite get through your normal routine.

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