Ipamorelin Dosage & Timing Schedule For Increasing Natural HGH

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Have you been thinking about adding a growth hormone releasing peptide to your cycle?

Have you heard that some pretty significant side effects are associated with the popular GHRP-6 and GHRP-2?

When you use the Ipamorelin dosage and timing, it offers you an alternative with fewer side effects and still produces significant results in boosting your HGH levels.

Find out more with our handy FAQ featuring all the details you need.

What Should My Ipamorelin Dosage & Timing Be?

The Ipamorelin dosage for bodybuilding is typically between 200 and 300 mcg two to three times per day.

If you are just starting, you may wish to use only 100 mcg until you become familiar with its effects.

It is recommended that you use it in a cycle for a minimum of 8 to 12 weeks.

Unlike some of the stronger GHRPs, can be use for a extended period without an increase of side effects.

Ipamorelin timing is key in experiencing success with this therapy.

After taking a dose, you may experience a head rush as your body gets primed to dispense a large amount of energy while working out.

It’s best to take it on an empty stomach, allow twenty minutes for it to take effect and then eat a nutritious meal that will support your workout.

Users often inject Ipamorelin dosages up to three times a day, coinciding with meals and exercise periods.

It is injected subcutaneously into the abdomen. You will want to have an experienced user show you how to use the syringe to inject Ipamorelin correctly.

It arrives in a freeze dried powder and you have to reconstitute it with bacteriostatic water and can then be stored in the fridge for a few weeks. The manufacturer should provide instructions on how to mix Ipamorelin.

What is Ipamorelin?

Like GHRP-6 and GHRP-2, Ipamorelin is a pentapeptide that works with your body to release human growth hormone.

In research studies, it has been found to be effective in assisting the human body in maintaining a therapeutic level of HGH.

For a bodybuilder, this means you are better able to recover from strenuous workouts, enjoy heightened energy levels, feel rejuvenated, and actually sleep better.

When added to your bulking cycle at the right dosage and timing, your body is primed to build large, lean mass as you’ll be able to take your workouts to the next level of intensity.

How Does It Work?

During childhood, your pituitary gland pumps out lots of HGH which increases your appetite, helps to build strong bones, and supports your entire body as it grows.

It is responsible for helping you achieve your full height as an adult. After the age of 22 or so, HGH is released at a much lower rate, but if you raise HGH levels to a “younger” level, you can experience that well-being and energy associated with childhood.

This is why it’s often associated with anti-aging.

A GHRP like Ipamorelin sends a pulse to your pituitary gland to release more HGH.

Since your body typically releases HGH throughout the day, the idea behind using a GHRP is to send repeated pulses to your gland throughout the day.

This way you have more HGH available to keep your energy up and decrease recovery time.

Ipamorelin Negative Side Effects

The most common side effects are feeling light headed or getting an extended headache.

These side effects often can be minimized through an adjustment of your diet and commonly are most notable when you just begin the therapy.

You can lower the dose until your body becomes used to the injection.

Soreness at the injection site is also typical, and you can reduce persistent pain by moving the site on a regular basis.

By itself, it does not cause acne, hair loss, water retention or lower your testosterone level. Those side effects may occur due to other supplements and hormones you are stacking during your cycle unless you are on an Ipamorelin only cycle.

Since there are no hunger side effects, it can be taking before bed time. This is called Ipamorelin boom dosing, when an athlete takes large doses before bed of peptides that work together.

Some people recommend taking Ipamorelin before working out to receive the maximum effect. It is not known what the best way to take it is yet, there are different opinions out there.

Ipamorelin Benefits

The direct benefits of Ipamorelin can be difficult to see. A healthy HGH level supports your body in the process of building lean muscle mass and adding weight, if that is part of your goal.

You will likely have higher energy levels which enable you to change up your workout intensity.

It helps your body recover after an intense session and supports the hormones that help you fall asleep at night. Your body is also better able to build muscle tissue and support healthy bone density.

Possibly the most significant benefit is that Ipamorelin functions much like the very popular GHRP-6, but it more closely matches naturally occurring peptides in your body.

As such, you avoid some of the more harsh side effects associated with GHRP-6 such as gynecomastia and tingling in your extremities.

It is not recommended to use GHRP-6 for extended period of time and allow your body to recover from its effects, while the Ipamorelin doesn’t generate any negative cumulative effects from long term use.

Where To Buy Ipamorelin

Growth hormone releasing peptides are still in the research and development stage with the FDA, so they are not readily available through your local pharmacy or vitamin store.

At the same time, they have not been classified by the FDA. Manufacturers sell them “for research purposes only” but do not require a prescription to fill an order.

More research needs to be done before the optimal Ipamorelin timing and dosages are proven.

Ultimately, Taking the right Ipamorelin dosage offers all the benefits of the stronger releasing peptides without experience their negative side effects.

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