Ipamorelin Peptide Cycle Results That PROVE It Works!

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Ipamorelin peptide is not yet a household name in bodybuilding circles.

However, it has earned a reputation as one of the cleaner Growth Hormone Releasing Peptides on the market today.

One of the primary reasons workout warriors favor an Ipamorelin cycle is because of the very modest side effects associated with the medication.

The way that Ipamorelin benefits weightlifters is pretty straight forward. It increases the natural production of Human Growth Hormone (HGH) in the body.

Ipamorelin Peptide Cycle Review

HGH is a foundational compound responsible for the development and maintenance of organs and systems throughout the body.

In terms of athletic performance enhancement, it helps muscles recover and grow.

Higher HGH levels also help metabolism efficiency and burn unwanted fat.

Most importantly for strength athletes, Ipamorelin peptide will help protect the lean muscle mass you’ve developed during cutting cycles or help bulk up in the off-season. It’s a best of both worlds medication.

Users also report a host of positive effects associated with high HGH levels. These include a sense of euphoria, deep sleep, improved bone density, nervous system activity, as well as skin and hair health among others.

Keep in mind that HGH is a necessary and positive element that is produced naturally in the human body. Ipamorelin Peptide merely helps the body amp up these levels.

How to Use Ipamorelin Peptide

This peptide generally comes as a freeze-dried powder that needs to be blended with bacteriostatic water and stored in a refrigerator or cool dry location.

The average gym-goer will likely purchase Ipamorelin already in liquid form. It’s important to understand how it should be kept before and after you acquire it.

This drug is actually a very useful product for beginners to try because of the low level of side effects when compared to testosterone.

But regardless of whether you are a beginner, intermediate or advanced athlete, any Ipamorelin cycle requires at least two injections daily. Most users take one in the morning and one before bed time.

Ipamorelin Dosage and Timing

The reason for taking a Ipamorelin dosages twice daily is that this drug only lasts for a few hours in the body. The total daily dosage may vary between 200mcg and 300mcg for men.

Women are known to use this non-male hormone product as well. Females generally use the same dosage as men.

Advanced bodybuilders that are preparing for competition have reportedly increased the dosage to as high as 600mcg daily spread over three injections.

These competitive athletes utilize it to maintain muscularity while enduring extremely low-calorie, pre-contest diets. In terms of general cycling use, there is a point where increased dosages yield little to no benefits.

Some users suggest taking this medication 30-45 minutes before training. From a physiological standpoint, there is little evidence to support better Ipamorelin results than a normal twice daily regimen.

HGH-type products do not function like caffeine in an energy-boosting or adrenaline-releasing capacity.

Running with a 12-week Ipamorelin cycle length has reportedly delivered on the muscle gains desired by users.

This class of drug doesn’t have many of the side effects such as water retention and virilization associated with anabolic and androgenic steroids.

However, it is common for bodybuilder to stack these medications.

Ipamorelin Cycle with Steroids

HGH and traditional steroids are different classes of medications.

That’s an important distinction to make if you plan on running a cycle that stacks both.

Ipamorelin Peptide and similar drugs work to boost growth hormone levels.

Synthetic hormones such as testosterone injections effectively replace existing hormones and augment levels.

For athletic enhancement purposes, both products help achieve the desired result of bigger muscles. Combining the two classes means working the body on different fronts.

These drugs will work independently of each other and neither, reportedly, impedes the function of the other.

It’s also highly probable that you will hit your muscle-building ceiling. As advanced users learn, muscles can only build up after being torn down through strenuous activity.

They can only recover once and neither one of these drugs make muscles grow all by themselves. At some point, overloading becomes a waste of your money.

Ipamorelin Reviews & Side Effects

If your read through most Ipamorelin bodybuilding forums, the reviews about the peptide are overwhelmingly positive. It has modest negatives and yields sustained muscle growth.

Common side effects include light headedness and headaches. These have sometimes also been attributed to low-calorie diets. In rare cases, increased prolactin has been reported.

This drug does not suppress natural estrogen or testosterone production. It doesn’t pass through the liver and has no reported unhealthy effects on the cardiovascular system.

The relatively minor side effects of Ipamorelin Peptide make it one of the more sought after medications in bodybuilding and athletic circles.

Combining HGH drugs with traditional anabolic and androgenic steroids will bring the side effects associated with those additional products to bear.

How to Buy Ipamorelin Peptide

HGH products can be very expensive to use for bodybuilding cycles. They tend to be more costly than traditional steroids and the frequency of injections requires a significant supply.

The average cost to buy Ipamorelin Peptide runs anywhere from $10-$25 for a 5mg vial. Keep in mind that this drug requires 2-3 injections daily.

Many online suppliers have Ipamorelin Peptide for sale at bulk discounts. Like traditional steroids, it remains a controlled substance in many countries, including the United States.

It’s important to consider the regulations governing Ipamorelin Peptide before you take an Ipamorelin cycle. Local laws may be triggered if you have it shipped to your home or place of business.

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