Ipamorelin Results & GHRP Peptide Side Effects

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Does Ipamorelin offer good results?

Ipamorelin is considered the weakest GHRP peptide, which causes many people to not give it a second thought.

While the dosages required using Ipamorelin are higher than with stronger peptides, it offers a more steady release of growth hormone without unwanted side effects.

The best thing about using Ipamorelin is that even at larger doses, it doesn’t impair your body’s natural growth hormone production.

This makes it a great choice for anyone interested in using a GHRP long term without reducing their body’s ability to produce growth hormone naturally.

Ipamorelin Results VS. Other GHRPs

Ipamorelin functions similarly to GHRP-6 because it increases ghrelin and gastric mobility and targets a specific growth hormone pulse. However, GHRP-6 is known for significantly stimulating the appetite.

Ipamorelin doesn’t have this issue.

Unlike other peptides, it doesn’t impact cortisol or prolactin. This allows for higher doses without having to be concerned about elevated cortisol levels or high levels of acetylcholine.

Another difference is its selectiveness. When Ipamorelin is administered, the pituitary gland releases a pulse of growth hormone that can last for 3 hours.

However, the growth hormone goes directly to the muscles, without impacting bone or cartilage growth.

Other forms of GHRP’s can be useful for healing injuries because they also target bone and cartilage. However, long term use can cause carpel tunnel and joint deformities.

Ipamorelin increases cell growth, aids in insulin production, and it increases ghrelin in the stomach. These functions all work to help build lean muscle and reduce fat.

Ipamorelin Negative Side Effects

Ipamorelin has very few negative side effects. The most common side effects are a head rush feeling and headache.

Starting at a lower dose and working your way up slowly can help minimize or eliminate these side effects.

Ipamorelin Cycle Results

Ipamorelin increases the body’s natural production of growth hormone. Growth hormone is responsible for many functions in the body, including building muscle and cellular repair.

These qualities make it great for bodybuilding, but it has anti-aging benefits as well.

If your body just isn’t functioning the way it used to, growth hormone may be just what you need.

In addition to these benefits, Ipamorelin will help you protect the gains you make during cutting cycles, as well as help you gain muscle mass. It’s also an excellent fat burner and keeps your metabolism functioning well.

Ipamorelin can be cycled for a period of at least 8 weeks, but most people prefer a twelve-week minimum to ensure good results.

Some users choose to use Ipamorelin indefinitely. This is considered safe, due to the effects that aren’t seen on Ipamorelin.

Effects That Aren’t Seen on Ipamorelin

The things that Ipamorelin doesn’t do are just as important as what it does do.

First, it doesn’t suppress your body’s natural ability to produce growth hormone like some substances.

It doesn’t cause estrogenic effects like gynecomastia that can be experienced when using anabolic steroids.

It doesn’t affect your luteinizing hormone, follicle stimulating hormone, or thyroid stimulating hormone. This means that it won’t affect your natural testosterone levels.

It doesn’t have any negative impact on cardiac or liver health, and may even contribute to cardiac health.

How to Use Ipamorelin

Ipamorelin will arrive in a powdered state.

You will need to rehydrate it with bacteriostatic water prior to use. Once it’s been reconstituted, Ipamorelin needs to be refrigerated to maintain its potency.

Ipamorelin is usually injected into the subcutaneous tissue with an insulin syringe.

Ipamorelin is commonly taken in two injections twice a day. You can also decrease the dosage and take it three times a day.

You will want to take one dose right before bed, because that’s when your pituitary gland releases the most growth hormone.

The second dose is best taken right after your workout to help speed muscle growth and recovery. You’ll need to take doses on an empty stomach and avoid eating for thirty minutes after dosing.

To get maximum results from Ipamorelin, you need to combine it with a growth hormone releasing hormone like CJC.

Where to Purchase Ipamorelin

You can purchase Ipamorelin from online suppliers who sell peptide research chemicals. These compounds are legal to sell for research purposes.

However, they aren’t legal to sell for human consumption. This allows suppliers to bypass the FDA.

Many of the compounds found on these sites are prescription medications.

However, you have to have a growth hormone deficiency to obtain them by prescription.

Finding A Reputable Supplier

It’s important that you purchase Ipamorelin from a reputable supplier to ensure that you get a quality product. Before you make a purchase, send an inquiry to the company.

A reputable company will have fast and reliable customer service. Ask them how they store their peptides.

Peptides need to be frozen for long term storage to avoid degradation. You may see a purity analysis on the website.

If you don’t, you can ask for this as well. Any reputable site will be able to provide you with an analysis regarding the purity of their product.

Ipamorelin is the GHRP that’s least likely to cause side effects, and it’s still very effective for increasing your growth hormone levels.

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