Is 4-HO-MET to shrooms like AL-LAD is to LSD?

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I read online that 4-HO-MET is a “more recreational version of shrooms due to its less serious head space and greater emphasis on visual effects”.

It is basically the same what you read online about AL-LAD compared to LSD.

All this sounded pretty great but when I tried AL-LAD I found it lacking the psychedelic touch and feeling. It disappointed me a bit.

So I am now wondering if I should even try 4-HO-MET or if I will have the same disappointment like I did with AL-LAD.

I didn’t find AL-LAD that interesting, but I didn’t push the dosage very high, I did 250 ug. I found 4-HO-MET a lot more fun, for me it was way better than shrooms in a social situation. Rather than being “shrooms lite”, I would consider it like a more fun version of shrooms with a lot less anxiety and just very pleasant visuals and mindset. If you do enough the visuals are pretty nuts, and the mindset is just friendlier (compared with a dose of shrooms that would give you the same visual level, but a very intense mindfuck).

AL-LAD in my experience was overstimulating and just nowhere near as fun as LSD. It actually resulted in some dysphoria for me, especially on the come-up.

ORRRRR is AL-LAD to LSD like 4-HO-MET is to shrooms??

BOOM wrap your head around that one!

Seriously tho, if you were disappointed with the one, I kinda think you will feel the same about the other. I have never done 4-ho-met, but I’ve tried 4-aco-met and it was VERY light in headspace, like on par or less than AL-LAD. FTR I am comparing 15mg 4-aco-met to 225ug al-lad. Both had some bodystone and mild visuals, but not much in the way of a psych headspace.

15mg 4-aco-met is a pretty light dose. The headspace would almost certainly have been a bit deeper if you dosed up a bit. 18mg 4-aco-met is about equipotent to 15mg 4-ho-met (based on molecular mass) and 15mg of the HO is considered to be on the light side of the common dose range.

I was disappointed with al lad too, not really what I look for in a drug. 4 ho met is fucking exquisite though and I love shrooms as well. Much better value in a money sense and in a quality sense in my experience, though some might disagree.

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