Is it normal on lysergamides? specifically 1B-LSD?

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I tripped a couple of times and I got a stash of 1B-LSD and if I take like 2-3 tabs I feel like my left arm goes numb and everything I touch with that hand feels like when your hand “dies” and its supper numb and the blood flows back into it and the tactile sensation is just so damn weird. But it only happens to my left arm.

Is that normal?

My BPM during this can be anywhere from 80-150 I get the same result.

Also is it normal that your BPM rises? I have sober around 60-80BPM but when I trip it gets to 80+ everytime even If im not panicking or anything like that.

It happened to me twice, and I don’t think it’s a stroke since I retained full motor control and dexterity while it occurred. The only thing that was different was my sense of touch that seemed “wrong”, like something was missing. It seemed that I only felt the electrical signals coming from my hand, and that my brain wasn’t able to interpret it as touch. Very weird.

You will never know unless you have tests done. If it was some sort of infarction, you could be at a much higher risk of another more destructive event. It’s not uncommon for people to have infarctions and not know until they see a doctor much later or when another event occurs.

Yeah man better safe than sorry. Obviously, since its been so long, if anything bad did happen, it wasn’t a very large event. I would still make sure to be seen just to make sure you aren’t at a greater risk for events in the future. Infarctions are the silent killer. Right? Lol can’t remember. If only there was a way for me to search the records of the world…

Chances are the doctor will just chalk it up to the lsd and stop there.

Also, what would he be checked for? See if his nervous system has some small kink? See what kind of activity has been going on the his 5ht2B receptors(that one involves heart function)? I don’t think there’s anyway to really go about any of that.

blood pressure, be monitored on an ECG for a little while to check his heart, check breathing and lung capacity. basic non-invasive stuff that the general public do not have access to. can still get bloods checked.

getting severe vasoconstriction-like effects from something not known to be seriously vasoconstrictive is enough grounds to at least get a check-up

Yeah. That’s true.

But acid is does weird things to the system sometimes. For example; I get these tremors in my left leg at the peak of an acid trip. Thing gets a mind of its own and the severity seems to respond to the situation. If I get excited and really into a topic it shakes like its having its own personal leg seizure, if I calm down and get chill then it gets chill. Hell, I’ve talked my leg down before like “its ok boy. Shhh. Its ok” and it seemed to work.

Ethylphenidate? Is that like Ritalin? But ethylated instead of methylated? Or did you make a typo?

Increased heart rate, decreased bloodflow to extremities and heightened awareness of your nervous system, sounds like a normal reaction to me. The numbness you’re experiencing in your arm could be an indicator of a tense or stressed nervous system, or a muscular impingement of a nerve. Could also just be a sensory hallucination. Dr’s were not very helpful when i went to them with the issue of prolonged tingling/numbness in extremities (unrelated to drugs). Picking up a regular yoga routine however, was very helpful.

Go to the doctor and dont even mention the lsd. Numbess and or pain in your left arm can be early signs of heart problems. The lsd might just be making you more sensative to it. Your trip might be warning you of a stroke that a doctor can help you avoid.

80% of strokes are avaoidable and can be prevented. Dont stress over this, just hit up the doctor and thank the psycadelic gods for the heads up.

Boi. Damn this sounds shit. Its weird to explain tho since i cant describe it 100%. Its like tgat when you hand or leg goes numb and i only get that feeling once i move my arm and something is touching it.

Im aware that i take in a lot of nicotine and caffeine but im just 21 it never crossed my mind that I could have these.

Also a normal blood preasure measurment tells me everything is normal.

Def gonna go on a full on check soon

It happened to me twice, and I don’t think it’s a stroke since I retained full motor control and dexterity while it occurred. The only thing that was different was my sense of touch that seemed “wrong”, like something was missing. It seemed that I only felt the electrical signals coming from my hand, and that my brain wasn’t able to interpret it as touch. Very weird.

LSD heightens all your senses including tactile senses

Probably not your heart, just your nervous system being funky. Sometimes when I peak my left leg gets twitchy and shaky like ots having its own personal leg seizure. Lysergamides are a sort of nervous system stimulant and nobodies system runs perfectly, so when it gets amped up theres a chance of the kinks being exaggerated. Also, yeah. Vasoconstriction is a thing with Lysergamides.

Also, what dude said. You’re more aware of your body as well. So with your system being stimulated on top of the heightened senses, a pinch or a tendency is going to turn into what you or I experience. I think mine is an exaggerated pre-parkinsons symptom, which would make sense that I would have a predisposition for since I’ve had issues such as stuttering my whole life.

Dude the LSD body high is so unpredictable. I’ve had body highs that feel exactly like I’m rolling. You just need to feel comfortable with it cause if u resist that body high is finna fuck ur shit up and make u feel like ur dying.

Never tried the normal one. But with 1P it happened as well when i took 1 g of shrooms 1 tabs of 1p and some weed. It happens if i smoke weed during any trip or if i take 2.5+ tabs so above 300ug or something like that

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