Is it safe to mix Dissos (2-fdck) with Kratom?

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I mean safe in two ways:

1- Safe primarly regarding physical safety obviously

2-And with a lesser priority, safe regarding if itcan get “minfucky” by some strange interaction (after all If I dose red vein Kratom too high in the night, there´s some tingling-very-subtle hallucination perceptions, so I would´t be surprised if Kratom+Disso could get more minduck that you could expect)

Basically I want to try mixing red borneo vein kratom which for me is excellent at relaxing my body and mind, with 2-fdck which at the contrary of most people, I find the stuff pretty stimulating (at low-medium doses), and I want to have more of a chill-relax body experience. I know red kratom could help achieve this but I was wondering if there might be some weird interactions that i should be aware of

–Do not recommend me benzos, I mean I have no problem with dosing a couple of etizolams but tbh Kratom works best for me regarding body relaxation, and I can´t help but think that benzos always dulls any drug experience tbh (right now im on 2mg etiz tbh and i don´t feel that relaxed, with just 3g of good Kratom i would be far more relaxed, but obviously etiz is far more effectiveat blocking anxiety)


Ive taken 3-ho-pcp with Kratom plenty of times. They actually mesh quite well in my experience because 3-ho is one of the more relaxing dissos out there. Cant speak for 2fdck however. I would very much think youll be perfectly fine at reasonable doses.

Edit: As for the mindfucky aspect, I find good reds to lessen the headspace of dissos slightly, but not enough to make the combo not worth it.

I’ve done this combination many times and it’s always amazing. I’ll drink 2-4 grams of kratom (usually a combo of green+red) maybe an hour before consuming the 2f-dck.

The kratom simply adds a nice layer of relaxation. It doesn’t really add to the fucked-up-ness like weed does, just makes me a little more warm and fuzzy.

Yeah don’t worry I have mix heroic dose of both without worries. And a good old red borneo strain very heavy on the sedation and pain killing side of effects. Kratom is notorious for not producing as much respiratory depression as other opiods.

You get mild hallucinogenic effects from kratom too? It does weird stuff to my vision at night, especially with a bit of weed on board. Like mild tracers, weird stuff with lights and shadows, thinking i see like a spider on the wall out of the corner of my eye but there isn’t (not like a real spider, just like I see a spot and turn my head)

Really really subtle. I mean i said hallucinogenic for describing as something, but I would say in any moment i feel impaired of my “sobriety”.

And it only happened one time because i dosed too high. What does happens nearly always that I dose at night is that i have INSANE lucid dreaming, to the point that sometimes I wake up and I am not sure the first second if i am still in the dream because with Kratom the dreams seem so real.

i did kratom with regular ketamine two times. both times i got bad nausea & headaches and regretted combining them.

also while laying in bed i experienced some sort of „lucid dreams“ very interesting, but not quite enjoyable since the headaches where pretty bad and i frequentlly had to vomit…

…however, i never experienced 2-fdck with kratom… i think the effect could be similar, so i would be cautious, at least, be prepared

I haven’t tried Kratom with 2-fdck, but when mixed with DXM, it’ll usually increase the cev’s from I’m assuming the extra sedation. The Kratom also hits much harder, but it’s always been a pleasant experience.

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