Is It True that Peyton Manning Used HGH for Injury Recovery?

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Peyton Manning is the former starting quarterback of the National Football League (NFL) Denver Broncos.

Ironically, it was only at the very end of his storied career that the Peyton Manning HGH (human growth hormone) drug scandal became headline news.

This was right before winning his second Super Bowl.

During his professional career, he led his two teams, the Indianapolis Colts, and the Broncos, to Super Bowl titles, in 2007 and 2016, respectively.

From his college days at the University of Tennessee to his retirement in 2016, he was hailed as a clean-cut All-American poster boy.

In fact, many non-football fans first became aware of the athlete when he appeared in family-oriented commercial advertising with his brother, Eli.

Peyton Manning HGH Al Jazeera Doping Allegations

The drama began in December 2015 with an Al Jazeera Peyton Manning HGH documentary.

According to the film, investigators had evidence of him being involved in shipments of the illegal enhancing drug HGH.

Sources led the news agency to an Indianapolis anti-aging clinic with ties to the Manning household.

In the documentary, British hurdler Liam Collins posed as an over-the-hill athlete in need of a drug boost. One person claiming to have access to HGH was Charles Sly, a former intern at the Guyer Institute in Indianapolis.

According to Sly, Peyton Manning was one of the most prolific clients in the drug ring. Both the quarterback and his wife had visited the clinic during non-working hours to receive doping supplements, Sly contended.

Despite the accusations of doping, Manning refused to admit to any wrongdoing while still playing for the National Football League. He almost immediately went public in a Peyton Manning HGH ESPN, sports network, interview. The star unequivocally denied any involvement, referring to the Al Jazeera documentary as “garbage.”

Others mentioned in the bombshell report include James Harrison, Ryan Howard, Clay Matthews, Julius Peppers and Ryan Zimmerman. These men also proclaimed their innocence, from the start, in general echoing Manning.

Credibility Problems

Since its founding in 1996, Al Jazeera has become an alternative news source for audiences interested in breaking stories that may go unreported by traditional media outlets.

Despite being largely credible, Al Jazeera faces the usual problem of being unable to vet all of its sources.

Moreover, the highly competitive media industry makes it difficult for broadcasters to spend time locating multiple sources.

To get stories out in a timely fashion, they often have to rely on one primary source. Quite often these factors lead to problems, as in the case of this HGH scandal.

The undercover investigation by Liam Collins led him to Charles Sly, the Indianapolis anti-aging clinic intern. Without this connection there would have been no mention of Peyton Manning. Sly later recanted his story about Peyton and Ashley Manning HGH involvement.

Once the report aired, Sly informed ESPN that he had been bluffing during the taped video. He claimed being unsure of the motives of Collins and wanted to ascertain if the athlete really knew about enhancing drugs. Hence, he fabricated the story.

The Super Bowl & Retirement

The doping accusations came forth during the football playoffs.

The Broncos were title contenders.

Most of the league backed Manning in the human growth hormone scandal, including New England quarterback Tom Brady, a rival, who gave him “full support” and Chip Kelly.

Seemingly undeterred by the documentary, Manning went on to win Super Bowl 50. The historic contest between him and Carolina Panther quarterback Cam Newton dominated the headlines.

All seemed well and then on March 7, 2016, he announced his retirement after almost twenty seasons in the NFL.

NFL Investigation

Drug use is a central concern for NFL officials. All players undergo random testing and those caught using banned substances face penalties ranging from fines to expulsion.

The league began investigating Manning after the reports that he had received shipments to his home and visited the Indiana anti-aging facility.

Nevertheless, despite having broad powers to punish current players, the scope of the investigation came into serious question with the retirement announcement made by Peyton Manning.

As a retired athlete, he has no reason to feel compelled to participate in the process. His retirement, in effect, protects him from disclosing information that could prove potentially damaging.

Online Media Frenzy

A big difference in 21st century reporting from its past is the fast pace in which news becomes available to audiences. Almost instantaneously, word of the episode became known around the world.

For example, a simple “Peyton Manning HGH Reddit” search yields thousands of Internet hits. Regardless of the doping allegations, he made a remarkable contribution to the sport of football.

Over his 18 seasons, he won the Most Valuable Player (MVP) Award five times. He continued the family NFL legacy began by father Archie and was a role model for younger brother Eli.

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