Is Somatropin 191aa HARMFUL to Bodybuilders?

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Bodybuilders looking for growth hormone products may find Somatropin 191aa for sale.

But what exactly is it and how does it offer benefits to a bodybuilder or athlete?

Many products for sale to bodybuilders and athletes without a prescription are manufactured by underground labs that don’t particular care about quality.

For this reason, bodybuilders should be aware of the different forms of Somatropin and the differences between pharmaceutical grade growth hormone and that found on the black market.

It’s also important for bodybuilders to note the difference between Somatropin 191aa (amino acids) and Somatropin 192aa.

While the difference appears minimal, that slight difference can also seriously impact your health.

Somatropin HGH 191aa Review

Somatropin is a synthetic or laboratory manufactured form of growth hormone.

Growth hormone produced by the body is known as somatotropin.

Both contain a chain of 191 amino acids, hence the “191aa” specification.

In medical scenarios, somatropin is sold under dozens of brand name drugs manufactured by pharmaceutical companies around the world.

Since the 1950s, synthetic growth hormone has been used to treat numerous medical conditions involving children including but not limited to:

Short stature

Noonan, Turner, or Prader-Willi syndrome

Kidney failure (chronic)


In adults, growth hormone supplementation may be recommended for various reasons.

It could be due to a surgical procedure, or adult-onset growth disorders caused by pituitary gland dysfunction.

In some cases, to reduce the effects of cachexia or wasting, often associated with those with the diagnosed with AIDS or other muscle degenerative conditions.

Somatropin 191aa is devised in a laboratory utilizing recombinant DNA (rDNA) technology. This process combines two strands of DNA from different sources and takes care and precision.

The risk of obtaining poor quality or incorrectly combined ingredients in products sold as real HGH produced by underground labs are high.

HGH 191aa Results

Using a growth hormone in the body when it is not needed can increase the risk of not only severe side effects, but life-threatening adverse reactions. Bodybuilders interested in Somatropin 191aa should approach with caution.

Even in medical scenarios, Somatropin injections are approached warily, even when growth hormone levels are low.

What can a bodybuilder or athlete expect from Somatropin? It’s a growth hormone, and it does what the name implies.

For bodybuilders, this means accelerated muscle growth. However, Somatropin also causes other cells in the body to grow as well.

When used appropriately, use of Somatropin is considered relatively safe. Without physician oversight, dosages used by bodybuilders tend toward the high end for accelerated benefits.

This can trigger a number of side effects.

Somatropin 191aa Dosage

Bodybuilders don’t typically use products like Somatropin 191aa all by itself.

While the growth hormone does encourage muscle growth, it will have little effect on strength.

For this reason, bodybuilders often combine an anabolic androgenic steroid with the growth hormone usage.

Customized stacks or combinations of HGH and steroid use depends on goals and tolerance, and is typically only done by advanced users.

Two of the most common forms of testosterone included into in an HGH 191aa cycle stack (anywhere from four to six months long) include:

Testosterone cypionate (averaging 400 mg weekly)

Trenbolone enanthate (also averaging 400 mg weekly)

The anabolic androgenic steroid is typically incorporated into the stack at Week 12 through the end of the cycle.

These dosages are combined with an average of 4 to 6 IU of HGH every day throughout the term of the cycle (16 to 24 weeks)

Side Effects of Somatropin

Is Somatropin safe? In medical scenarios and when overseen by a physician who regularly monitors patients, the drug is relatively safe, but can still trigger a number of undesired side effects.

Some recommendations on websites that have Somatropin 191aa for sale to bodybuilders recommend a dosage of 4 to 8 IU daily, which may not be tolerated by all users.

One of the potential risks of higher dosages is triggering disruption of metabolic processes, including thyroid function.

Another side effect of synthetic growth hormone can also include acromegaly. Risk of acromegaly increases with higher dosages and length of use.

The condition defines out-of-control growth of muscle cells, skeletal cells, and cells that form connective tissue.

Most commonly seen in joints of the extremities and in facial structure, this accelerated growth causes deformity that is not always reversible.

What makes it difficult to determine side effects is how Somatropin 191aa is used.

Some bodybuilders combine it with insulin or other compounds (over-the-counter as well as prescription) to reduce the potential for side effects. This approach does not guarantee safety.

Where to Buy Somatropin 191aa

The Somatropin 191aa price is one of the major differences between pharmaceutical grade and products manufactured by underground labs.

It’s extremely expensive and complicated to produce high-quality Somatropin, with prices averaging in the thousands of dollars.

Somatropin 191aa manufactured by underground labs is relatively inexpensive, especially from China – and often lacks quality.

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