Is the Norditropin Pen a Good Option for Bodybuilders?

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The Norditropin pen delivers a premeasured dose of Norditropin and brand growth hormone into the body.

The pen-like device was generally intended for use on pediatric patients.

Although adults diagnosed with a growth hormone deficiency also find the pen device easier to use.

Bodybuilders may also try to get their hands on the product, but will be difficult to obtain without a prescription.

About the Norditropin Pen

The Norditropin pen delivers premeasured doses of the growth hormone into the body. It looks and functions much like an ordinary ink pen.

Press it to the skin, push the button on top, and the dose of growth hormone is delivered.

This reduces fear of syringes, needles, and the pain often associated with “normal” injection methods.

The Norditropin pen looks like an ordinary magic marker. The most popular version is the FlexPro, which can deliver different premeasured dosages:

5 mg

10 mg

15 mg

30 mg

Bodybuilders should be aware that Norditropin, Norditropin pens, and the needles used with them may require prescriptions.

If purchased without a prescription from a black-market resource, be aware of the potential for counterfeit products.

What is Norditropin?

Norditropin is among over two dozen types of synthetic growth hormone manufactured today. It is manufactured by Novo Nordisk, with its main headquarters in Denmark.

Synthetic growth hormone, when manufactured by legitimate pharmaceutical companies, is designed to replicate the exact structure of body produced (endogenous) growth hormone.

Growth hormone also triggers the synthesis and release of other hormones in the body and works in conjunction with a number of other hormones.

This includes but is not limited to testosterone (manufactured in the testes) and insulin-like growth factor-1 (manufactured in the liver).

Growth hormone also influences the activities of other growth factors found in the body, including skeletal muscle and bone.

Working together, these hormones are those that are primarily responsible for muscle growth and development, hands its popularity among bodybuilders.

Medical Usage of Norditropin

The Norditropin pen was developed in order to focus on easier ways to administer growth hormone to pediatric patients diagnosed with some type of growth hormone deficiency.

In medical scenarios, it is an effective treatment for a child diagnosed with idiopathic short stature or those who are born small based on gestational age.

In some cases, it can also be used for those who have failed to reach normal height in their toddler years and don’t catch up through childhood and early adolescence.

Growth hormone of any kind is not recommended for individuals who don’t have growth hormone deficiencies.

Too much growth hormone in the body can trigger a number of unexpected, undesirable, and often dangerous side effects and adverse reactions.

There are other options than synthetic growth hormone for incorporating the benefits of HGH and insulin-like growth factor 1 into your workout routine. For one, deer antler liquid is considered a safe, legal way to drive increase in IGF-1 in the body.

Norditropin Pen Dosage

Dosage recommendations for users using a Norditropin pen will depend on the milligrams strength of the premeasured product.

The manufacturer of the pen (FlexPro) offers specific information in regard to dosage and dosage increments with their products.

In medical scenarios, an adult dose of growth hormone typically averages 0.004 mg per kilogram daily.

Dosage can be increased, but the manufacturer doesn’t recommend going over 0.016 mg per kilogram daily.

When first starting out, dosage may be as low as 0.2 mg daily, with the milligram dosage gradually increasing over four to eight weeks depending on results and potential development of side effects.

Norditropin Pen Bodybuilding Dosage

Bodybuilders often take double or even triple the amount of growth hormone as recommended in medical scenarios.

Reviewing articles and discussions on bodybuilding websites and forum board discussion groups, it’s not unusual to find bodybuilders using higher than recommended levels of growth hormone.

This is often done in combination with anabolic androgenic steroids and in some cases, growth factors.

A doctor will not provide recommendations for a safe yet effective dosage for individuals using any form of growth hormone for nonmedical purposes such as bodybuilding or athletic performance enhancement.

Side Effects of Norditropin

The Norditropin pen manufacturer does provide detailed information regarding drug interactions, and adverse reactions, and common side effects of their product.

Even with medical oversight, side effects are not unusual when it comes to growth hormone.

It can be difficult to achieve the perfect balance of hormones in any body.

A number of negative or adverse reactions are associated with treatment of adult onset growth hormone deficiencies with the Norditropin pen that include but are not limited to:

Swelling of the extremities (peripheral edema) caused by fluid retention. Puffiness can also be observed in the face.

Muscle pain

Bone pain



Pain at the Norditropin injection sites

General feeling of malaise such as symptoms often equated to those of the flu or a cold.

Potential users of the Norditropin pen (FlexPro, Simplexx, or any milligram strength) should watch for more serious side effects such as those associated with acromegaly, caused by excessive and out-of-control growth of bone, muscle, and connective tissue cells most noted in the feet, the hands, and the face.

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