Is the Yocan Evolve Plus/Magneto any good for vaping 5-MeO-DMT?

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I’ve seen this product get recommended all the time for n,n-DMT as it’s cheap (compared to the GVG), easy and reliable. For 5-MeO, something as small and sturdy as a vape pen would be even more desirable than for DMT given the physical effects that kick in almost immediately.

The thing is, the reason why people recommend the Yocan for DMT is largely because it’s cheaper and it’s cheaper because it lacks any temperature control. This is fine as the temperature it’s set to happens to be above the boiling point and below the burning point of n,n-DMT but I’m sure 5-MeO doesn’t have the same chemical stats. I’ve only read a handful of posts talking about this specific combination so I’d like to make sure it’s fine.

Have you had any luck with this or do you recommend another wax pen that works for both DMT’s (that preferably doesn’t cost more than the Yocan)?

Yes you can, but its best to get the ceramic donut atomizer and pulse it. It takes a little skill but its possible. I’m thinking about doing DPT on it.

Of course, as far as I know the donut vaporizer is standard for vaping with the Yocan. Do you think it’s harder or easier than just vaporizing it in the crack/meth pipe most people seem to use for 5-MeO?

Why are people still using donuts to vape powder chems – get a crucible cup with no openings like the Sai TAF with a temp control mod. Just dump in what you want to vape and go to town, no need to worry about pulsing or spilling or whatever. Swab out with a qtip and you’re back to clean and ready for more.

Is the titanium bowl with the Sai TAF a crucible cup? Because that’s my go-to for 5-meo at this point. No need to try and put powder on a tiny donut and hope nothing spills under it. Titanium bucket in a Sai TAF on a Pico is what I’m currently using. My other TC mod sucks for the Sai. Would love to find a more powerful mod with good TC, but I don’t really need one, I think I’m just wanting to buy new shit.

Yup sure is. I guess you could use the quartz cup too but no need to preserve any flavor for these RCs.

My mod isn’t great either but I haven’t really run into anything that requires a ton of power to vaporize yet.

Well with 5-MeO-DMT, it’s more active so there’s less margin for error and easier chance of blasting off. As someone who has tried vaping DPT and MPT that way, with more material it is harder to vape all sufficiently in one hit. Atleast, in my experience, I’m not the best at using those types of pipes unless theres a very active material on there.

Sorry I was at work. If you try it do a decent dose, I think I did around 35-50 mg’s freebase and got to a solid ++ I think there needs to be more consumed to get anywhere worth while with it

Cool cool, i have two little caps w/ 50mg I weighed out from a friends stash. He might give it all to me anyway since he isn’t a fan tho. I’ll probably just dump one in my vape after the allergy test.

Did you find it to produce tolerance/cross tolerance? If so to what degree.

How does it compare in effects to MET, DPT, and DMT?

Thank you for your advice, it’s so hard to find consistent info about this chem.

I waited like 2 months for a Yocan Evolve Plus and ceramic donut coils to come in the mail from FastTech. Tried it when I finally got it, and it was shit. Too small of a space to really get a tool into to put some powder on the coil, and tried putting 5-10mg scoops directly on the donut, pulsing it to where it started to melt, loading 10mg more onto the donut, pulsing it, taking the hit… nothing. Not even a faint plastic burn taste. Just nothing.

Before putting anything onto the coil, I tested the battery and atomizer. I fired the donut for a few seconds, saw it turn red / glow, and let it glow a good 30 seconds or so, to make sure anything from manufacturing was burned away. And it let me know the coil and atomizer were working. So I let it cool down and loaded 5-meo onto it and instead of flying into space, I was swallowed into a sea of sober disappointment.

Decided to use one of my old Saionara atomizers on a pico 70w, and it definitely did the trick. I’m ashamed for buying the Yocan Evolve for 5-meo. I wish I would have used what I already had.

Can’t really tell ya why people recommend the Yocan. I’ve gotten no use out of mine at all.

The donut coils and the standard ones both work imo, but you have to be more careful with the standard ones.

If you already have a mod with TRC you can get an e-nail type device (I think it’s made for thc concentrates) that offers temperature control to help regulate the temperature you’re vaping at without risk of burning the chem or not getting hot enough slow enough

You’re better off getting dab tanks that use a 510 connection so you can throw it on any mod, preferably with good temp control

Example is the Brain Fogger by Migvapor

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