Is there a pro-drug on market for ketamine?

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Available anywhere for purchase? (Legal of course per sub rules)

Prodrug as in it metabolizes into Ketamine? No, not that I know of. All of the dissociative RC’s have been dissociatives in their own right. 2-Fluoro-Deschloroketamine is very close to Ketamine effects-wise though. It’s only a little less potent than Ketamine and maybe slightly longer lasting and a bit harder to hole on, otherwise it’s very similar.

Does it share the anti depressant metabolite of regular ketamine? NorKetamine IIRC?

That would be Hydroxynorketamine, not Norketamine. Unfortunately there are no studies done on 2F-DCK’s metabolic pathway, so we can only speculate. However it does have a potent antidepressant effect similar to Ketamine in my experience, though it’s been too long for me to be able to compare the two. All of the arylcyclohexylamines that I’ve tried as well as DXM have antidepressant effects to varying degrees, in fact the only dissociative that I’ve tried that doesn’t have this effect was Diphenidine. This doesn’t come as much of a surprise to me as Ketamine itself has a similar effect to Hydroxynorketamine, it’s just far less potent.

Big thanks for your answer. Do you know if the anti depressive effects are also contained by 3-ho-pcp? I see you have done 2F, why/how is it harder to hole on it compared to classical ketamine? Thinking about going IM with this compound. What would be a reasonable IM dose?

3-HO-PCP did have a really nice antidepressant effect, similar to 3-MEO-PCP which had the most pronounced effect of all of them that I’ve tried, but it didn’t last nearly as long and didn’t produce as much of a long lasting confidence boost as 3-MEO did. 3-MEO is really nice but it’s a really compulsive compound and doesn’t play nice when redosed often or taken daily (which I honestly shouldn’t have been doing in the first place but eh, hindsight’s 20/20).

2F-DCK was just harder to reach the hole than with Ketamine due to the slightly lessened potency. At the time I had a really high tolerance to dissociatives so it was already hard for me to hole on anything, the lowered potency just made it more difficult. If you don’t have a real high tolerance it shouldn’t be difficult.

EDIT: Oh and I can’t comment on IM doses. I’ve never IM’d anything and you’d probably be better off doing your own research as far as that goes.

YMMV. 3-HO-PCP gave me the worst depression and bad after effects. It was also highly addictive compared to other dissos I’ve taken. I thought it was strange because I’ve gotten great antidepressant effects from O-PCE, DCK, and 3-meo-PCE.

Anecdotally speaking I’ve tried almost every disso on the scene and pure real ketamine too and the only substance that i found has the same antidepressant effect are 2f dck and ephenidine. As mentioned by another utent all ACH’s seems to have antidepressant effect but for ketamine and ephenidine and 2fdck is subjectively different from the other while similar among these three.

Never tried diphenidine, methoxphenidine, 4-meo-pcp and real pcp

ketamine is mostly IM IV or nasally administered. a prodrug would take time to get metabolized and you would get anything more taking nasally than orally in terms of effect intensity, delay, and rush

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