Is this good enough?

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I made a similar post earlier but it got automodded so here’s try #2. I’m currently keeping 250mg of 4-ho-met in its original plastic bag, wrapped in two thick paper towels, in a sealed tupperware container, wrapped in another paper towel, in the bottom drawer of a mini fridge. Is this good enough to make it last or will it lose potency?

how long do you need it to last?

you could add dessiccant packs and oxygen absorber packs. I don’t know if the fridge is a good idea due to moisture (not sure tbh). I personally keep my 4-HO-MET inside a ziplock bag that goes inside a mason jar. Inside the mason jar I also put a dessiccant pack. The mason jar is kept at room temp. I’ve stored the same batch for close to a year like this and it didn’t go bad

do you live in a really warm/humid country? 4-5 months isn’t that long, room temp inside an airtight container would probably be enough. If you do keep it in the fridge try to get something more airtight than a plastic bag and a tupperware, the moisture might ruin it

if you’re really that worried, get a vacuum sealer and some bags on amazon or at walmart, seal your individual doses and throw the bags in the fridge. That way your stash is kept at constantly low temps and never exposed to moisture

improvements that could be made to what you have now are a more airtight container (depending on how good your tupperwares are tbh, mine have always been cheap and shit, which is why I’m worrying about moisture haha) and dessiccant/oxygen packs, maybe multiple layers of mylar/plastic bags

whatever you do remember to let the tupperware/bag warm up for a few hours until it’s at room temp before opening it

edit: you can also keep it like this and see how it goes, it’s not a bad storage method. I’m just paranoid and worried about the moisture because my experience with tupperwares isn’t that good, but I never really invested in good quality ones. If you see that it starts changing color from one trip to the next you can start taking other measures

You’d be better of placing the powder in foil wrapped in a plastic bag rather than storing in a plastic bag for long term storage. Other-wise, that’s about as good as one can get it.

I don’t want to have the loose powder in foil for fear of it spilling or something like that. Could I just wrap the plastic bag in foil?

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