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Hey guys! Any experience yet??

If you look hard enough you will have a decent picture of this compound. It is somewhat euphoric in it’s second half of duration (but not close to the morphine or heroin euphoria, closer to fent analogues), if you don’t have tolerance you should start your dosages at 100ug and increase by 100ug until you find your sweet spot. It probably doesn’t have additional dopamine releasing activity independent of mu opioid agonism like etonitazene does thus it is not as euphoric as the compound mentioned. It is prone to induce blackouts easily even at doses as low as 300ug which suggests pretty agressive dose-response curve hence why one should carefully look for the sweet spot.

Thanks. I have found a topic in English and German which provides some interesting basic information about this new substance. Isotonitazene seems like a very potent substance, almost too potent to be handled practically

No, but have read every report possible on it. Just google name of sthe substance + name of the forum, there are plenty of drug forums and reddit subs out there, flashback, Eve&Rave, Hyperreal, Drugs-forum, bluelight, and most of them have at least SOME info on the substance. There is some info on reddit about it too.

Pretty good, you need to have a good tolerance. Its short like fent. More of a body high. I noticed the respiratory depression but it wasn’t enough to scare me.

Source: shot and smoked it. I just pinched off doses. I tried a super small allergy test dose that I measured out with a scale but I only had active action in the “just grab some” territory. I don’t think its 60x morphine or I’m fucked lol

How much (orally) would you suggest for someone without tolerance to opioids?

Also, dude, be super careful. Its strong. I have a MASSIVE tolerance and I could feel it. I broke down like 200-300mg into a full tank of PG for her and that was enough. Its real shit.

No idea, we didn’t try it orally. I wouldn’t recommend it, as it’ll be a waste. We tried every other method. Vaping is the safest. Buy some propaline glycol and mix a few hundred mg in, and then take small inhales, getting bigger until you are happy. Vapes are cheap ($20), just get a generic 510 online or at your local cheap/indian smoke store.

If you dont want to do all that, you can vape it off foil very easily, however it does leave some waste. not much though. you can also shoot it up – to do that, mix with warm water and swirl it around – then go for it. IF YOU SHOOT, BE SAFE, ITS STRONG. I was used to shooting fent, and I’d say its a little stronger but not much.

(sorry my shift key is fucked)

Thats the infos i found.. got a tolerance and im using bupe at the moment… like 16 mg or so in the last 24 hours and im Not really high. I ordered some. Gonna make a solutions i think in pg for vaping on foil! And one in simple water? Or maybe a bit acidified water if it doesn‘t desolve for nose spray! Gonna post the results when its arrived

Well the bupe blocked the iso & 16mg of bupe is a huge unnecessary dose.

Depending how long you’ve been using bupe in the last week & if its daily use it could take days to get it out of your system.

And your gonna put iso in PG to vape off foil? Why not vape the iso PG or just the iso powder off foil? Sounds.. dumb.


Some people take 32 mg of bupe. I’d say anything above that is unnecessary but if you actually have a tolerance the ceiling definitely doesn’t occur at 16 mg.

If you’re taking 32mg of bupe daily & no plan to taper & get off in a reasonable amount of time, that’s insane IMO.

Good info though!

Got no Vape and obviously for volumetric dosing… i can measure 10 mg quite safe but not .1 mg so my Idea was to Put like 10(0)mg in 5(0) ml so i got 100μg a drop

And not 16 mg a one dose more like 3-4 mg per dose but quite often lol

I get it. Suppose it would work. Plugging would work, just start low dose.

Yeah same here when I’m on bupe & not kratom or the occasional times I open up my stash box & break out a dilly or opana I got prescribed back in 2014. That’s rare though.

usually dose my bupe 1 – 2mg, 2x a day or often less, 1mg once. Just gotta take em SL or nasally & fight that needle urge. Save that for the dillys

I know That its blocks other opioids! But does it block actually fent to?

Yes, but fent can breakthrough bupe’s affinity depending on dose amount & how long it’s been since last dose.

I dont condone this at all btw. But if you get your fent, please use a fent test strip. Be safe man.

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