IV NEP review

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So i finally got nep from a reputable source, which looks nothing like the shit i was getting before, so i did a couple lines and it felt like meth without euphoria, so the chem earned my trust.

As there’s not much info and from my memories, with NEP higher doses just become uncomfortable even when snorted, unlike meth which only gets more euphoric as you increae dose, but since i concluded there’s no euphoria in nep besides emphatogenic one brought on by good conversations etc…

So i weighed out 30mg, took some time to dissolve even in 40cc of water, i felt like dissolving meth cut with msm, where the msm always takes ages to finally dissolve. When i registered i pushed a little slower than i normally would just cuz it’s new. Rush? Yeah i feel it coming, wait it’s about to hit me, i feel it coming, right….Wait, now it’s…i don’t know, nope. I would use atleast 10x the ammount of meth for good rush, so i’m not judging, but it was kinda weird, i felt like it’s hitting only to realise it’s not, so i guess higher dose would do it. There was no dopamine tho, probably just noradrenaline rush…Meh… I got more euphoria satisfying my needle fixation when i registered than what the rush would be at higher dose imo. As per usual, the fap session was awesome, i could connect with the whore who’s ass was being destroyed more than when snorting, so there might be empathogenic activity, but i felt she deserved more, so it didn’t resemble MDMA/APB one bit, which i’ve read more than once. Nope just no, you are the dominant controller, not your faggy part of brain that loves anything like on MDMA/APB. To me NEP felt exactly like low dose meth, just without the euphoria, which you don’t really realise as you focus on something so hard you get lost in it anyway.

9/10 Will shoot again, definetly higher dose, if i hit rush teritory i believe it could be a fun change from the pure dopamine rush meth delivers, all that while not fearing next day weakness/sickness/nausea/anxiety, as i feel the NEP was quite clean, whereas meth here is of great potency, but there will always be some byproducts left. Imagine all the sulphur, possibly acidic ph, hardware store grade precursors etc…I once had syringe barrel deform just from having a dose in it for about 12hrs.

last thing: No vasoconstriction as opposed to snorted NEP.

Maybe I just live in a bubble but it’s really fucking weird to encounter a person that calls the woman they’re jerking their pathetic dick to a whore and casually uses the word faggy like it’s 1982. Stay classy, internet drug addicts

I make a vaporizer out of a lightbulb and it works like a charm.

I’ve used spoons as well.

Seems like everyone else defaults to foil. maybe I’ll give it a shot. —

—–speaking of shot I just injected 60 mg NEP and had a slightly delayed and prolonged rush. Was pretty nice. Although I wish I would have tasted it after pulling the tie off ( I know that’s bad to do but IME if done at the right time you’ll taste it and and the rush will hit nearly simultaneously. Oh how I miss Methamphetamine…

Keep in mind I don’t condone this whatsoever and have clonazolam I’m taking with it so my heart doesn’t explode. (or cause it to explode from the conflicting signals, IDK you tell me)

btw ( and i’m sure we’re all aware) take it easy with c-lam. Must have blacked out the entire night and most of the day but was sitting at my computer the whole time? idk hope I didn’t do anything crazy to my family – they’re the type to never bring it up assuming I was coherent enough to remember because why wouldn’t I be??

Edit: Wow, thought it was longer but I posted this 2 hours ago evidently.

Just IV’d 80 mg nep with a small amount of clon mixed. The heart-pumping come up was pretty nice and zen and nearly overwhelming.

If I don’t post another edit, assume I died. I thought it had been like 5 hours at least… lol I’ll be fine (he tells himself)

Definitely overstimulated now, though the come up was nice, shit’s pretty sketchy…. actually as I type I think the clon is working, so we’ll see I suppose!


NEP & NEH aren duds in the IV dept. try some eutylone or whatever other name it’s being called these days ebk,ebp,bke,H4 its all eutylone. But it gives a helluva lot better rush than NEP

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