Jintropin Results | Human Growth Hormone for Bodybuilding

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Jintropin results are not always as expected.

But knowing about this particular type of growth hormone, how it’s used, and where it’s manufactured can have a huge impact on efficacy or disappointing results.

Jintropin is one of numerous synthetically grown forms of growth hormone that are typically only available by prescription from a practicing physician.

However, like many other substances, bodybuilders and athletes can find Jintropin from underground connections, i.e. black-market resources.

These resources are found both online and off, domestically and abroad.

While this may present lower prices, the dangers multiply as counterfeit products abound.

Jintropin Results Overview

Jintropin results vary between individuals. A number of factors influence the activity of any hormone in the body, including growth hormone.

Growth hormone has an influence on a number of body functions and organ systems including but not limited to:

Development of muscle mass

Metabolism (which can contribute to some loss of body fat storage)


Cardiovascular function

Brain function

What comes to Jintropin results, some bodybuilders are disappointed that the strength of their new muscles doesn’t seem adequate.

This is because growth hormone doesn’t make muscles stronger. It can only make them bigger.

For this reason, bodybuilders often combine growth hormone with an anabolic androgenic steroid (or two).

But when doing so, be aware that Jintropin results will also differ depending on body composition, type and intensity of exercise, as well as height and weight.

There’s just so much muscle that a lean body can pack on.

Genetics has a lot to do with the results of any anabolic androgenic steroid, growth hormone, or other performance-enhancing drug used without medical necessity.

About Jintropin

Jintropin is manufactured mainly in China.

Of course, labs in other countries around the world manufacture similar forms of growth hormone, but Jintropin is marketed to contain the identical number of amino acids (191) as that found in endogenous or body-produced growth hormone (somatotropin) in regard to this amino acid chain sequence.

HGH (human growth hormone) is one of the most trafficked – and counterfeited – products sold on the black market today.

It’s been smuggled out of China for years to users around the world.

Growth hormone is only approved for medical treatments, most specifically in the treatment of children and adolescents diagnosed with some type of growth hormone deficiency.

These deficiencies are typically caused by damage or disease to the pituitary gland, located in the brain. This gland is responsible for the manufacture and secretion of growth hormone in the body.

Growth hormone has an influence on the differentiation, proliferation, and growth of all cells in the body, not just bone and muscle.

Using it when the body doesn’t need it can trigger a number of undesired and unexpected reactions, of which bodybuilders or athletes should be aware before injecting.

Jintropin was created by a Chinese chemist who named the product after himself. It’s estimated that underground labs and faux Chinese pharmaceutical companies have taken in over $65 billion within the past decade.

Caveat Emptor

Before purchasing a growth hormone like Jintropin and expecting specific Jintropin results, be aware that China happens to be a main source of counterfeit and illegal substances sold to dozens of countries around the world.

Today, dozens of factories have already been identified by the US Drug Enforcement Agency for manufacturing [1] all types of athletic performance enhancing compounds and other drugs, including the export of Fentanyl [2] and ‘Spice’. [3] Some are safe, but most are not.

Bodybuilders purchasing Jintropin have complained about:


Inconsistency in product

Questionable fillers

Lack of results (including Jintropin results)

Welts, redness, and swelling around the injection site, one indication of bacteria in the product

Side Effects Associated With Jintropin

While some Jintropin results may be positive, negative and undesired side effects are also possible.

Some of the side effects linked to Jintropin and other types of growth hormone can include but are not limited to:

Increased “bad” cholesterol or low-density lipoprotein. Increased levels of LDL over the “good” cholesterol or HDL, can increase the risk for developing atherosclerosis. This condition can increase a person’s risk of stroke or heart attack.

Nerve pain

Muscle pain

Bone pain

Development of Carpal Tunnel Syndrome

Metabolic malfunctions including increased resistance to insulin and mediation of blood glucose levels in the body. If left untreated and use goes on long enough, it can develop into Type 2 diabetes mellitus.

Out-of-control growth of bone, muscle, and connective tissues in joints (acromegaly)

Fluid retention – while most bodybuilders don’t mind some water retention, excessive buildup of fluid around major organs such as the heart can contribute to dangerous and often life-threatening situations.

Before expecting Jintropin results, take the time to learn as much as possible about growth hormone and Jintropin in particular. The results you expect may not be what you get.

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