Jintropin Review & Human Growth Hormone Side Effects

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When looking at a Jintropin review, what specifically should you look for?

Use of any human growth hormone (HGH) product requires some care and thought of more than just cost.

Jintropin is a synthetic form of growth hormone manufactured in China.

Is it as good as other growth hormone manufactured in the US, Great Britain, Australia, or Mexico?

It depends on your experience with it. Jintropin has never been approved by the US Food and Drug Administration.

But it is one of the more popular forms of injectable growth hormone used by bodybuilders and athletes, mainly because of its price and ease of purchase (no prescription).

Experienced bodybuilders are aware that growth hormone is one of the most commonly counterfeited products on the black market, so researching the manufacturer producing the substance is recommended.

What to Look for in a Jintropin Review

When looking at a Jintropin review, pay attention to results achieved by the user.

Some find it effective while others have claimed that the product didn’t work at all.

This is not that unusual, as HGH can contain expired components, no HGH at all, or contain fillers, or extremely low dosages.

When trying to gauge the efficacy of Jintropin, read what others have to say about it.

What exactly do you look for? A number of reviews are out there proclaiming fantastic benefits with use of this specific growth hormone, but many of them lack details.

For example:

Milligram strength

Frequency of dosage

Age, height, and weight of the user

Length of dosage for benefits (if any)

Potential for side effects

Any legitimate and reliable review of any product, including a Jintropin review, should mention both pros and cons of use.

A number of bodybuilders have complained that their supply of Jintropin is not consistent, meaning that one batch may produce some results, while another does not.

Results depend on usage.

A number of recommendations and suggestions for use in a cycle, by itself, or combined with another growth hormone or steroid can be found online. Each will provide different benefits, depending on the individual using it.

Jintropin Manufacture

Jintropin is manufactured by GeneScience Pharmaceuticals of China.

It’s legal there, but it’s not legal to sell, purchase, import, or export in many countries around the world.

Before purchasing Jintropin online, be aware of the legal ramifications of doing so in your country of origin.

Today, countries around the world have increased not only fines but, in their effort to curtail the import and export of illegal prescription strength drugs across their borders, have also cracked down on jail sentences and degree of criminality in regard to usage.

Users new to synthetic growth hormone should also be aware not only of the dangers of using such a product in the body when it’s not needed, but also the dangers of purchasing such products from questionable sources.

China is not exactly known for their high-quality manufacturing standards.

GeneScience Pharmaceuticals Co., Ltd. manufactures Jintropin for the treatment of childhood human growth deficiencies, as well as an injectable form of Jintropin used in the treatment of burns. [1]

Its products are sold through a number of distributors not only in China, but through the Ukraine, the Russian Federation, Pakistan, and Mexico; all countries with broad black-market distribution networks as well as questionable sources for their products.

Looking for Jintropin for Sale?

Jintropin is relatively cheap when compared with other types and brands (even underground lab products) of growth hormone, so it continues to be one of the most popular today.

It’s specifically designed for childhood and adult growth hormone deficiency treatments and not for any other purpose, including anti-aging, muscular development, or athletic performance enhancement.

Jintropin is available for sale online from a number of steroid shops as well as those selling growth hormone products – most of them based in China.

Illegal export of performance-enhancing drugs is a big moneymaker for a number of questionable Chinese pharmaceutical manufacturers; some which are actually legitimate, though most claiming to be legitimate are not.

Side Effects of Jintropin

A Jintropin review should mention whether any side effects were associated with use. Some of the most common side effects associated with HGH include:

Pain and stiffness in the joints

Localized or extended pain in muscles near or around the injection site

Nerve pain (this may be localized or involve a nerve pathway)

Increased levels of low-density lipoprotein, the “bad” cholesterol, coupled with decreased levels of high-density lipoprotein, the “good” cholesterol that protects the heart.

Headaches, often severe


Disruption of other hormone levels including thyroid hormones, growth factors, testosterone, and insulin.

Growth hormone is also involved in other body functions including that of the central nervous system, the brain, and the heart.

Before considering use of any type or brand of growth hormone, do your homework.

A Jintropin review is a good place to get started.

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