Just got NEP yesterday

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I did a long binge the whole day, masturbating and shit. Had an awful comedown and only amphetamine made it better, also some clonazolam. I have some pyrazolam blotters coming soon so that should be better, also have flubro solution but i cant dose cuz no syringe.

NEP is pretty great tbh. Doesnt have that edge hexen has. But the comedown is god awful.

I need help friends, i dont know if rehab will help. I have a physical illness that makes life extremely depressing and also makes me very suicidal. Pray for a nigga, im trying. God bless

The game of life is hard to play I’m gonna lose it anyway The losing card I’ll someday lay So this is all I have to say

hypertonia in my neck that is extremely painful. I cant move my neck left to right. Its awful. Its funny, 2fdck immediately makes the hypertonia dissipate. Allowing me to move it freely without pain.

paradoxically amphetamines and cathinones actually numb the pain from the hypertonia but stiffen it. I am thinking about microdosing 2fdck. i have a gram and a half left.

Have you asked your doc about Ambien? For a few individuals it causes sleepiness but an overall relaxation, especially when it comes to muscular relaxation.

I’m lookin into that myself. I am def an insomniac (not drug related). Always have been. Heard it can get quite addicting though if used daily for a period of time (how long?)?

It’s kinda like benzos but instead of blackout it’s passout (and if you stay awake it’s like autism lol) only used twice and I slept both times, but there’s tons of info if you use the search bar

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