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Why do so many people belive that kratom is magic? Ive read many times on benzo withdrawal posts that kratom is good for tapering. Is there a reason for this? Becouse i thought it was just a weak opioid with some caffine like effects.

Have i missed a study that claims kratom helps with more than pain and opiate withdrawal?

It kinda feels like if everybody just started recommending suboxone for everything. Its really wierd

Much more than that, there are dozens and dozens of different unique alkaloids, it IS magic, I used to think weed was magic but its not, its a great helper but the magic status is for Kratom only, one of the few good guy drugs that’s honest and helpful.

It won’t prevent seizures, but it will rapidly and effectively alleviate the depression and fatigue associated with GABAergic withdrawl in some circumstances.

Kratom wont kill you (As far as we know) but it’s addictive and comes with its own set of problems. If it’s kratom or relapsing on hard drugs then take the kratom. Otherwise addicts are best avoiding it. I started using it when I quit drinking. It’s much better than being an alcoholic barely holding on to functionality, but I still wouldn’t recommend it to anyone.

Anything helps when in w/d I think, especially something opiate like that gives you some energy and milds bodily aches. I think its mediocre but worth trying, i don’t like the taste and required amount, tincture extracts are expensive.

Its pretty safe, but many people seem to belive that kratom will help litterally any problem. The truth is that its addictive and really just a weaker opioid, and should be treated as such. Hate when people recommend kratom as a tapering for benzos as that could be dangerous, and recommending addicts to start taking an adictive substance daily is dangerous advice.

This is a bit of a rant post but im seeing a lot of missinformation that could be dangerous just becouse people think that kratom is a plant, therefore harmless

Yeah but most of the time people would rather take something than nothing and kratom is legal and easy to get for most people. You can be the guy to advise not take something because its no also addicting but theyll still take it if they want to.

Non narcotic weak benzo wd relief would be things like valerian root, kava kava, lavender extract, but for any real relief somethong stronger would be used like gabapentinoids.

Nope! The stimulating side of kratom could really mess them up especially if they’re trying to stop them. I would stay the hell away from kratom in benzo WD.

ESPECIALLY doctors. I feel they’re switching from prescribing opiates to prescribing methadone/suboxone.

Qucik story if anyone cares: I accidentally overdosed on hydromorphone trying to get some relief for my back pain (basically fractured it 2 places and it’s still not 100% healed and prob never will be) and since doctors wouldn’t give me shit (because I was honest with my benzo addiction in the past.. they say be honest to your doctors but yea… naw..) I went to my local dealer who sold me weed as he also sold hydro.

Stupid me with a bit of Etizolam in me thought it’d be smart to snort the whole red pill (crushed up, of course) in one go. Next thing I remember is waking up in the ER because the guys left me for dead on my mother’s lawn and I must have been there for 5-6 hours FUBAR’d. Mum found me when she went to start her truck in the morning.

Anyways fast forward after weeks in the hospital learning to walk again as I lost all movement in all my limbs aside from my right arm (thank god I had that one arm to use), I go to the doctor to get him to check on my wounds they left me after they cut up my left arm and left leg.

What do they do? Recommend me methadone or suboxone. I laughed at them. He got visibily angry and explained how methadone is for pain too blah blah blah.

Basically now I have “opiate addict” on my chart simply because of a one-time thing that happened. I never even really liked opiates, they were never my DOC. But now, due to me being a retard and also due to the doctors inability to prescribe me even a fucking Tylenol 3 or some Tramadol or hell even some Baclofen or some shit if that’d even work, I am now an opiate addict in their eyes. Like fuck off you useless cunts. No wonder I have to resort to Etizolam to treat my GAD. Obviously getting pushbacks from companies who make methadone/suboxone and/or pain clinics.

It’s a fucking joke.

Yet I have no problem getting my Dextroamphetamine (straight up told doctor I used to be a meth addict) and what’dya know, I abuse that shit because stims are my DOC. But no, god forbid you give a grown fucking adult anything other than some advil for chronic back pain.

I hate doctors. At least GPs.

You kinda fucked yourself by snorting 30mg of hydromorphone (I assume you had the “red rockets” we used to call them, 30mg hydromorphone XR in a red gel cap) with no tolerance, as well as both getting addicted to benzos and then admitting that addiction to your doctor.

I know you’re upset, but put yourself in someone’s shoes, a doctor, who spent their entire lives working towards a career that could be ruined by one retarded addict with back pain if they don’t follow proper protocol.

Your real anger should be with the moron(s) who left you for dead on your mum’s front lawn.

Proper protocol is to deny a person in chronic pain any relief in any way shape or form? Huh. I’m terribly sorry for being so “retarded” for wanting to numb the constant pain I feel due to my injury (which x-rays prove to the docs does exist)

Hell he was even hesitant to prescribe me Tramadol after I saw a fucking specialist for crying out loud.

I aint blaming anyone but myself. But the situation could have been avoided had I been smarter about things, I guess.

Not “a person” but an addict which you clearly are (and so am I, big ups), indeed it is their duty. “cause no harm” giving addicts drugs is causing harm. Leaving addicts in pain, debatable, definitely less harm than death.

If you’re serious about treating your pain, if it is so debilitating that you need opiates to function, then there are programs available to you. Methadone and Suboxone. Methadone is way better for pain management. Get on it, get your carries within a few months if you stay clean of other substances. Sorted. You can even raise your dose waaaay easier than with any pain doctor.

Also I admitted it to my doctor because I wanted to taper. My bad. A doctors job is to help people who are in need of it. Is it not. Of course I’m not saying a patient says “jump” (or in this case, “script?”) then you say “Oxy 80s” is how it should be but doctors are really too fucking anal about opiates because of the big scare/crisis/whatever the fuck you wana call it.

Opiate crisis my ass. How about meth crisis guys? wheres the news on that?

Becouse i thought it was just a weak opioid with some caffine like effects

that pretty much sums it up. but who wouldn’t want weak opiod and caffeine like effects? (actually, it stops being a weak opioid at 6-8g, without tolerance at least, i remember when i first tried it i had some “enhanced” red vein kratom powder, which basically is regular rv kratom with a bit of extract added. dosed around 2 heaped teaspoons, i guess it would be equal to 8-10 grams of regular red vein, and boi was it intense. almost gave me a nod).

as for your question, i’ve already used it when withdrawing from benzos and it was a fucking godsend. it basically reduced every single major symptom (insomnia, anxiety, low mood, lethargy, pain, brain fog). it didn’t abolish them obviously, but it made it like 2-3 times easier. because of the good side effect profile and the wide range of effects it provides make it’s kinda like a cure-all ime.

Yeah, you probably didn’t pick the best opening line here… You are basically asking why people would reccomend kratom for benzo withdrawal, yet your opening statement makes it sound like you are just attacking kratom in general and calling it stupid for any use. Also your final statement makes it sound like you think kratom and Suboxone are the same thing. I’m sure you dont think that, but this is a pretty poorly worded post through and through.

I have never heard anyone recommend it for benzo withdrawal that I can recall. If you are a chronic pain sufferer who doctors refuse to help now, or a opioid addict hopelessly hooked on Suboxone or fentalogues/heroin, kratom is a godsend. I would consider editing the syntax of your post, because its confusing and kind of hurtful to people who dont have much other option than kratom. It is a miracle plant! Of course there are consequences to any substance use, but kratom is very safe when compared to most other drugs. For benzo withdrawal, it’s a little questionable (it probably would help the mental side effects but not the physical). But for those of us who have been left behind by modern opioid policy, it is a bit magical.

Yea you’re probably right i worded it wrong, kratom has many uses i was just trying to make the point that its not the soulution for all the worlds problem

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