Let’s talk shelf life and storage

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So first and foremost, everything should be stored in an airtight amber glass container somewhere cool and away from light. That’s a given. But even in that perfect world, things degrade. My problem is, I’m a bit of a hoarder/collector/deal seeker. If I find a chem I like at a good price, I like to buy it once, and stash it away for later. I’m set for months on some things, years on others. My problem is that I’m not as up on the chemistry side of the equation as I should be, so I’m not sure which chems aren’t worth storing. Like, obviously LSD analogues on blotter aren’t worth stockpiling past a sheet or two, but if I find it in powder/crystal form, will that last better? What about benzos, do they last long enough I should get a few grams to DIY solution with, or should I stick to ordering a few months supply of Indian pharma? I guess what I’m asking is: Which chems are notedly unstable and are unreasonable to stockpile?

And the amber glass itself, is there different grades, or as long as it’s brown it’s good? Should I seek out a specific type of cap for it, like the ones with the paper liner instead of the little soft plastic nipple to seal the edges? Is it ever unsafe to throw an oxygen absorber and a dessicant in with the chems, or would there be some weird reaction?

Imo lysergamides can be relatively stable on blotter for more than a couple years, and 4 subs can keep for a long time if stored right (i.e. no humidty, no air, no light)

I’ve had lsd on blotter from 2002 and I can’t tell if any degradation.

I store all my chems I’m a small coal then in a mason jar in the closet or under the bed and none have showed signs of degradation. These include, 4-aco-Dipt/mipt/det/dmt, mdma, ketamine, methoxetamine, among many others.

Powder itself in a mylar bag, inside a vacuum sealed bag with oxygen absorbers and desiccant packets, sealed in another vacuum sealed bag with more desiccant packs, inside another vacuum sealed bag with desiccant packs, inside another vacuum sealed bag with desiccant packs, inside a ziplock bag with desiccant packs, inside a Tupperware food storage container filled with rice, wrapped in plastic shopping bags in a cool dark closet. Should last indefinitely this way. Definitely overkill but I spent a good amount of money on many grams of chems and I want them to last.

It’s kind of terrifying that I’ve spent years on nootropics and psychoactives forums and not once have I seen an enthusiastic discussion about storage techniques. I wonder how much money people have flushed down the drain over the years because they couldn’t be bothered to store their powders properly.

I’ve stored stuff in the original plastic bags inside thermo mugs, with silica gel packs added to the thermos, stored in a dark place, and there’s been no significant degradation. The silica gels also weren’t saturated last time I checked (maybe after a year of use), so I think moisture is under control. Might be most important to handle the drugs for shortest time possible and aliquot powder with dry spatulas. I’ve found moisture to be the biggest problem with tryptamines. Only batch that went brown, in the 3.5 years I’ve kept these things, was a bag of 4-aco-dmt I mindlessly put in the freezer not thinking that stuff gets frosty in the freezer over time.

Also, I wanted to ask, but I know it’s borderline if I can or not and I’d rather not have the whole thread deleted. Is it ok to ask if you guys have recs for good places to buy various sizes of amber glass? I need to find good shallow jars for holding sheets.

I would think that degradation over time would be a gradual process. Whether it’s linear or exponential I have no clue as I’m not as learned as some of the people on here. My guess is that if say a lysergamide loses 5% potency after say 5 years and 10% after 10 years, then after 30 years it’s not like they are completely inactive, just might take double the dose to get the same effects as if they are fresh.

So I don’t think you hit a magic time stamp and they go from 100% potency to inactive. I would think it’s a process from 100% to 0% and that process is likely a really long time if people have 10+yo chemicals that still are close to original potency. I figured that if I want to take AL-LAD in 30 years, I might just have to take an extra couple tabs but that’s not the end of the world to just take more of a degraded chemical

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