Long-term, what do you think is worse for your body: moderate caffeine (say, 2 Starbucks Grandes a day), or low-dose ritalin (20mg/day, say, split in two doses)?

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Ritalin to me feels like a less “chaotic” form of caffeine. No uncomfortable jitters, just clean motivation. But, how is it physically?

Ritalin by far

Why the fuck would you want to drink a half liter cup of coffee?

Damn good question!

20mg of Ritalin (methylphenidate) gives me a pretty bad comedown even if I split it to 10mg, by night-time I can’t sleep.

Caffein… well 2 Grandes is a lot for me haha. I drink about 1/2 a cup in the morning and get no comedown. But, I think that unless you’re specifically therapy-prone to adhd medications like Ritalin and Adderal they can be more addictive and physically harmful, just from my experience. Not eating enough and just overall feeling way too physically modified compare to caffeine. So by my standards caffeine is less harmful. However, take care not to consume too much sugar.

Only 10-20mg and you have a comedown???? I’m currently taking 84-94mg a day or even more because I’m having my finals.

For me the comedown is not enjoyable because you are completely unnmotivated and everything is less fun than usual. But It is not horrible and you can handle it

I’d say it doesn’t matter, if you eat enough food and get enough sleep, excercise etc. I think the only risks with ritalin on this dose is dependency, no real physical harm, just risk of addiction and comedowns, but the comedowns are a highly individual thing from my experience. You can take most drugs in reasonable doses without major harm to your body. Your mind is a different thing though

Obviously methylphenidat lol.

What kind of question is that.

People on this sub really overrate caffeine and act like if its some amphetamine-like derivative.

(Not trying to imply that caffeine CANT be dangerous, but its far from MPH etc.)

Methylphenidate has some pretty bad side effect on me if I take it regularly. I start loosing my hairs, get some mad headache and feel worn-out after 5pm. I d definitely say that caféine is less worse for you

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