Lorbamate – Pentabamate (Carbamate RC’s?)

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Saw these two, & mebutamate.

Both have a Wikipedia page.

Just wondering if anyone more knowledgeable on molecular structure of these could make them viably recreational, not recreational but have noteworthy possibilities, or just never hit the market because they’re junk.

I’m very interested in compounds in this class or similar, 4-methylpregabalin & other non-benzo sedative/muscle relaxers.

Saw brorphine somewhere.

Really don’t see these substances being widespread, if you want you can buy soma from a number of sites.

What interests you about carbamates and other non benzo sedative/anxiolytic drugs? Curious why you prefer to research these rather than the more traditional sedatives like benzos? I have to say I enjoy carisoprodol, which is a carbamate, but I wouldn’t trade my valium or other benzos for it personally. I prefer the benzos or if I could get them often or at all barbiturates (favorite is secobarb).

I genuinely do enjoy benzos more. Carisoprodol is more similar to barbiturates than it is to benzos but its not the same as a good barb. Secobarb, pentobarbital, buytlbarbital all really good. Phenobarbital is no good not as good as benzos. But Soma (carisoprodol) is like barb’s in a way but effects adienosin too and dosent effect gaba the exact same way barbs do and it thus makes it feel inferior, also to short lasting. It’s almost more like an alcohol intoxication with hints of barb feelings but not in the great way that sounds lol. Plus anything over 1050mg of soma can lead to coma. And that’s not a joke even though it is a play on words. I know barbs are dangerous too but I’d rather take my chances with barbs, I know how to dose them and never take more, bad idea with barbs.

So why do you enjoy researching non benzo hypnotic/muscle relaxant/anxiolytic and Z drugs more than benzos?

Interesting way of putting it, thanks.

I find benzos flat and boring, I have low levels of anxiety so they provide no euphoria to me. Gabapentinoids are definitely my preferred depressants, they seem to have a more forceful euphoria to them but aren’t overly sedating at moderate doses.

Not all carbamates are even euphoric. Ever heard of Roboxin 750. Shit sucks and it’s a carbamate muscle relaxant. It’s actually dysphoric the higher its dosed and not euphoric less so than the least euphoric benzo of all, lorazepam.

Very interesting subject matter. As a former heavy user of Tuinals, Reds…etc this immediately caught my eye. It makes sense that there are other drugs in the Carisoprodol class but this is the first time that I have ever heard of them…Very glad that you brought this up. Does anyone have any experience here as to which of these obscure chems would be the most euphoric? I can chime in on all the Barbs and Methaqualone brands of the 70’s and 80’s but this class is new to me.

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