Made some etizolam candies, is my method okay?

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Just want to get a gut check on this before I take them on my trip.

I weighed 20mg etizolam with calibrated gemini. Re-weighed multiple times to make sure. Put this in a small dropper bottle along with 5ml 91% isopropyl alcohol measures using oral syringe. I then set this in a warm water bath for a few minutes, shook vigorously for about 30 seconds, set it back in the warm water for a bit then shook it again.

At this point all the etizolam appeared to be dissolved and I should have had a solution of approx. 4mg per ml (I know ideally I would have accounted for the volume of the etizolam but it shouldn’t change it too much in this scenario).

I then measured 0.5ml at a time of the solution and set out 4 candies. The 0.5ml should have had ~2mg. I then and would usdrop one drop on each candy sequentially until the entire 0.5ml was gone, counting drops to make sure the number was as even across the 4 as possible which generally worked out.

Now each of the 4 should have ~0.5mg of etizolam. I repeated this process until all 5ml was gone, ending up with 38. I believe the graduated dropper might be a bit inaccurate as I only had 0.25ml by the time I got to the last 4.

Does this all seem good to you? I know there are better tools to use, but I was trying to do this as accurately as I could with what I had available. They don’t need to be super accurate but I also don’t want one with 4mg and 8 others with 0. I am going to sample 2 randomly tonight and see if they qualitatively feel like 1mg should feel based on past experience. If it does, it should be somewhat reasonable to assume that they are relatively accurate, correct?


Isopropyl is super volatile and evaporates very quickly. Plus there is only 1/8th ml on each, but by the time it’s dry all the isopropyl is gone. Of course there might be some impurities left but probably not enough of anything dangerous.

Getting ethanol of high enough proof that it will evaporate quickly is pretty tough around me. Regular vodka wouldn’t work so well.

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