Madol Steroid Profile (Phera Plex, DMT, Desoxymethyltestosterone)

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Madol steroid, otherwise known as desoxymethyltestosterone and nicknamed DMT or Phera Plex, is an oral anabolic androgenic steroid.

It is one of the steroids developed by Patrick Arnold that was part of the BALCO scandal.

The 17α-methylated derivative of dihydrotestosterone (DHT) purports to provide more potent anabolic potential than androgenic side effects.

Desoxymethyltestosterone is derived from methyltestosterone, and as such, produces similar effects.

Madol Steroid Anabolic Rating

Since bodybuilders often rate anabolic androgenic steroids based on their anabolic and androgenic potential, it pays to be aware of just how anabolic Madol steroid is.

For example:

Testosterone steroid – 100/100

Trenbolone steroid- 500/500

Madol steroid (desoxymethyltestosterone) – 1200/185

Yes, Madol steroid may appear to pack a punch in regard to its anabolic properties. However, due to digestion and liver filtration, only approximately 40% of Madol is actually available to the body following this process.

Even so, that would leave it with a rating just under that (in anabolic potential) of Trenbolone, itself considered one of the strongest anabolic androgenic steroids found on the black market today and typically only used by experienced bodybuilders.

Before using Madol steroid, be aware of not only its promoted benefits, but the potential dangers of use.

Madol Steroid Review

Madol (desoxymethyltestosterone) is a modified form of testosterone. Because of its modifications, it can be defined as a designer steroid.

To be clear, Madol manufactured by underground labs is not always similar in regard to quality.

It has been modified for easier passage through the liver during filtration, although this does not negate the potential for liver strain or disruption of liver enzyme activity.

Oral anabolic androgenic steroids have long had the reputation of being toxic to the liver, especially at higher dosages.

To reduce the potential for liver toxicity, bodybuilders often incorporate some type of liver protectant or even over-the-counter supplements like milk thistle into their cycles, again with varying degrees of success.

Madol steroid is not known to aromatize, which defines the conversion of testosterone into estrogen in the body. Aromatization contributes to a number of undesired side effects for men

Side effects for men include:

Development of male breast tissue (gynecomastia)

Water retention/fluid retention


Again, while the risk of developing such side effects is lower than with other anabolic androgenic steroids, it is still possible.

Madol is generally found in 5 mg tablets or 10 mg tablets.

Madol Steroid Dosage

Because the steroid was never intended for human medical treatments, determining a safe dosage is risky.

For bodybuilders who do manage to find it on the black market, dosages tend to average 50 mg a day when used by itself, and roughly 20 mg a day when stacked with another form of testosterone steroid.

Where to Buy Desoxymethyltestosterone

Madol steroid for sale is only found on the black market, produced by underground labs.

However, before rushing to buy, be aware of the quality, ingredients, and manufacturing standards can differ greatly depending upon manufacturer. The same applies to knowledge and expertise of the manufacturer.

Bodybuilders curious about how to purchase desoxymethyltestosterone and wishing to experiment with dosage should start at the absolute lowest possible, at 5 mg a day.

Because it’s an oral anabolic steroid, it has a relatively short half-life, averaging eight to nine hours.

When dosing, a few comments found on bodybuilding forum boards recommend taking half the dosage in the morning and half the dosage in the evening, which can provide more level activity of the drug over time.

Side Effects of Madol Steroid

Even though a steroid may be described as one that does not produce anabolic or estrogenic properties, it doesn’t mean that it can’t happen. Progestational activity may occur.

Progestins behave much like estrogens in the body. These hormones are triggered by high levels of testosterone.

The higher the level of testosterone, the higher the potential for androgenic (estrogenic and progestational) activity.

Among the most common side effects of Madol steroid include:

Potential for liver strain or toxicity. Even though the drug has been modified to be “gentler” on the liver, high doses and length of use can influence liver enzyme functions and activities.

Potential for cardiac hypertrophy. This describes a condition where the muscle (myocardium) of the heart thickens. As the heart chamber thickens, less blood is able to pass through, contributing to serious heart function.

High blood pressure. High blood pressure (hypertension) is also common with anabolic androgenic steroid use.

Hypertension can trigger a number of cardiovascular problems including the above-mentioned cardiac hypertrophy as well as stenosis of one or more heart valves, limiting the ability of the heart valves to function normally.

Before going to buy Madol 50mg steroids, take the time to do your homework.

It may be tempting due to its potential to dramatically enhance physique and muscle growth and size, but it also has a potential for causing very serious and long-term injury to various body and organ systems.

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