Masteron & Testosterone Stack | Cycle & Dosage To Get CUT & Lean

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A Masteron and Testosterone stack is a fairly common cycle base.

Bodybuilders and powerlifters use a certain cross section of steroids as foundational drugs to maximize their results.

Masteron, known generically as drostanalone propionate, and Test are two pillar drugs incorporated into a many bodybuilding cycles.

Many would consider these two powerful synthetic hormones on the hardcore side of the illegal drug scale because they pose significant health risks.

Overloading the body’s natural production with manufactured hormones comes with a multitude of risks.

The health dangers have led many competitive athletes to turn to steroid alternatives that amp up natural hormone levels and pose no risk. Basically, reward without risk.

But for those interested in experimenting with androgenic and anabolic steroids, the Masteron and Testosterone stack is widely used in the physiqueand strength-building worlds alike.

Masteron & Testosterone Stack

First of all, a Masteron and Testosterone cycle isn’t for those who are coming to their first rodeo.

These make far more sense for mid-level and advanced drug users. That’s because beginners will usually react strongly to even the mildest steroids. These are for the big boys.

That being said, stacking these drugs can fit several different goals. Off-season training use makes a good deal of sense for this stack for strength of physique athletes.

The Testosterone is designed to amp up the power levels and the Masteron makes a modest tissue-growth foil.

Common dosages for a 8-week cycle run 200mg of Cyp once weekly, and 300mgs of Masteron once weekly.

The following cycle could be implemented if this is your first time using Masteron

200 mg/wk of Test Cypionate for weeks 1-8

300 mg/wk of Masteron for weeks 1-8

30-50 mg/day of Anavar for weeks 1-8

0.5 mg 2 to 3 times a week of Arimidex for weeks 1-8

Keep in mind that Masteron is a propionate and loses potency quickly. In a more challenging 12-week Masteron Test cycle, you could cycle 100 mg of Testosterone Propionate every other day for the full 12 weeks with 100 mg Masteron every other day during weeks 7-12.

The cycle might look like this:

100 mg/eod of Test Propionate for weeks 1-12

100 mg/eod of Trenbolone Acetate for weeks 5-12

100 mg/eod of Masteron for weeks 7-12

50 mg/ed of Winstrol for weeks 7-12

0.5 mg/eod of Arimidex for weeks 1-12

Be aware that Testosterone usually requires Post Steroid Therapy drugs to restore normal hormonal production.

Another approach weight-trainers use is to pick a middle of the road dosage based on experience. Say, 200mg of each injectable. Then stack orals on top of that such as Anavar for bodybuilders or Dianabol for powerlifters.

The Masteron and Testosterone stack is widely used as a foundation to work off of for advanced steroid users. The basic idea is to augment the other drugs to ramp up synthetic hormone levels and keep the injectables as a base.

Workout warriors used these classic drugs when bodybuilding and weightlifting was still an obscure subculture during the 1960s and 1970s.

Testosterone was, and remains, a core steroid and Masteron was hot on the market starting in 1970, when Syntex was producing other hardcore drugs such as Anadrol.

Masteron didn’t last that long as a well-known brand name and was lumped in with other “Propionate” products. However, it remains on the market today and enjoys favor in the weight-training underground.

While frequently used, the bad news is that these drugs have some risky side effects.

How Does Masteron Work?

Masteron (Drostanolone Propionate) trends toward the leaner side of anabolic/androgenic injectables.

That has made it popular with athletes and fitness buffs looking to stay lean.

In other words, many consider it a cutting drug and performance enhancer. It’s strength and tissue promotion make it a primary drug to stack against.

Bodybuilders use it strategically for its mass building without worry of bloating.

Strength athletes actually approach Masteron use from the opposite lens and employ it as a lean tissue builder.

In an odd way, the drug has become popular because it doesn’t rank high as either a core bodybuilding or powerlifting drug.

While that analysis seems counterintuitive, consider Masteron a tweener drug that works well with other extremes.

How Does Testosterone Work?

Testosterone ranks among the most used steroids on the Black Market. The injectable commonly finds its way into syringes in the form of Testosterone Cypionate, Enanthate or Propionate.

Masteron is a type of Propionate. Cypionate and Enanthate are strong androgenic drugs that are well-known for helping to build size and strength.

For practical purposes, the difference between the two comes down to how long each lasts in the system.

Testosterone Cypionate tends to be a favorite among strength athletes because it seems to maintain potency longer than others in its class. It generally comes in 10ml, 200-250 strength vials.

Enanthate seems to take a minor backseat to Cypionate among veteran lifters because of the appearance that they need to dose more frequently. Some of that may be more myth than reality.

Regardless, both have been broadly used by athletes across sports and Testosterone is designed to mirror the effects of the body’s natural hormones.

Users often report gains of 10-20 pounds after a 12-week Testosterone stack. It’s important to understand that Test is almost never used as a standalone drug.

It’s almost always stacked against something else. Also, the various forms of Testosterone carry significant side effects even though they bypass the liver via the needle.

What Are The Dangers Of A Masteron and Testosterone Stack?

The dangers of a Masteron and Testosterone stack can be severe.

Testosterone can cause blood pressure spikes, headaches, water retention, acne and gynecomastia (Man Boobs).

Both are considered controlled substances in most countries and that makes users and dealers subject to arrest.

Probably, the most dangerous aspect of injectable steroid use stems from the fact that a physician will not provide a legal prescription, so many of these drugs are made in makeshift labs and basements.

Shooting up an illegal steroid creates a significant health risk due to contamination.

The risk-reward factors have caused a noticeable migration toward safe, steroid alternatives.

These industries are regulated and products are government inspected. Steroid alternatives are designed to ramp up the body’s muscle-building capabilities without dangerous side effects.

A bulking stack with natural steroids may be worth trying before you take a leap into a Masteron and Testosterone stack.

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