Methandienone Side Effects (How To AVOID The Dangerous Ones)

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The side effects of Methandienone, also known as Dianabol, can be pretty nasty.

Although it has been used by bodybuilders to get some impressive gains, these come at a cost.

What cost?

Bloating, water retention, liver toxicity, just to name a few.

So, before you’re enticed by the promise of fast, drastic gains, consider the potentially damaging effects on your body.

Below, we’re going to cover the various side effects of Dbol, as well as a natural alternative that claim to provide gains using completely legal, natural ingredients.

Methandienone Side Effects

Regardless of how impressive your physique could look after a Dianabol cycle, Methandienone side effects should be enough to at least give you second thought.

Some of the most common include:


Water retention

Oily skin, acne

High cholesterol

High blood pressure

Unwanted hair growth

Liver damage

Of course, on top of these is the chance that you’ll experience heart problems, kidney damage, and a host of other issues that often come with steroid use in general.

Methandienone for Sale

When looking for Methandienone for sale you’ll come across a whole host of other obstacles.

The main one is this:

Counterfeit products.

Even when you find brand name Dianabol sold by online suppliers, there’s absolutely no way of knowing which are actually legitimate.

Sure, Methandienone prices might seem reasonable—anywhere from $50 to $150 for batches of 100 5 mg tabs.

But since the steroid market is illegal, there is no quality control and suppliers will do what they can to make as much profit as possible. This means that there are many fake and weak products.

Your best bet?

Invest in legal alternatives, which we’ll cover later.

Methandienone Dosage

Since Dbol is a short-ester steroid, its effects are rapid. However, they wear off quickly.

Because of this, bodybuilders typically split up dosages throughout the day to ensure steady blood concentrations.

For example, a Methandienone 50 mg dose would be taken twice in 25 mg dosages. Each one should be taken with 5 to 6 hour intervals in between doses.

When it comes to Methandienone cycles, most bodybuilders keep their use to the first 4 to 6 weeks of the cycle. The longer you use it, the more likely it is that you’ll experience side effects.

Here’s a beginner bulking cycle with Dianabol that bodybuilders have used:

Weeks 1 to 12: Testosterone Enanthate, 500 mg weekly

Weeks 1 to 6: Dianabol, 30 mg daily

Weeks 1 to 12: Anastrozole, 0.25 mg every other day

Methandienone Benefits

OK, so if you’re willing to look past the side effects and are going to dose properly, The Methandienone benefits that bodybuilders talk about include:

Increased free testosterone

Increased protein synthesis

Increased nitrogen retention

Increased red blood cell production

With a proper diet and workout routine, these effects may translate into increased muscle growth, endurance, and decreased recovery time.

But here’s the thing:

There are legal, natural steroid alternatives that can provide you with similar benefits.

And listen to this:

They come with no side effects.

Although companies cannot technically market them as steroid alternatives under existing legislation, these products can be used to achieve some of the same benefits as taking Dianabol without the same degree of risk to your health and well-being.


While Methandienone tablets might provide the temptation of a cheap performance booster, investing in a natural alternative like D-Bal is a smarter choice.


Just take a look at what each pill is made of:

Whey protein concentrate




Tribulus terrestris

Not only are these ingredients completely natural, but in combination they can bring benefits that according to CrazyBulk mimic some of those offered by real Dbol.

These include muscle, strength, and mass gains.

Will the results be as drastic? No, but they’re completely healthy and sustainable. After all, if your diet is going to be healthy, why not your performance boosters?

And CrazyBulk says that its positive effects bear some resemblance to those associated with Dianabol:

For example, D-Bal is promoted to help your muscles retain more nitrogen, enhancing their capacity for protein synthesis. And with more protein synthesis comes more muscle creation.

After all, it’s this process that is necessary to repair your torn muscles after they take a beating in the gym.

Here’s what customers are saying about D-Bal:

“I used these supplements to get me back into the swing of things, as it’s been over 5 years since I have lifted heavy weights. In addition, I used these to help accelerate the strengthening of my left leg, as it has been the weakest link since blowing my knee out 5 years ago. Approximately 10 lbs gained over 2 months.”

“Been on D-Bal 2 weeks now, have gained 3 lbs. Notice fat coming off around my stomach and getting leaner in shoulders and arms.”

In addition to positive customer feedback, each product comes with the following guarantees from CrazyBulk:

Results within 30 days

No side effects

Free shipping anywhere in the world

If that doesn’t convince you that CrazyBulk is confident in the quality of their products, then nothing will.

Take another close look at the Methandienone side effects and then compare the benefits of this steroid to D-Bal.

One thing is clear:

According to CrazyBulk, you can get some great gains without the risk of harmful side effects.

Remember, your success in bodybuilding hinges not just on your routine, diet, and supplements — it’s also how you treat your body.

If you want to experience success and health well into the future, make sure that you put value in the quality of your supplements and invest in products like CrazyBulk’s D-Bal instead of risking Methandienone side effects.

Methandienone side effects can be very negative, which is why bodybuilders must monitor and be mindful when taking this oral anabolic-androgenic steroid (AAS).

For instance, individuals may experience breast enlargement (or gynecomastia), high cholesterol, and male pattern baldness.

Some will experience these effects quite quickly into the first cycle, while others will take longer to experience the same thing.

To avoid the risks of taking anabolic androgenic steroids, we highly recommend taking supplements such as D-Bal by CrazyBulk, which according to the company, was designed to replicate some of the effects of Dianabol.

Some of the other side effects of Dianabol (another name for Methandienone) reported by bodybuilders include:

Thinning hair or baldness


Liver damage

Negative effect on cholesterol levels


Negative behavioral changes




Increased bad LDL cholesterol

Decreased good HDL cholesterol

Virilization in females

Testosterone suppression

Excess water retention or bloat

They may feel excessively bloated or have retention of fluid throughout the body, because this steroid results inincreased estrogen in the body.

Methandienone Side Effects

There is a serious down side to achieving great muscle mass related to the heart.

The heart is one of the most important muscles in the human body. Because it is a muscle, this steroid is going to enlarge the heart and this is a side effect to try to avoid at all costs.

An enlarged heart along with increased blood pressure and bad cholesterol levels, can mean a future heart attack or stroke.

No smart bodybuilder takes these Metandienone side effects pictures lightly. Side effects should be strictly monitored and dealt with before serious irreversible ramifications become a reality.

It’s critical to follow a proper dosing cycle to take it as safely as possible.

Methandienone is altered to able to pass through the liver and enter the bloodstream. Because of this one can end up with liver damage or cancer and must monitor for possible signs and symptoms, such as, yellowing of the skin and white’s of the eyes.

Methandienone suppresses the natural formulation of testosterone in the body, which is why bodybuilders need to take a testosterone supplement while taking Methandienone, and for a while after stopping this supplement during the PCT.

Methandienone and Hair Loss

One of the scariest side effects of taking methandienone steroid cycles for men is the risk of losing your hair. Going bald prematurely is an unfortunate outcome of long-term steroid use for some individuals

Why does Methandienone cause hair loss in some people? Actually, the hair loss is not caused by Methandienone itself, but by one of its metabolic byproducts.

Once it gets into the body, it is converted by an enzyme known as 5-alpha-reductase into dihydrotestosterone (DHT) – a metabolically active form of testosterone.

The hair loss is caused by a combination of an excessive amount of DHT in the body and the genetic predisposition (androgenetic alopecia). DHT binds to hair follicles and can cause them to shrink, leading to hair falling out and not being able to regrow.

This is known as hair follicle involution (deterioration). While the androgenetic alopecia in males has a characteristic pattern (male pattern baldness), in women the hair loss is diffuse.

Keep in mind that not all steroids have the same “hair loss” potential. Methandienone is on the “high risk for hair loss” end of the scale.

Does Methandienone cause permanent balding or will the hair grow back after you stop taking this steroid?

In theory, it may regrow to a certain extent after it falls out, but this is rare. In most cases, if you experience hair loss or see your bald spot get bigger while taking Dianabol, this effect will not be reversible.

In simple terms, DHT “shuts down” follicles and leaves them with slim chances to regenerate. Even if the hair grows back it will be a lot thinner.

It is better to try and prevent the hair from falling out in the first place with the help of drugs such as finasteride. Finasteride blocks DHT receptors all over the body, which would cancel the effects of steroids intake.

However, this drug has some serious side such as erectile dysfunction and it may not work for everyone.

Practically the only reliable way to get your hair back is not to regrow it but through a hair transplantation. These procedures are extremely expensive and saving your hairline may cost you anywhere between $2K-$10K.

Will all men who use Methandienone experience this side effect?

No. The elevated DHT levels caused by Methandienone will not cause hair loss in every single person. But it will push the odds in favor of hair loss in those individuals who already have a propensity for androgenetic alopecia encoded in their genes.

The process of hair loss speeds up, and instead of losing the hair over the course of decades it could happen in 1-10 years, depending on individual genetic factors.

Hair loss is the risk you will have to take in case you decide to use Methandienone. The only way to avoid triggering hair loss with steroids is to abstain from these drugs or to use milder anabolic agents that to not exhibit the same androgenic side effects.

Methandienone Dosage

What is methandrostenolone 10mg?

Methandrostenolone, known to bodybuilders as Dianabol and Methandienone, has testosterone-like effects on the body.

Although taking 5mg is sufficient for achieving results, many professional bodybuilders feel that they need more.

Dianabol 10mg can be purchased in oral or injectable form. It is sometimes sold online under the name Blue Hearts.

When a bodybuilder decides to take Methandienone, it is imperative they take this according to the instructions and the recommended Methandienone dosageto reduce side effects.

There are high risks involved when taking this steroid, especially when users go beyond recommended dosages. That’s what makes steroid abuse even more risky. The higher the dose, the higher the risk of adverse effects.

Users often stack it with testosterone enanthate (or other forms) because of the testosterone suppression that occurs, otherwise they will have low T levels.

Those weightlifters who are beginners are not recommended to take any more then 15mg to 20mg every day. Even this small amount shows stunning results of which the bodybuilder is looking to accomplish.

Bodybuilders are also strongly discouraged in bodybuilding circles from taking Methandienone for more than six weeks tops.

Six weeks is believed to show better outcomes. The person needs to be off this supplement for a minimum of the time they spent on it before starting a new steroid cycle.

Doses vary as do cycles for bodybuilders because each person reacts differently to Metandienone side effects. A bodybuilder must find their own individual preferences, and follow the basic guidelines as stated.

Some of the benefits include:

an increase in muscle mass

increased strength and stamina

increased energy

feeling of well-being

and increased endurance

Dianabol Methandienone

Methandienone, Dianabol, Methandrostenolone, Methandienone, Dbol, D-bol, C20H28O2 are various names for the same product.

Methandienone is a C17 alpha alkylated anabolic steroid. It is able to pass through the liver without disturbance of the compound.

Thus, the liver is unable to break down its properties and it enters the bloodstream allowing for a Dianabol transformation.

One serious side effect of Methandienone pills is the effect on the liver, doing irreversible damage to this organ or causing cancer are big risks for the weightlifter to be aware of a avoid.

Reviews of Suppliers, Manufacturers & Exporters

Manufacturers of Methandienone are the companies that process and convert raw Methandienone, a dangerous anabolic steroid into individual forms such as liquid, tablet, capsule or powder form.

These can pose serious health issues unlike regulated safe dietary supplements.

Exporters ship products to other countries for places to sell or exchange the goods for other products.

This might seem like a good thing for some of the bodybuilders who live in the UK and Canada, because the drug is not manufactured in their countries.

But the fact is there are health regulations in place to protect users from the hazardous effects of this anabolic steroidand promote the use of safe dietary supplements.

There are numerous overseas exporters and suppliers from which a bodybuilder can buy Methandienone.

However, while purchasing this steroid, they face a huge risk of buying fake, expired or low-quality products that make the steroid even more unsafe for their health.

Bodybuilders believe the most important thing is to get a reputable pharmacy that provides only top rated, less hazardous andquality Methandienone for sale.

However, this is almost impossible to do since Dianabol is an illegal drug in many countries. There are no legitimate producers, only black market underground labs who have no incentive to ensure your safety comes first.

Bodybuilders should know that there are many fake steroid products for sale on the market, hence it is very risky to purchase any.

Furthermore the steroid is not easy to buy legally as its legal production has been banned and only dietary supplements which are safer than Methandienone or any other steroid are produced legally at affordable prices.

Most Bodybuilders try to be careful when choosing which supplierto order through, but it is impossible to fully guarantee the supplier’s honesty or the ratings of the products on sale, hence it is best for bodybuilders to avoid steroids so they can be safe from their unavoidable side effects.

Methandienone Reviews

Look at the Methandienone reviews of each site to determine if the site is best and highest quality supplier.

Most of these are out of Thailand, India, Poland, Russia and Czech Republic. Although most people would prefer suppliers in the US, UK, Canada or Australia– these companies are more expensive and harder to find.

Bodybuilders find supplier sites rated with a star rating, so it only makes sense that a bodybuilder would go through a supplier with the highest star rating and Methandienone reviews found, before buying Methandienone at that site.

There are numerous suppliers and Methandienone manufacturers on the Internet hosting one, two and three star ratings, but these will often have worst side effects.

The following are a few four-star companies. There are several websites with one, two and three star ratings, and no five-star ratings are noted.

A list of some four-star companies is listed below:

YC Steroid Company, Ltd – Manufacturer, Business Service

China (Mainland), Worldwide Herb Company, Ltd – Manufacturer, India

Shuhai Shuangbojie Boichem Company – Manufacturer, China

Koala Pharma International Company – Manufacturer, Trading Company, India

STEROidea – Wholesaler, Business Service, Slovakia Republic

RENZLOR – mb – Manufacturer, Trading Company, Slovenia

Radpharm Scientific – Austria. Genesis – worldwide.

A bodybuilder just starting out with steroids needs to ask other seasoned weightlifters where they buy their Methandienone.

Important questions such as, the supplier, and manufacturers, they trust are important factors in decreasing unwanted and unusual Methandienone side effects from buying fake or less then quality products. They need to research and read a Methandienone review.

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