Morphodrol Experience Report // 3-(diphenylhydroxymethyl)morpholine

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I’ve tried this substance three times so far. The first time ROA was insufflation at 25mg then an additional 25mg at T+2h. Doesn’t seem to be very water-soluble at all. Just left a lot of powder sitting in my nasal cavity. The next time I took it sublingually at 25mg. Again, not water-soluble so I was sort of chewing up the tiny crystals and swallowing that. I’d recommend an oral dose in a gel capsule for this compound – other ROAs aren’t very effective. There’s absolutely no taste, and no burn when insufflated. The third time (as I write this) I took 15mg orally. My stimulant tolerance isn’t very high right now, I only take Wellbutrin on and off.

The effects of this one are subtle, yet somehow noticeable. Almost a “transparent” stimulation. Takes about 20 – 30 min to feel an oral dose. Here’s what I’ve gathered:

A large increase in focus and motivation

More dopaminergic and serotonergic effects than norepinephrine, I’d guess. I could chill out on this substance with some weed.

Anti-depressant and pro-social effects during the come up and plateau

Sweaty-ish palms and feet

A pleasant tingly feeling in the head at higher doses > 20mg

Mild anxiety during comedown, but this one is very gentle. After the comedown, you almost can’t tell you took anything prior in the day.

No real side-effects or after-effects to report the next day

Reminds me of methylphenidate or IPH more than amphetamine

Way less anxiety than those stupid Pemoline derivatives

Duration 6 – 8 hours total?

I’d put this in the same category as IPH, at least at the dosages I’ve experimented with so far. Not much recreational potential but very, very useful as a study aid or anti-depressant.

Swiss Target Prediction makes me think this one is pretty promiscuous with its receptor bindings. So be safe out there if you try it! While it’s nothing groundbreaking, I’m glad I picked this one up. Seems useful for work, study, or staying up late for a night out. Let me know if anyone has questions.

but what about ferociously jacking off to nasty porn

Will boof and report back on this for scientific purposes.

Yeah where’s the fap fap?

Thanks for the professional and non-shilly report. Very interesting!

I prefer morphodrol to cyclazodone. Less anxious stimulation and comedown.

Really surprised that molecule isnt water soluble when mph is. Hmm… maybe the extra phenyl group shields the oh and nh from h bonding.

Another guy posted here a few weeks ago that he got some and was sniffing it with good effects, prolly a shill.

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